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Editor, Founder
Filip Stoj
b.1972 / lives: new york city /
likes: mural art graphic / makes: tshirts, trouble and tea.

digitalthread was born: Jun, 1996.

Supporting Editor (UK)

Hugo Manassei
b.1970 / lives: london /
does: MFA anthropology of new media
did: glasgow school of art.

DT Contributors

Max Fresen (Bio)
b.1977 / lives: boston / likes: cheap thrills, kerning, and long-distance relationships.

Scott Nazarian
b.1968 / lives: los angeles / likes: robert silverberg, jeff noon, lebbeus woods / does: art center mfa.

This site, its design and purpose, is dedicated to Joseph Muller-Brockmann (1914-1996) who lives on through his design accomplishments. He was the leading pioneer of the Swiss Grid system of Graphic Design in the 50's and 60's. His influences in the design world are widespread and his philosophy and timeless work have shown that graphics that are neutral, functional & objective enhance, rather than inhibit, the designer's scope. His contributions to design remind us to keep an eye on the purpose of our work: communicating and being understood.

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