Thursday, February 27, 2003
DHM Design
A hard-drive metaphor for this indy portfolio lets you sift through a prolific amount of print work. A lot of good stuff here.
DHM Design (Amsterdam).
A large range of solo work and design in this site cover one designers' learning process. A worthy cruising ground.
Stylo Design
Like a 7-layer chocolate cake, this simple, yet elegant site from a UK studio has a lot of depth and a smooth flavor.
Stylo Design - Creative Design Consultancy.
Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Here's your late-night graphic link. Besides the eye-catching graphics, isn't it impressive enough this special person cares enough to share his quality time with us? This is someone actually makes use of his 'research materials'.
Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Type and Image
The strong relationship between type and image is the main subject of this thesis work coming out of Cologne, Germany. All the mini-modules show an accomplished mastery of type forms and their relation to subject matter, of which we especially liked the Type in Motion-Movie, The Typowriter, and the Historic Tale Construction Kit.
Type and Image (Germany).
Neostream Interactive
From one extreme to another, this firm has its foot set firmly in the production of entertaiment, animation and interactive online designs. We love slapping around animated character menu and the complete eye-candy section transitions. Neostream Interactive (Australia & Korea).
This hot little number is a commercial fasion site for this posh, limited edition designer duds company. We love the little scroll nav and the one-page nature of the site.
doppelpunkt | dos puntos | colon
An art and design project "colon" evolves from its days at the royal academy of art in the hague, the netherlands. Very nice stuff (in three languages).
doppelpunkt | dos puntos | colon.
Free All Departments//Design-Run Culture
A spankin' new indy Canadian baby has arrived, featuring clean grid design coupled with psychedelic print and illustrated vibes.
Free All Departments//Design-Run Culture.
eikes grafischer hort
An ecclectic assembly of studio heads and selected contributors, egh puts together some truly sharp and original graphic designs. Covering recordsleeves, corporate identity, internet design, exhibition design, photography and typography design. Since 1994.
eikes grafischer hort (Germany).
Monday, February 24, 2003
Laurel Lui Design Portfolio
A really nice, clean and open portfolio from a Canadian designer. We liked the use of white and black with limited colors and the way each page feels approachable and is very readable.
Laurel Lui Design Portfolio.
An "experimenting" site from a Japanese designer. Do not expect final products here - just a group of ecclectic Flash experiments.
A very slick, dark, red studio site for a web and motion design designer. Yes, it's the kind of site that gives you that feeling like you're in... well, HELL.
Haphazard Studios.
Massimo Caccia
An interesting series of illustrations from an Italian cartoonist. Clean cut, and yet, bizarre.
Massimo Caccia.
Crew 8
A cool, automated postcard - or mini mart - for introducing each one of Hyperislands graduating students. We like the formula, but in all, it seems a bit over-the-top, and depends a lot on everyone contributing... ultimately it has an excellent execution.
Crew 8.
I don't know what it is, but something about wood paneling always seems to grab us. Here's a sample from a small studio in Ohio.
A sharp studio for professionally crafted title sequences and graphics for broadcast projects.
Ian MacLeod Paintings
A simple, but clean site for some strange experimental canvases featuring hatpeople, hatscapes and other paintings.
Ian MacLeod Paintings.
Saturday, February 22, 2003
Imagination at Work
This GE site has the potential to be one of those self-promoting-but-still-cool-enough-to-check-out-one-time corporate sites, but in the end, the best part of this over-indulgent online advertisment is the drawing pen. HINT: Start a chain-drawing letter.
Drawing Tablet.
This French TV & graphic design portfolio features over 120 Mb of great looking video campaigns, ads and clips. ELECTRO for the media. ROUGE for the energy.
Snapdragon's site design is a great example of how a good understanding of type design can help set you apart from the competition - which in this case is web, print and video media design.
A personal portfolio of Italian designer Alessandra T. based in Milano. A nice colorful and expressive little site. - Beta Version.
A bit different from the norm, this Belgian portfolio site really deserves a closer look to be better understood and appreciated.
Finna Birna Steinsson
Site of the icelandic artist Finna Birna Steinsson. Simple, clean design showcasing the photos and words accompanied with each artistic installation.
Finna Birna Steinsson.
Dog Collective
A dark, gritty, scraped-up and photocopied patch of the web has been reserved for this music band site. We liked the 'player' page, which doubles as the homepage.
Dog Collective.
A nice hybrid studio/folio of an illustrator/designer/artist. We liked the identity design and skatboard illustrations. And we love the clean, tight, minimal site.
There are pixel enthusiasts, pixel designers, pixel maniacs and even pixel groupies... but every once in a while you stumble across a *pixel freak*. Great illustrations in (gasp) both pencil and pixel.
