Monday, March 31, 2003
Studio SOI
An amazing animation studio from Germany with a 3-D production reel to die for.
Studio SOI.
A Belgian based multimedia firm with a clinically clean Flash site designed on a white background.
Silicium14 (Mons, Belgium).
Definitely some of the hottest vector illustrations we've seen online as long as we can remember, this illustrators' site also has a very sexy, clean and appealing layout.
::juniatwork:: - Giulia Balladore personal portfolio.
Obsessive Consumption
Since January 22nd, 2002 this designer has been documenting her purchases as a way to study consumption. OC is an attempt to share her documentation as well as get viewers to submit and share stories about their own experiences with consumerisim.
Obsessive Consumption - What did you buy today?.
A tight, well-executed Flash folio site from an Atlanta designer. Clean-looking work inside.
D R I F T L A B . 2 0 0 3.
A small tight indy folio from a South American designer.
..::* FERNANDO ARENDAR *::.. (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Friday, March 28, 2003
You don't have to be a fan of graffiti and street art to agree - this is one of the hotter Flash sites we've seen in a while. Representing a new hip-hop DVD + CD music compilation, this textural and illustrated wonder really kills!
O N E B I G T R I P (Link dead).
Dev/des by: EVaQ.
Thursday, March 27, 2003
D2S Visual Technology
A very clean firm site - in German only - that uses a basic framework to create a predictable, yet beautiful corporate experience. Featuring a tight music player that also lets you change bg and text size.
D2S Visual Technology (Germany).
A japanese indy folio with Flash, photoillustration and photos. As phrased by the designer; "There [are] no novel actions, motions and devices... but I made [it] with confidence".
jeremies (Tokyo, Japan).
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
A hot illustrators site, with a remarkable resemblance to 1930's-era Art Deco posters, designed to express the speed and power of this illustrators' design.
Unplug - Illustration/Design/Flash (Atlanta, GA).
The Thread: Check out this similar Art Deco poster from 1932.
Strato Cucine
Strato Cuccine is one of the more exclusive Italian kitchen designers of the moment. Nice photos, and a simple 'centimeter' style ruler nav.
Strato Cucine (Italy).
Dev/Des: group94.
Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Drowning By Numbers
A solid, melancholic site for a rock band. DBN has a nice use of imagery and clean looks at navigation. We liked the color push to blue and the audio player.
Drowning By Numbers (Link dead).
Design by: I Hear It Hurts.
Hi-ReS! updated their site to a "No Shnik-Shnak version" which simply means it will be easier to update in the future.
Hi-ReS! ||| No Shnik-Shnak version 2003.
The 'thread: While you're at it, why not check out The Third Place (Link dead), a concept of PS2 being a gateway to another world.
The first exhibit from R1, named DisturbDelightDesign, is now live. DDD is a combination of art and product design created with a spirit of surprise and exploration in mind.
(Scroll up to the last cross in the sky).
--rare skateboard feelingz--
A skate company (based in Paris) with a cool white site. Nice atmosphere and vibe to this site makes it seem friendly and fun to surf.
---rare skateboard feelingz--- (France).
Graphica is a visual expolration and development of Twelve:Ten's current graphic perspective on our environment inspired by a passion for information graphics. Really great looking pages and interesting photographic integrations with flat art.
Graphica (Nottingham, England).
Des. by: Twelve:Ten.
moskito Kommunikation und Design
Heavy with atmosphere and light on text, this is a new Flash site for a print and corporate design agency. Nice images and music.
moskito Kommunikation und Design. (Bremen, Germany).
Monday, March 24, 2003
An interesting new portfolio showing some nice Flash development, fun logos and a nice range of both commercial works and experimental projects.
dye::::::::: (Spain/Argentina).
Friday, March 21, 2003
Really cool, scratchy pen work, editorial collage and doodles, art and compositions, now compiled neatly into a new book so you don't have to visit this damn ugly site no more!
The Thread: Get the book, Neasden Control Centre, for 30% off if you order before April.
Yin Yu Tang, A Chinese Home
Open to the public in June 2003, explore the house to discover this rare example of the region's renowned architecture and to learn about the daily life of the Huang family, who lived in Yin Yu Tang for over 200 years.
Yin Yu Tang, A Chinese Home.
