Tuesday, April 30, 2002
Swedish eye candy
FilmTecknarna recently commissioned Block Branding to come up with a new graphic profile and logotype. See it here:
||| Filmtecknarna Animation Stockholm ||| .
These two heavy hitters have been merged into one with some new ideas and paradigms added to keep the projects flowing. And are now doing braodcast and commercial work.
Designgraphik™ and Submethod
Monday, April 29, 2002
Pixelfreak.com .....
"My name is Rene Hernandez, I'm 17 and live in El Salvador. I got my computer in '99 and got internet in the beginning of 2000"
Wednesday, April 24, 2002
NYC Design Firm
Far from what most would consider a business application... it's closer to what they'd call an "interpretation of accidental forms". Think Rorschack Inkblot tests merged with P.T. Barnum & Bailey and you're half-way there.
Stay Honest.
More fashion?
Spring is here and we just can't get enough of the hot looks and designs for fashion sites. Here's another great tonal work for Sergio Rossi shoes & bags.
Sergio Rossi. Designed by Method.
Audio visuals
CarbonatedJazz is a one person enterprise that features some fantastic illustrations and sounds that you should probably see to really believe.
STEREOVIS : carbonatedjazz.
Bob your head, everybody...
More fashion flexing with hip shopping music for your pleasure dome. Don't sleep on this forward-thinking, urban, self-conscious garment company touting "jeanius level products".
Tuesday, April 23, 2002
Haxies -MacOS X Hacks .
MacOS X may be great, fast, stable, and useful, but sometimes you surely will need a feature or two added. At Unsanity, they are producing additions, or "hacks" for MacOS X that add extra functionality to MacOS X. They call them haxies.
IconBuilder 3.1
IconBuilder is an ideal "real world" solution for creating 32-bit icons for the numerous OS versions of the Mac and Windows.
The Iconfactory: Icon Builder for OSX.
More Fashion
If you like Marc Ecko, L-R-G, Hip-Hop, Brooklyn, Graffiti... (the list goes on) then this is basically the crew that started it all. Urban fashion in a simple interface:
Triple 5 Soul.
Interactive Designhaus Site
Well, bizarre could be a good word for this alternative pick for a group chat/avatar palace.
Dream Domain. (UK)
Monday, April 22, 2002
More games

web design

Hey young and old... gather around.... Having a few bad ideas lately? We have a highly advanced system to make sure those ideas end up where they belong. Featuring the first proof of the skills of Jan Boode.
Bad idea, good throw.
Friday, April 19, 2002
Painting for a cause

Using various printing methods and drawing techniques on found prints, Ornithology creates an interesting juxtaposition between old drawings and new drawing styles - which in the end makes the prints look old again ... or like they were run over by a utility truck at a garage sale (*not* a bad thing!). Well, WE liked them, however, if you're not a fan of the art, at least the web pages are quite clear and beautiful.

neumu [ exhibit ]. by Mike Cina.
New Magazine

Planet is a beautiful layered Flash accompaniment to the new print magazine. But... does the world really need another magazine?? Probably not. However, if every magazine could produce their web sites this way, at least the web would be a prettier place.

Planet Magazine.
Thursday, April 18, 2002
Tours #49

web design

"Next to sex and drugs, tourism is the biggest industry in the world... [here are] some of the oddest, funniest, saddest, most tasteless, sexiest, ridiculous ... tours and tourist destinations in their own countries."

colors magazine.
Portfolio/Personal Site

Mr. Crane (I like that last name) has written reviews for our Gallery before... We hope that by noting his latest personal update, he may be inclined to help us out again... hmmm?

Stock images and More

web design

Lack of kitsch in your life? CSA offers thousands of royalty free images that everyone should use once in their design lifetimes. And get a FREE FONT - download it from the home page - a new one each month.

CSA Images.
Wednesday, April 17, 2002
Phinally redesigned after all these years.... Phil's Fonts evolved from one of the most well known and respected photolettering studios in the industry - Phil's Photo. And now they distribute their phonts in phantastic style.

Phil's Fonts.
A source for creative talent, AltPick.com focuses on bringing out the best in designers by providing them with a portfolio space and a profile to call their own. Seems to contain mainly illustrators, which is just fine by us....


/Link lifted from Surfstation.lu/
We all know writers can't design. But can designers write?

Well, for those that fall between these two categories, there's Pseudodictionary. If you ever need to boldatize your asstalk, you may consider using one of these creative words... but make sure you consider all of the ramo-implications.

pseudodictionary - the dictionary for all of your words.
Brought to you by Paul (nice site design).
A good idea for hosting photos... not that this is a terribly new idea - anyone could do this - but it's a nice implementation and a good start for something larger. Any chance these could be considered for Stock usage?

