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form & foundation
From time to time we all need to re-establish our roots, and these books bring us back to the foundations. Even the most professional designers stand to learn a great deal from each of these selections.

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graphic design
		booksThe Elements of Color
(Also See: Graphic Goodies)
A useful simplification and condensation of Johannes ltten's major work. The Art of Color, this book covers subjective feeling and objective color principles in detail. It presents the key to understanding color in ltten's color circle and color contrasts.
Amazon: $40.00 : 1 Day
B&N: $40.00 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 28.95 : 1 Day

graphic design books How to Design Logos, Symbols & Icons : 23 Internationally Renowned Studios Reveal How They Develop Trademarks for Print and New Media
This book steps into the international studios of top designers as ideas happen--to show you what worked, what didn't, and why. You'll even get an up-close and personal look at the making of symbols and icons--two fast-growing, but rarely covered, fields of design. Case studies illustrate the evolution of logos, symbols and icons created for a variety of clients, from small, start-up businesses to large corporations. Format: Hardcover, 142pp.
Amazon: $20.99 : 2-3 Days : New Price!
Amazon UK: 10.39 : On Order

graphic design booksEnvisioning Information
We felt this summed it up pretty well.... Amazon Reader Review: "Envisioning Information is Tufte's best work. It is a catalog of world class information design examples, culled by the author [including] examples from sources as diverse as Gallileo's observations of Saturn, a 3D map of a Japanese shrine... color studies by the artist Joseph Albers, and a New York train schedule. This is not a "how to" book, but rather a group of inspiring examples... painstakingly argued and illustrated. Tufte is obsessed with quality... One of the best books I have ever read when it comes to visual design!" Edited for length - FS. Format: Hardcover, 126pp. Owned by Digitalthread=Yes.
Amazon: $48.00 : 1 Day
B&N: $38.40!* : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 33.04 : 1-2 Weeks

graphic design books Information Design
The contributors to this book are both cautionary and hopeful as they offer visions of how information design can be practiced diligently and ethically, for the benefit of information consumers as well as producers. They present various methods that seem to work, such as sense-making and way-finding. They make recommendations and serve as guides to a still young but extraordinarily pervasive--and persuasive--field. Format: Hardcover, 373pp.
Amazon: $24.50 : 1 Day
B&N: $17.56!* : 2-3 Days
Amazon UK: 13.60 : 1 Day

graphic design books Digital Diagrams: How to Design and Present Statistical Information Effectively
Diagrams need never be boring again, thanks to this manual showing how to present statistics that carry the right message in a clear, visually entertaining way. Exploring the myriad ways to design diagrams, first the author explains how to assess the information to be conveyed to determine what needs to be stressed within a chosen format. Format: Paperback, 192pp.
Amazon: $20.96 : 1 Day : New Price!
Amazon UK: 18.55 : 1 Day

graphic design books Designing Visual Interfaces: Communication Oriented Techniques
This volume describes the basic design principles (the what and why), common errors, and practical step-by-step techniques (the how) in each of six major areas: elegance and simplicity; scale, contrast, and proportion; organization and visual structure; module and program; image and representation; and style. Format: Textbinding, 304pp.
Amazon: $52.00 : 1 Day
B&N: $52.00 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 36.95 : 4-6 Weeks

graphic design
		booksPrinciples of Two-Dimensional Design
Understanding the elements of two-dimensional design and the infinite options available in organizing choices made are at the core of this book. Wong surveys all concepts of forms and structures, covering most situations in two-dimensional composition, formal or informal.
Amazon: $30.00 : 1-2 Weeks
B&N: $30.00 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 21.50 : 4-6 Weeks

graphic design
		booksDesign and Form: The Basic Course at the Bauhaus and Later, Revised Edition
(Also See: Swiss Miss Land)

Amazon: $40.00 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 11.96 : On Order

graphic design books Design Literacy : Understanding Graphic Design
Steven Heller and Karen Pomeroy's Design Literacy is a winner: a guide to graphic design which presents over ninety object lessons examining the contexts in which works have made contributions to the field of graphic design. Design stories provide plenty of insights on how design works and how the field has been transformed by creative individuals. Format: Paperback, 268pp.
Amazon: $13.96 : 1 Day : New Price!
B&N: $17.95 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 14.95 : On Order

graphic design books Design Literacy (Continued) : Understanding Graphic Design
A sequel to its popular forerunner, this edition casts the net even farther in examining the reasons and history behind various objects of design that have had a significant impact on our culture. The objects discussed range from the vintage posters that promoted concerts and fairs during the 1930s to a Rolling Stones CD cover from the 1990s. This volume also investigates larger movements and phenomena, including Norman Rockwell's effect on Americana, and the Cartoon Network's hold on children. Format: Paperback, 288pp.
Amazon: $13.96 : 1 Day : New Price!
Amazon UK: 14.95 : On Order

graphic design books How to Keep on Running a Successful Design Company
The first compilation book by Minale, telling a vibrant and inspirational story of the growth and development of his firm, along with many informative observations you could apply to your own design shop - freelance or otherwise. This is a worthy book to have if one can get their hands on it. Owned by Digitalthread = Yes. Format: Paperback, 280pp.
Amazon: Price N/A : 4-6 Weeks
Amazon UK: 13.56 : On Order

graphic design
		booksIntroduction to Two-Dimensional Design: Understanding Form and Function
A comprehensive introduction to the principles, issues, and uses of two-dimensional design. In Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design, respected designer and educator John Bowers provides a solid foundation in timeless design principles that are immune to fads and trends. With the help of more than 160 revealing illustrations, he explores both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of 2D design, interweaving historical accounts with penetrating analyses of visual principles and issues.
Amazon: $24.46 : 1 Day : New Price!
B&N: $27.96 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 21.65 : On Order, 1-2 Weeks

graphic design
		booksDesign Basics
A flexible, modular format makes Design Basics a popular introduction to two dimensional design. Each concept is presented in a full two-page spread, making the text practical and easy for students to refer to while they work. Visual examples from many periods and cultures are provided for all elements and principles of design.
Amazon: $81.00 : 1 Day
B&N: $81.00 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 22.95 : On Order

graphic design books Graphic Idea Resource : Black + White and Two-Color Design : Working With Black-And-White and Two-Color Design (Graphic Idea Resource)
Graphic Idea Resource: Black-and-White and Two-Color Design demonstrates how less really is more. A select group of effective package designs, logos, annual reports, newsletters, and more shows the advantage of two-color and black-and-white design and how it works for limited budgets; conveys restrained, tasteful design; and highlights the very basics of design - type and artwork. Format: Paperback, 96pp.
Amazon: $14.39 : 1 Day
Amazon UK: 11.14 : 1-2 Weeks