The Thread: This is a SecondStory production.
Thursday, March 20, 2003
Atomic Attack
A cool portfolio site with some really hot print collages and colorful compositions. Calvin Ho is a surface artist, dj, and illustrator. Claudy Yuen is the makeup/hair side and often work together in fashion photoshoots.
Atomic Attack (Hong Kong).
A blazing little illustrator and web designer's portfolio from France. / v3.0 (France).
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
misprinted type 2.0
You can have it both ways in the personal site as this fantastic collage and type artist showcases a prolific amount of work and then throws in about 10 great 'ransom note'-style fonts free of charge. Great, inspiring stuff.
misprinted type 2.0_ art, design and type (1998 - 2003).
Khomeini's Children
A site for the documentary film about the changing face of Iran in its current post-revolution generation. It's a small site overall, with a nice level of realistic and 'touchable' details to reflect the struggle and hardships of the powerful transformations occuring in Iran.
Khomeini's Children.
This advertising agency understands that publicity is about pure tension and pure passion. And that's a good combination if you want to create dazzling and delightful messages. A wide range in here, with lots of packaging work.
MORIWASE (Espana).
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
maag* pictures / luke magee
Self described as "Illustrative Animative and Interactive", this one-man illustration showcase is a true native of the pen and pencil. Luke M. has a nice endearing style and a fun perspective on interface design. Why? Because illustrators are kooky.
maag* pictures / luke magee (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Monday, March 17, 2003
l u p a v i s i o n
Funky little illustration and art site featuring collage / mixed media sketchbooks and editorial style illustration. Something different.
l u p a v i s i o n (New Zealand).
A French web designer/illustrator with a great psychedelic style busts out a hot little scenic Flash number for his personal showcase.
*J-STATION* (France).
The Thread: Some nice similarities to Tongsville in this concept.
Chris Gillespie : Design & Art Direction
A cute little Asian Flash scene and personal portfolio of a Sydney based freelance creative. We like the tri-tone purple, black and white color choice and overall simplicity.
Chris Gillespie : Design & Art Direction
Briar Press | Museum
While the basic technology of the letterpress changed little during its roughly five hundred year development, this Museum and resource for letterpress printers and enthusiasts is a great advancement in clear layout and great design. Loved the Cuts & Caps downloadable eps area.
Briar Press | Museum.
Sunday, March 16, 2003
Digital photography, new media design and visual culture from a collection of art directors. A gateway and a showcase of talented designers.
Escalate - Art Directors Anonymous - Elevator (Toronto, Canada).
Saturday, March 15, 2003
Arthur Mount Illustration
Simple flat art covering people and places mostly. Great editorial illustrations, and a nice contemporary style.
Arthur Mount Illustration.
The Thread: Arthur M. had some help on his site from Piperboy.
Lounge Agency
A tight Canadian agency, channeling designs for everything from print to fashion, with healthy doses of web and identity design. Lots of good stuff for the hip-hop crowd, and a nice 3-min video for the BD4D show (see Freestyle area).
Lounge Agency (Toronto, Canada).
The Thread: Firm partner Steve Carty does their photography, and also has a site.
Josephine's Day Spa
A really clean, soothing, sexy and soft site for a purifying day spa. Nice earth tones.
Josephine's Day Spa.
Xrtions Number Three
This site starts out sharp, and we like the random layout sketches. Lots of indy print stuff in here, with a futuristic bent.
Xrtions Number Three.
A nice futuristic layout and design for this niche design company focusing on email marketing.
Friday, March 14, 2003
Benjamin Fischer : Graphic Design Portfolio
Clean and clinical, because this indy designer knows code as well as design.
Benjamin Fischer : Graphic Design Portfolio (Stuttgart, Germany).
The Thread: Benjamin's most recent work has appeared in soDA, a Swiss graphic design mag.
andrew faris * visual thinker
Clean elegant navigation and interface using actionscript for creation of personal portfolio site. Loads of great print work inside here.
andrew faris * visual thinker.
The Thread: Andrew also made this educational interactive design project for his MA Thesis.
Graphic design firm specializing in passionately promoting electronic music culture.
3d/2d website for Hong Kong costume and fashion designer, Barney Cheng. Very clean, but at the same time very "virtual" with it's QVTR-style nav and personal comments and writings. Interesting navigation preferences. Shockwave-driven.