See with your own eyes: Photo-genetic.com : Issue1 ArchiTexture.
Tuesday, April 16, 2002
web design

Photoshop 7.0 is now available. So, now you can upgrade to OSX and never look back.
Buy it through Amazon and help support Digitalthread. ($559.00 after special offer.)
Buy the Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade for only $126.99 (after special offers).

Also, a new Flash Player (6) is available at: Macromedia - Downloads. Upgrade your browsers.
Monday, April 15, 2002
web design

Remember Tadanori Yokoo and the cover of “LaChapelle Land”? That colourful, complex, both humorous & yet subtle, retro & yet absolutely contemporary graphic-image? Well, this new artist, 'Well Hung', creates similarly crafted iconic images that draw greedily from today’s vast visual pop-culture glut in this long string of linked splash pages. Highlights include Optimus Prime Minister vs. Godzillarafat.

^) 60X1.COM (^________*) Sexy Bella MamaCita Come to Sugar Daddy!.
Sunday, April 14, 2002
It's often the simplest of things that strike us with the biggest stick... The 'Box brings along a highly fanciful Flash portfolio of an Italian designer that looks so much simpler than it probably was to build. And we loved the fact that the navigation was novel, but comprehensible with only one line of instructions; the essence of a well thought-out interface.

The Brain Box.
And since we're on the topic of simplicity, here's an example: this very slick scandi design agency site.

Doberman. (SE)
web design

A design studio from Singapore just released a limited edition run of this new book: Transmission 02 : Utopia. The book boasts "collaborative explorations in visual communication [and] an international showcase of creative minds in graphic
design, photography illustration, motion graphics, architecture and ... the written word."

Compiled by : PhunkStudios (Singapore)
We had a lot of fun looking through this site. As simple as it is, the work speaks for itself.

For more design books, see the Bookhaus.
Saturday, April 13, 2002
To all fans of progressive Japanese ideas and experiments,

Hello, we are Photon Inc. and we are looking into new paradigms for instant communication and global messaging in the new online world. Through the "RhythmEngine [we bring] music and image communication which has rich emotion" to the Web-world. Others have recognized our accomplishment, and we are going to showcase RhythmEngine at SIGGRAPH and ARTS ELECTRONICA. Please get familiar with out project and carry out a test play ... Thank you!

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Well, we'd have to say it's not what you might expect when you think about David Carson's design in general. However, once you figure out the basics of 'IT' (definitely the most antique-looking navigation ever developed), you can explore a lifetime of showcase studies and keep tabs on the man.

dcd : David Carson design.

/Link lifted from Surfstation.lu/
To Whom It May Concern.

I, too, am from Italy. I am writing to you because I heard you were interested in graphic design and since I'm mostly all about illustrations and video work, I thought you might like staring at me for an hour or so. As you must know by now, I love you very much. Despite that, I do take my time serving up the enormous .mov files. It's just who I am. So, please, bring a book. Also, I do have some Flash stuff, but it's pretty unremarkable.

See you soon,
*Boghe - Rocco Pezzella
Dear Everyone,

Please come see me. I am from Italy and I have lots and lots of pictures taken around the world, mostly focusing on street art or graffiti. The images here have been stylized such that they appear to have been airbrushed and, in my case, that creates something wonderful out of something otherwise banal. Add that to my ace navigation and clean graphic design, and I'm definitely worth a visit.

Galman - Dirty Photos

P.S. - Don't forget to check out the "videos" portfolio.
Dear 'Threaders,

We just upgraded to Blogger Pro - will be able to add pictures and thumbnails if needed - and if past posts are not showing, it is because they are migrating them to the new database (should be back up soon).

Truly Yours,
DD Crew...
Saturday, April 06, 2002
web design

Definitely one of the more interesting portfolios we've seen at DT.... why? Maybe it's the original graphic design with progressive ideas in typography. Maybe it's the fantastic illustrations & paintings that hint at something much more... either way, we are happy announce new works at:

Mr. Gorchov.
(New content, new look, new paintings, new design).

On April 1 Born Magazine delivered 8 interpretations of poetry and prose,
plus 3 new additions to The Birthing Room.

Born Magazine

Many of you have found the hidden link for simian stickers in volume 6. but, i still have some left, so here is a clue to where to find the link.... "they make fine cigars". Be quick, because they are running out fast.


Plans are underway for a release of Siminan 7 in the Summer '02.
A designer hopes that the extremes of Flash development can be pushed and pulled into action.
Flash on the pan
by Designer Joshua F.
Updates posted.

A few areas are to be completed at this posting, but at first glance we liked the break from 'monochome-ism' which is evident in the color choices and ways they are applied to a few of his signature 'breathing' designs.
Hungry For Design.
-- inside view --
the international design fair (milan, april 10 - 15)
hope to see you in milan!

Designboom's international conceptual design competition
on the rocking theme was a great success.
1352 registrations from all over the world.
Nice theme designs....
See the new spanking fresh project, wallpapers, and more.
A trick combination of JavaScript & Flash like this could be oh, just so much more...
Lebonze Move