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Look no further, herein lie the links to satisfy all your free font needs. Only the best free resources and no font pirates will be listed here.

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This is just the beginning...

Web design agenciesfonts type foundries04 (JP)
As both a design shop and font foundry, the ambiguously named 04 straddles '02' of our favorite fields in media design. So, in addition to hosting 5 nice display fonts and 17 free bitmapped font variations, you can check out their work - especially an amazing little exhibit where they've posted 100 design variations on their name.

typographyChank Fonts
Ever evolving, Chank's methods of cranking out fonts and offering font give-aways created a movement of followers on the web. Noneteless, find a huge assortment of wild and comic fonts by Chank Diesel and friends. Lots of Free Fonts! Enjoying the lost childhood pleasure of complete irreverence.

typography Fontomas
The fine and fabulous fontomas is formerly known as eyesaw, and like they did for over 2 years, Fontomas offers typographic experiments, downloadable for free. One free weekly but not after each week keep coming back.

typography Phantompower = Cape-Arcona
Phantom is a small free font destination that offers around 10 free downloads of fonts that we would classify as 'Lettering' fonts. Others may call them 'Display' fonts because they'd be good in a poster design display project. Now many of the free fonts and commercial fonts are being posted on