Friday, January 31, 2003
A nice single page personal folio from Russia. Features broadcast and print design, experimental projects, and packagings for MTV-Russia.
Thursday, January 30, 2003
David Crawford
Mr. Crawford's "captured motion" photograph series are an intriguing compilation of outsider observations that reveal something, however small, about the people he films. Though each of the series holds something of interest for the viewer, we personally thought Series 4 was the strongest and most polished work.
David Crawford.
J_M Roccuzzo
We liked Mr. Roccuzzo's navigation for it's original and carefree organization. And there's very little clutter to his layout, which only helps to bring attention to the strength of his design work.
J_M Roccuzzo. (FR).
Wednesday, January 29, 2003
[ R A N D O M N O O D L E ]
A great personal portfolio crafted in Flash with a great "cursor centric" navigation. What is "cursor centric"? Well - it this case - it is intuitive, original, intruiging and fun to use.
[ R A N D O M N O O D L E ].
Outsource Corporation
An extremely tight Flash production for an "open source" waste management company.
Outsource Corporation.
Dev/des by Virtual Bulldog
Gluebooks, girls with guns, paintings and more... a general feast for the eyes. Hieropenen is to the Internet what landfills are to the ecosystem... Both are a great place to hunt for spare parts.
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
tokidoki v2.0
web designThirtsty for a tall glass of water? Visit tokidoki, the home of hot, tall asian women and Japanimation-style caricatures. This fantastic Flash portfolio is full of full-bodied images, cute characters, and a beautiful style of illustration. Drink up.
tokidoki v2.0.
L i b i d o m e c c a n i c a
Layers of paper and woodgrain textures give this site a nice feel, but it could have gone even further with a much more trashy feel to match the "ElectroPowerMusic" of the band. Still, a nice music site from Italy.
L i b i d o m e c c a n i c a.
A sharp little Flash folio with an interesting nav and good use of self-designed font. Even if the folio isn't currently chock-a-block, it definitely shows a lot of potential.
martin van der hoogen
In this clean little world of pixel-pushing and spell-checking, it's nice to see an illustration folio that attempts to leave a little 'virtual' dirt on the drawing board. Nice iconic work.
martin v d hoogen . design & illustration.
Ozark Henry
Heralding the release of his 3rd album, this self-titled site provides a very subtle, ephemeral vibe with a light touch of seamless Flash interaction which reveals a very tight music site experience.
Ozark Henry.
Dev/des by: group94.
Monday, January 27, 2003
TOCA ME is a platform for experiments, dialogues and discussions on art and design featuring works and interviews by Linn Rehmann, Olivier Lacombe, Tim Nolan, Xnographics, Pakman and Andrew Warwick.
Bunker essentially defines a minimalist interface with it's smooth gray-blues and wordless links and sub-navs, but get into the work itself, and you'll see this designer also has a flair for extravagance and detail.
[BUNKER] graphic design - version 3.0. (UK)
This hot little number's got the motor running all night, but only if you help her out with a little pick-me up. Afterall, you have to give a little to get a little - it's equal rights, man.
Habitat 7.
Sunday, January 26, 2003
Visual Communications
If you wanna see some hot work, then this talented girl - originally based in the UK - has got the plate sizzling. As far as web design and branding go, this is a great overall 'folio.
Visual Communications, Anja Kluver
Antony Micallef British Artist
Antony Micallef exposes some down and dirty portraits and illustrations which everyone should check out because he rules. Then for fun, see the "I Love anthony" Flash area. Lol.
Antony Micallef British Artist
Saturday, January 25, 2003
A great take on the single page folio/resume. This clean two-column scroller is a beauty that also showcases some high-caliber work, demos and ideas.
Superfamous™ / We aim to Form.
Fluid interactive
A Flash site for an interactive developer that focuses on media, web, CD-rom and gaming experiences. Quite nice and sharply rendered firm site.
Fluid interactive.
antonio marcone design
Although this portfolio is quite sparse, we only needed to view a couple samples of work to see how his style is accordingly distiguished through careful simplicity and minimalism.
antonio marcone design.
This folio design concept of an office desk doubling as portfolio uses the animation benefits of Flash to transform something that is usually quite banal into something interesting and attractive.
FreshPixels - Flow
Thursday, January 23, 2003
Nicemix is part catalog, part repository and part journal. As a photo site, it brings us amatuer snapshots of trash in its myriad of forms from cities across the world. Fun stuff to explore.
tenmetal design
This German based firm brings a bold presence and voice to the web with it's nice mix of web projects, print and play.
tenmetal design.
Been a while since we pimped any UK firms for their clarity of purpose and creative design... hence, here is Fuse Media.
This tight minimalist folio uses few colors and lots of white space to let the work shine - and it does. Mostly print to packaging, with some identity and web, an overall strong portfolio.
Richard Schultz
This modern furniture design site is one of the few we've seen that effectively uses a pixel font (mini7) to blend with its secodary header font. Nice grid-based design.
Richard Schultz.
Wednesday, January 22, 2003
A sort of dreamy wonder-world interface where you dial in and bring yourself to a psychedelic nirvana in the clouds. Cool. Different. White.
The designs of Shahpour A. presented in a nice Flash folio. The portfolio work is all there in full-force, covering print, motion, web and some nice flat illustrations.
xit68 :: Shahpour
A "supper happy" but also super slow (at time of visit) design portfolio from Buenos Aires, featuring bright bubble-gum illustrations.
Kingsley Harris
Identity, brand, web site design and more. Mr. Harris has done the ".com" rounds from Agency to Charged and most recently pumping graphics for Overall tight systems and strong web design output.
Kingsley Harris: Portfolio
Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Richard May
Surf around enough magazines, you're bound to catch a glimpse of these rich, stylized composited collages and sketchbook style scrawlings of Richard May.
Illustration Portfolio 2003.
Patachou (Fashion)
web designPatachou caresses our senses on every level, from the dainty Flash effects, to the soft music and the shots of Brazilian models - we can almost hear the soft sands of Ipanema beneath our feet.
Dev/des by: Sapien.
Layne Braunstein
Layne give us a studio design that on the surface varies from the norm, but under inspection, reveals himself as a very technically able Flash designer.
Layne Braunstein.
Jon Burgerman
This animator and cartoonist - maker of strange little creatures and funky monsters -gives us a revealing panoramic view... of the inside of his mind!
Jon Burgerman.
Monday, January 20, 2003
web designWe WERE planning on creating a new area devoted just to illustrators, but hell, some things just can't wait. Hot robots in a strong, bold, illustrated style from Aaron & Ayumi Piland.
An online compliment to a Gallery located in Japan - although simple - features a nice overview of a few exhibits. Especially, check out the 7-ply canvases at SK8 ON THE WALL, a skateboard art exhibition.
Daily comic strip, jokes, funnies, cartoons and comics featuring a cohesive and complete site-wide brand/feel/aesthetic. Well done.
doubleoc uncorporated
The anti-corporate web design for skate clothing geared towards punks like us.
doubleoc uncorporated : polluting the mainstream
An interesting folio from Liege, Belgium featuring design and nice flat illustrations. A few too many pop-ups for our liking, but nice nonetheless.
A simple HTML folio for an ecclectic, raw design style. Few colors, but bold statements!
A Spanish agency uses Flash to give us a nice break from the boxy web feel.
A tight personal folio that features mostly corporate work and some personal projects. Duho Yi went for the woodgrain look and feel for the compact and simple layout.
A nice sharp indy folio covering motion graphics, print graphics, architecture, sculpture, furniture and a ketchbook. A true renaissane man!
BOD | Ben O'Meara Design