BarneyCheng (Hong Kong).
Lather Up
A fun group striving to achieve unforgettable and creative solutions. Specializing in such new media skills as "Advergaming".
SOAP Creative.
The Thread: SOAP just helped finish ScaryGirl for Nathan Jurevicius, a quirky and fantastic illustrator.
reFresh : reLoad - Inactive Exhibition Space
A little birdy told us extra-oomph is on reFresh:reLoad.
reFresh : reLoad - Inactive Exhibition Space
Thursday, March 13, 2003
An ultra-clean site for Mark Romanek, video and film director reponsible for over a dozen mtv awards, two grammy awards, three clios, and three billboard music awards. Less is definitely more when you have a resume like that backing you up.
ReelWorld Jingles are Radio Jingles
A very slick, realistic Flash interface for a radio jingle developer. Great execution on the design metaphor. It's an interactive radio thing like no other.
ReelWorld Jingles are Radio Jingles.
A small slick porfolio with lots of *techno-flash* containing travelling photos, digital experiments and portfolio.
Bluf.project.version.03 (Czech republic).
Sam Dallyn
A really clean, focused and color-savvy personal portfolio for an art director. Specializing in Flash and design for sophisticated product sales online.
Sam Dallyn (UK).
Memphis Design
Design doesn't need words, as demonstrated in this minimal Russian porfolio. If you don't know Russian, you just gotta work your way through... and you can, because the site is so simple and clean.
Memphis Design.
Updated: 3-D character animations, motion graphics, print graphics, fashion photos and graffiti. A freelance trio of designers working it for what it's worth!
whatsmyname (Belgium).
StyleReactor v.3.0
A smorgasborg of experimental graphics from a young Danish designer. Reminds us (in a good way) of all the early web experiments and that sharp learning curve.
StyleReactor v.3.0
HLS *grupd
Grupd is a product design and multimedia studio near Barcelona.
Grupd Associated designers (Terrassa, Spain).
A nice approach to a portfolio site with the aquarium metaphor, but we got totally lost trying to find content. Question: should turning off the sound effects *also* turn off the scrolling nav bar?
SHIFT | 076
Another Shift update - the Japanese e'zine for digital generations.
SHIFT | 076.
Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Playbook '03
ID Society unveils a tight mini-site called 'Playbook '03' which outlines their philosophy and capabilities as they pertain directly to the Pro-Sports Industry. A nice one-shot marketing design.
ID Society Playbook '03.
Jung von Matt AG
One of the hotter agency sites we've seen in a while... this instant classic uses a limited palette and very few graphics besides their showcases of advertising in print, web and TV. Developed by Jung von Matt/Neckar of the Jung von Matt group of advertising agencies. Love the radar nav.
Jung von Matt AG (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
DELVE was created to explore visual culture through experimentation in design, photography, illustration, and other related visual arts. Contributing artists are encouraged to explore aspects of their chosen medium that fall outside of conventional or commercial applications. Published online quarterly and in print annually.
Monday, March 10, 2003
Voluntary Self-Destruction
In the words of Linoleum: "the work of Nicolas Guirriec - it is perfectly useless thus completely essential. it is pleasant like the 20% of products moreover, but that encumbers the international world network! Voluntary self-destruction.
Monsieur Guirriec (France)
Sunday, March 09, 2003
Dtailed Photography
A vision of the world from a Romanian photographer. 26 curiously strong still-life Winter photographs with titles such as "lonely", "different", and "life". Nice Sunday viewing materials.
Dtailed Photography (Bucharest, Romania).
Sole System
Did you know you can use a telescope to look back in time and see the light from stars long gone? Well, this is your telescope for Nike sneakers, with an added "spectrograph" that lets you see details and geneology of each lost, but not forgotten star. Only for true sneaker heads.
Sole System (Go to Sole System in Menu Bar).
Also check out the book:
Sole Provider: Thirty Years of NIKE Basketball
Saturday, March 08, 2003
A very cool one-page site and portfolio for this freelance art director. Love the choice of the illustration and the combination of minimalist interface and colors. Has a nice hard edge to it.
