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These flavorous represent a wealth of both classical and experimental brands of typography. Many excel in web and graphic design.

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Web design agenciesfonts type foundries04 (JP)
As both a design shop and font foundry, the ambiguously named 04 straddles '02' of our favorite fields in media design. So, in addition to hosting 5 nice display fonts and 17 free bitmapped font variations, you can check out their work - especially an amazing little exhibit where they've posted 100 design variations on their name.

typography Active Fonts
Active Fonts + Comicraft provide the Comic Book Industry with the very finest lettering and design. Appearing in everything from Amazing Spider-Man to the Uncanny X-men. Cool styles!

Web design agenciesfonts type foundriesAtomic Media
AKA Digital Pixel Kings. Atomic Media offers a comprehensive Pak of bitmapped and pixel fonts, even including an ambitious Japanese pixel font. The nice part about these sets is they include punctuation and extra characters unlike other free pixel fonts.

typography Dinc
A great range of kitchy diner-like fonts with attractive designs. Think early radio days. If you like ChankDiesel, check this site out.

typography The Exploding Font Company
Check out the Pussy family from Peter Bruhn, SpaceKrafty from Chank Diesel and Khai, and the "Faces on the Edge" bundle: four shiny new fonts.

typography FontSite
A great magazine for the type & graphics professional, including 4 free fonts, discussions about the type industry, a series of typography tips, and even a great selection of type books.

typography Jeremy Tankard | Typography (fixed)
Jeremy Tankard | Typography is based in London creating typographic design for a wide range of creative disciplines from identity to television to architecture. The professional edge is displayed in the way Jeremy showcases his fonts - providing history and uses for each sample. Great stuff.

typography Letterror
A foundry associated with the Fontshop International - you'll find grungry, pixelated, and random fonts inside. Lots of thought devoted to screen vs. print fonts and how that effects appearance.

typography Lunchbox Studios
With over 14 years of experience in design, Luchbox has evolved into more than just a great foundry with expressive fonts and typography. This studio (started by a skateboarder looking for more in the world of design) is a total design firm, merging the disciplies of web, print, type and motion, all into one emotional package of great design.

typography Mindcandy
An eclectic and tenacious brand of font design resides inside. These fonts each have their appropriate place and conceptual strength - and they're all a bit flashy.

Fonts Typography Open Type True Type

Fonts Typography Open Type True Type
typography Naked Face
Co-op type alliance made up of creative young designers. Sleek, modern interface. There is one free font available in their catalog, but the pay fonts are worth the money. Great looking fonts.

typography Paratype
Selling Russian fonts. Nice bilingual site design. The ParaType Library consists of over 300 digital typefaces based on non Latin alphabet.

typography Shift Type Foundry
Updated monthly, this experimental foundry exemplifies some of the most digitally twisted and futuristic fonts today. The clean site design and gif animations make each trip a pleasure.

typography SynFonts
Funky foundry. A bright site design. These original and unusual type faces are sure to put some zip + variety in your designs.

typography Stu's Font Diner
A nice range of fonts grace this conceptually excellent site design. Cruise and purchase fonts in your own booth with completely automated service. Tipping encouraged. Check the New fonts release and new URL.

typography Test Pilot Collective
TPC is all about groups and gatherings. Bring together a number of talented, driven and experimental young type designers what happens is TPC - a launchpad for new type and type design. Including 12 free fonts and about 50 for sale.

typography Thirstype
Only for the discerning. A great site with a wide range of classic and new designs from a variety of respected artists. As the new site grows, you should expect stimulating commentary on ideas, artists, and their work.

typography ZeroXenon26
This site from Japan has a great looking interface with complex animations. Offering 19 free tech/modern fonts & dingbats available in both mac and pc download.

Fonts Typography Open Type True Type