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Welcome to the BetaTester Application for Digitalthread 2.0. We are providing the first 100 applicants with a SNEAK PEAK preview of the new Digitalthread. All you have to do to qualify is complete the form below. Only the first 100 applicants will be accepted, so act fast!

Personal Information is only required for us to contact the individual and supply the beta test form. Your name and email is NEVER LINKED to the demographic information. While we will use your demographic information to inform our potential advertisers, we will also use it to MAKE IMPROVEMENTS to the site and content. This form is completely ANONYMOUS, and we will never supply any of our advertisers with your name or e-mail. You will only receive emails from Digitalthread.

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You also agree that you complete, return and release the BETA TEST form back to the owners of DIGITALTHREAD.COM to within 2 weeks time of receiving the BETA TEST URL and FORM (No penalty for not returning the form). We'd appreciate your timely returns, so we can try to make the site better for the community and our users.

Enrollement in the beta test program is limited to the first 100 users to complete this form.
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