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typographyThe Apollo Program
This one man foundry, started by Cranbrook graduate Elliott Earl, offers some of the most progressive and experimental fonts to date. Free Posters? Yes! His state-of-the-art experiments in typography receive high praise, but the web site could use some simplifying - best viewed on a Mac.

typography Beaufonts
Beaufonts is a collection of designers, typographers and interactive artists based in the northwest of England. Although the website contains a resource of free downloadable fonts Beaufonts is far more than an on-line type foundry. It is a virtual home for letterforms, symbols, ideas and interactions.

typographyChank Fonts
Ever evolving, Chank's methods of cranking out fonts and offering font give-aways created a movement of followers on the web. Noneteless, find a huge assortment of wild and comic fonts by Chank Diesel and friends. Lots of Free Fonts! Enjoying the lost childhood pleasure of complete irreverence.

typography e-Types
Founded by several former students of two Danish art & design schools, e-Types primarily specializes in the design of letterforms. Their work is clean and classic, but before we even got into that, we were blown away by their Flash site, which demonstrates one of the best applied minimalist interfaces we've ever seen. Following that lead, it was a simple pleasure to explore the rest of thier projects and experiments.

typographyThe Font Bureau, Inc.
A Boston MA font foundry with a super clean site design that integrates well with technology. A very large number of classic and funky fonts rounds this site out. Check out their specimens.

typographyFontHead Design
This two person team puts out an extremely impressive collection of useful fonts - highlighted by the fact the site is marvelously simple and informative. Fonthead Design is located in Boca Raton, Florida. A couple nice free fonts are available.

typographyFountain: A Friendly Type Foundry
A fresh Swedish foundry, with very nice designs. They've got many free fonts for you, and fresh site graphics. Look for new works from Peter Bruhn and other talented team members regularly.

typographyGarage Fonts
Your full-service drive-through font center. Initially founded by David Carson & several others, this site features a clean interface with refreshing type and navigational icons. Welcome to the virtual garage, ready to fix all your boring font problems!

typographyThe Hoefler Type Foundry
A wide range of experimental, yet historically poignant fonts grace this foundry. Each design purposefully explores the critical basis for the particular style of letter.

typographyHouse Industries
Recognized across the planet, House groups the large collection of custom fonts into several distinctive packages. For $5 you get their custom catalog loaded with lots of cool stuff.

From the designers of the Meta font, a nice story about font creation from start to finish. After that, read the follow up. A finely designed site revealing an interesting company.

An experimental foundry based in Columbus OH. Free Posters? Yes! New updates improve load time slightly. Check out the catalog page for great fonts and enjoy the great designs splattered throughout. Prototypically exploring the "experimental" realm.

typographyPsy Ops
Funky foundry with very nice alternative + professional fonts. The site design could use some extra spice, but the fonts are killing!

typographyScanjam Design Co. (Fixed Link)
A sexy new full service type and design agency. This two man team just won the Macromedia / GarageFonts International award for best new font - Index Family.

A great new home for all the leaders in contemporary, edgy and eclectic fonts. There's a huge numebr of new collection and typefaces here with the most recent update we covered came in October, 2001. Also check out a few cool posters.

typography Thirst
The movers and shakers of thirstype created this incredibly sticky web site that details the works, projects and exploits of this creative band. Take the time to get familiar with the site by using 'assistance' and then start to work your way into the minimalist low-tech pages - best to use the Java pop-up nav, a system that was based on explorations of anthills and chaos theory. Did we mention these guys were pretty deep?