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fonts foundries typography design free
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These distributors and sometime foundries connect with smaller firms and artisans to sell and distribute their fonts to the global market. Use the FontFinder to search Adobe, MyFonts, FontFont, Emigre & T-26.
fonts foundries typography design free
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typography AGFA Monotype
A renoun foundry - especially for their development of Arial and other screen fonts for Microsoft. We were confused why the over 7000 fonts they have for sale from Adobe, ITC and more are all non-aliased in display. We guess to protect them... but it kind of defeats the purpose of window shopping.

typography Bitstream
Bitstream is a leading (corporate) developer of font technology, digital fonts, and custom font designs for a wide variety of markets. Bitstream created the TrueDoc, WebFont, and Font Fusion technologies. There are hundreds of fonts available for purchase here.

fonts foundries typography design freeEmigre
The one and only - driving and questioning the typographic revolution. Their honest, clean site design belies a wise web consciousness - and an extensive spread of fonts.

More coming:

Adobe Type


fonts foundries typography design free

fonts foundries typography design freePhil's Fonts
This large font distributor has a comprehensive branch of distribution connections to the major foundries. Some nice bargains on fonts, and good links to resources.

fonts foundries typography design freeFontshop International
A huge distributional center for fonts - this is the place to start looking for your excellent fonts. Search by author, font name, or click through hundreds of fonts by genre. Enjoy the clean and intuitive interface. One Free Font.

typography EyeWire
A main place to check out and buy fonts. Eye provides a hyper-clean interface for purchases, a huge selection and directory of designers and typefaces with CDs, catalogues and much much more for your pocketbook's pleasure. Direct link to type pages.

fonts foundries typography design free