Thursday, February 20, 2003
A pair of coffee junkies make their jittery art and design and broadcast it from this site. We liked their self-promos and eclectic solutions. Cream and sugar please?
Inksurge - Style Broadcasters.
Wednesday, February 19, 2003
everybodY needs a little...
This NYC-based art chick puts the extra in 'oompH' with her dirty, scratchy print design. Her works, self published books, paintings and much more all reflect the tricky street-side impressions of an urban jungle. We love this gritty shit.
------> everybodY needs a little extra-oompH.
Drink up this slick web firm portfolio of high-end corporate clients - featuring web, print and motion work - in one of four available languages.
Tuesday, February 18, 2003
This monochromatic photography site features a nice slim frame for viewing the mostly black and white images of this solemn photographer from Budapest.
Fiona Hewitt
We lack the words this morning to describe the illustrations on this site... so here goes: her work falls somewhere between Japanese poster art, communist era romanticism, and psychedelic childrens' books. Get it? Nice tight site.
Fiona Hewitt.
Somewhere, there is a grid waiting to be filled with all types of neatly organized information and links. Oh wait... here it is. A nice clean site for a firm from Pittsburg, PA.
Sunday, February 16, 2003
If you grew up in the 70's then you'll always associate these doodles with the ever-fascinating Spirograph... which is probably exactly what they were going for in this design for the new age pop princes. Great colors.
Saturday, February 15, 2003
Ernie Wearn
Photography, nature, and pure simplicity. Just what a photographers portfolio should be like: all about the images.
Ernie Wearn.
Friday, February 14, 2003
This hip, neon-hued site promoting Las Vegas vacations is a neat little composition of themed elements which make up a great little interactive site. Great attention to typography is what puts this little baby over the top.
LVCVA for Las Vegas Vacations - OnlyVegas.
Inside this great grid-based site for a small studio from Toronto, Canada, you'll find a wide range of works from photography, to print and media design. Suibaku's mission and motto is to do it all. Great site.
The Cre8ion.Lab
A nice tight studio from the Netherlands putting out some creative, sharp-looking branding, design and multimedia.
The Cre8ion.Lab. (Dutch only).
Thursday, February 13, 2003
> SantoTipo <
The SANTOTIPO project is an open enterprise that works for the development of experimentation on typography. Inside you can find about 4-5 free cool fonts for Mac and PC. Nice original stuff, Latin-style!
> SantoTipo <.
A whole slew of out-of-the-ordinary products, posters and simple ideas that just make you go "hmmm".
Atypyk (France).
Marino Iotti ~ Le Parole nella Pittura
We liked this pale rider of a site for its delicate tones and choice of complimentary colors. The simplicity and light levels of contrast work beautifully for the earth-toned abstract works of this Italian artist.
Marino Iotti ~ Le Parole nella Pittura (Italy).
Celis Bernardo
I tried hard to find a pixel somewhere on this indy portfolio that was out of place. I tried! I tried hard... and failed. A super tight design complimented by great logo work.
Celis Bernardo (Argentina).
- WDDG -
Your gothic air mail has arrived. We picked up this souvenir on our way back from Transylvania while shopping around for high-end Flash design companies.
- WDDG -.
Wednesday, February 12, 2003
The Silentfusion Collective
Creative writing sprawled out over a clean, simple design. It's all incredibly smooth and sexy.
The Silentfusion Collective presents: A Beginning's Dream.
Saab Ice Experience
Like Saab, this "prize draw" is not out of the usual mode. The microsite reflects the brand nicely. Intelligent, simple and beautiful to look at... with a nice sprinkling of animations giving life to the simple transitions.
Saab Ice Experience
Wooster Collective
Although this is possibly the worst designed website we've ever seen (viewed on Mac, IE), we're patriots of the street and slaves to the steel mixing ball. So, if you want to know what's going down on your curb, and every other curb about town, this is (unfortunately) the best address.
Wooster Collective - Stickers / Posters / Graf / Culture Jamming.
This creative agency located in LA supports the art community while it also crafts brand and marketing campaigns for clients such as N.E.R.D. This is the place where you can get your hands on one of those famous Tony Clifton posters.
Tuesday, February 11, 2003
massive attack
This site for the band creates just the right massive and dark atmosphere for the coming album to raise ones curiosity. Visitors may notice some signature design elements from the developers at HiRes!, and as with all their creations, there is much more than meets the eye at first glsnce. Take some time to explore and keep an open mind.
massive attack.
Dev/des by: HiRes!.
Link lifted from Surfstation.
A small London based design studio working across motion and print design.
A great set of logos, works, originally for music projects, but now expanding to a wide range of designs. This design consultancy tackles type, web, and even tees.
