This large industrial design firm's site is an excellent example of Swiss design methodologies. Strong linear Swiss grid techniques lend support to this visual structure while the contrast of the bright yellows and blues help highlight the products.

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
A great site and historical record of the battle between man and machine. Subtly great design, invoking the hidden power and sexiness of Chess.

Winter Olympics 1998
As the official winter Olympics site, the carefully selected tonalities and subtle beveling effects combine with efficient planning to create a site that is simultaneously beautiful and navigationally powerful.

Based upon specifically selected tonalities and supported by original navigational ideas, this compact site for Kahlua evokes a playful and colorful sensation. Interactive features also help absorb users within the site.

An online center for musical promotion and discovery, we found this front page possesses an eloquent reflection of musical sounds and notation that combined fluidly with navigational instruments along the left, bottom, and within the main area.

The Inter-society for the Electronic Arts employs a riveting metallic print design for their 8th Annual Symposium on Electronic Art. The conference is one of the most significant events in the global electronic arts calendar, and this site lends a wealth of credibility to that claim. This site is off-line since this posting.

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Posted January 1998.

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