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typography Altemus Collection
Lucky stars, green clovers, sunbursts, arrows, icons, borders and more - Altemus provides hundreds of possible imaginable variations on these items. No 26 letters here. Just shapes and icons.

typography FontLab
This destination is in effect a specialized toolkit for the digital type designer. FontLab is not quite a full resource - it's more of an outlet for digital type products: specifically providing font editors, font converters and font utility programs for sale.

typography Microsoft Typography
Microsoft are committed to changing the face of typography on the internet, and it all starts from here. Good links sections, a true hub.

Point-central is a non-for-profit group of French type designers whose primary objective is to create a worlwide documented archive and database about Public domain fonts. But that's not all - they have a huge number of resources here, and an acclaimed font making tutorial.

typography TypoFile
Daniel Will-Harris has created an online magazine of true value, that both educates beginners and informs typographers. With a section called 'Webfonts', see what's around the corner.

typography typoGRAPHIC
An interactive experience about type and typography. This site illustrates the beauty, poetry, complexity, and history of type, while raising relevant questions about how typography is treated in the digital media, specifically online. Definitely check out the gallery!

typography &Type!
&Type! is an extension of, and not only offers fonts, but also reviews them, as well as interviewing fontographers!