Form - Design/Art Direction
Monday, February 10, 2003
Wendy Sutherland
A small retrospective of recent work by the Scottish landscape artist Wendy Sutherland: Wendy's paintings have an intense, hypnotic, and almost cosmic vibrancy, but at first the site can be difficult and almost intentionally obfuscating with its hidden "view-finder" style navigation. However, the work itself speaks volumes, and every nook and cranny of the site holds something of mystery and wonder to behold.
Wendy Sutherland_Highland Landscape Artist
Ašb Land
Welcome to Ašb's web site, the House of Ašb manifiesto and creative laboratory of communication. Customize your brain is the concept of the season, so be part of it. Ašb is all. Ašb is you.
Ašb Land (Barcelona, Spain).
Sunday, February 09, 2003
Hamada Takeshi
This indy illustration and print designer has a truly unique and fantastic vision. And it is well worth overcoming some of the obsticles the site has with its constantly popping new windows to discover some amazing print posters and designs. We liked the delicate yet playful application of color throughout his work.
Hamada Takeshi.
This Berlin based design bureau works with a wide range of media to create an unconventional merge of graphics... and to demonstrate, they use Quicktime 6 to escape the browser square in favor of their own platform to showcase their reel.
A very nice site for a Belgian firm. It starts with it's own flexible layout of shapes, but then each "page" takes on a different form using those shapes. It's a unique way to play with the flat space of the Flash stage and creates an interesting way to present information and navigate the site. High marks for creativity on this one. Only in Dutch.
the paper box
This personal folio may at first seem a bit overloaded, but the graphed project list actually holds a lot of intersting project-related information, including columns for "health", # of revisions and "fun".
:::::: the paper box ::::::.
Elvedon - Ending Numbness
Simply put, these are just series of digital drawings/paintings that try to remember the sensuality of non digital materials. Not really web design per se, but it feels nice just to click through them.
Elvedon - Ending Numbness.
Saturday, February 08, 2003
web designDirections: Take a fine understanding of multimedia, a pinch of illustration and heaps of graphic design. Combine with a program of self-awareness and attitude. Bake at 1555 degrees. Set social conciousness alarms on high. Cut, serve and enjoy a refreshingly different recipe.
Kingsley Harris
Looking for an indy designer with a clean attitude and a little touch of soul? Then this Pratt School graduate and former designer has all the elements you need, and a great looking folio to boot.
Kingsley Harris: Portfolio.
Mad Anthony 2003
Roots and rockers stylins' coming from NYC with site design from Simian... Mad Anthony reggae, rasta shirts, music, and accessories.
Mad Anthony 2003.
Dev/des by: Simian.
Friday, February 07, 2003
Cuban Council
This small studio from San Francisco (and Copenhagen) features an incredibly tight, bubble-gum wrapper design for their projects and personal experients. Nice type. Nice layout. Good colors. Yummy stuff.
Cuban Council.
Wednesday, February 05, 2003
Trevor Van Meter
Make a good afternoon even better by cruising through the mind's-eye of this illustrators' fantastic Flash world. Simply put, marvelous.
Trevor Van Meter
Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Cram Design
This 'small town' studio gets high marks for a nice self-contained site, some great print design... we especially liked the "play" feature of the portfolio - something that's not done too often, but works well here.
Cram Design.
web designCute? Maybe. Disturbing? Definitely! Someone mixed together fantastic nightmares with a sexy animated wrapper to take this Japanimation and Manga-styled site to the next level. Tokyoplastic, a portfolio showcase of character and motion design that features fine animations, ripping sound and popping 3-D vector work.
Breakfast Design Studio
For this small sharp studio located in Belgium, it's all about breakfast, design and the love of nature. Can someone please pass the mayple syrup? Nice work and clean web site design.
Breakfast Design Studio.
Monday, February 03, 2003
A design and art 'folio founded by JP, created as a venue for gaining freelance work and showcasing some interesting art and design experiments. Great print design work here.
Last Exit puts Terry Tate on the Desktop
The heart of the superbowl campaign lives on the internet. A series of short films starring the Terry Tate character is available on the web at Terry Tate (Link dead).
Development by: :: Last Exit ::
A curiously strong micro-sized interactive and print design shop located in Los Angeles.
A nice minimalist site for one of the UK's many up and coming clubs.
Saturday, February 01, 2003
Opening night in NYC
This Tuesday Feb 4th, 2003 at the 55dsl Flagship store - featuring new Black and White artwork from over 100 artists in an 8.5" x 11" format. A coolaboration with faesthetic.
faesthetic. the fast aesthetic..
This indy artists' folio has gone through several revisions over the last few years, and each version keeps getting better and better - usually in a completely different way from the last... promissing stuff.
Blitz Digital Studios
Based in Los Angeles, Blitz blitzes your screen with an over-the-top Flash presentation that features some really good animation and a few innovative ideas (which is saying a lot these days). A very good multimedia, entertainment and interactive developer.
Blitz Digital Studios