UPD.8 - Navajowhite.
organic fields
A very 'alive' and organic portfolio of an studio that specializes in illustrations of all types. great site, and cool extras. In Spanish and English.
organic fields.
Dirk Lambrechts
A Flash site for a high-end Belgian fashion photographer... it appears quite slick on it's dark grid 'lightbox' background, and the interface is cool, but we couldn't find back and forth buttons to flip through photos.
Dirk Lambrechts (Belgium).
ripple effects interactive
A very slick and futuristic, yet modern and refined site for this interactive design and marketing firm.
ripple effects interactive.
A really clean, sharp and cool Flash portfolio presentation for a consulting and design firm. Great execution and attention to detail.
spirituc (Lisbon, Portugal).
Paul Yanez
This online portfolio of New York based developer Paul Yanez is extremely simple - not even a home button is required (and the full screen pop-up would have been better optional too). Nice clean Flash productions in here.
Paul Yanez.
Macromedia redesigns their site into a suave, sleek commercial experience.
No Jazz
A blazing neon music site set against a dark, moody background creates a nice effect. Nice open Flash nav and web page layouts.
No Jazz.
Reduced fat
A nice clean site for a shop specializing in online branding and marketing. Nice sophisticated, yet playful commercial designs.
Reduced fat.
A small folio of illustration and design work from Sweden. Nice icons.
tobot (tobias portfolio) (Gothenburg, Sweden).
Thursday, March 06, 2003
peter bilak
Graphic, type, web design and beyond, this studio specializes in creation of custom fonts, offering typographic solutions for wide range of creative disciplines. Nice, simple interface to the site allows easy access and appreciation of the fascinating work inside.
peter bilak (Netherlands).
Lots of design, identities, products and print that you have seen, purchased and used in real life. These are the top dawgs.
{ fdbk } book François Duval
There seems to be a lot of great looking stuff inside this portfolio, but it is unnecessarily hampered and obfuscated by the experimental interactivity. Therefore today's lesson is: Whatever concept one chooses to experiment with, one should strive at all costs to make the user experience as intuitive as possible.
{ fdbk } book François Duval.
Tuesday, March 04, 2003
We fell asleep at the wheel for a moment and forgot our typographic duty. Luckily, for all you T-heads, we re-discovered Typophile. It's a communal charity giving daily to the type-thirsty in the form of courses, articles, forums, downloads, and so much more. Don't hit snooze.
Dev/des by: Punchcut.
AIGA San Diego
A pretty damn cool retro-esque flash brochure for AIGA's San Diego chapter. As usual, nice type treatments abound, but eventually it all contributes to a case of information overload - there's so much going on, we couldn't really tell what was going on. The credits page is actually one of the cooler items we've seen in a while.
AIGA San Diego.
Des by: D5ive.
Colors Magazine
Another installment of the always innovative companion to the print mag. This issue deals with the connection between the foods we consume and the human body. The full page "navigator" style nav was brilliant, and immediately intuitive, so no time was wasted getting to the content.
Colors Magazine.
Monday, March 03, 2003
web designA hot new motion and still design shop. Seems to be comprised of members from other well known firms and web sites, so in effect, this is a collection of several great portfolios.
Yams Playground
If you literally want a different perspective on Flash portfolio designs, check out this showcase portfolio, featuring several 3D engines, design, games, print, animations and more.
Yams Playground (France).
Le Deekons Movement
A space on web where research+xperiments are being conducted in areas such as webdesign, art+design, web+graphic interactivity, audio, motion graphic and more. It's really just semantics... are they are deconstructing, destroying, or both?
Le Deekons Movement (Australia).
Sunday, March 02, 2003
The Fold
A fresh NYC design company featuring art design and direction for music industry, but also branching out into editorial, TV, and sound design. We liked their large-format visually rich simplicity [which may be an oxymoron, but it applies].
The Fold.
Hard pressed to find something worthy - this weekend of my birthday - I found this fun French design spot/experiments lounge with some pretty cool graphic "flip books" done by the authors. Nice colorful stuff, reminds me of the work of French designer Laurent Fetis.
Saturday, March 01, 2003
Narancic Grafika
A great collection of found art, hand-made art, collages, sketches, print work, logos and lots more. We love this dirty illustrated style... so surreal and distant, at times it has a true Orwellian reminiscence.
Narancic Grafika.