Wednesday, April 30, 2003
SHOEBOX Brand & Web
Hard to tell if any of these projects are live, but in terms of display we really liked the way project thumbnails were visually displayed. Wish the pop-ups were actually larger than the thubnails though! Very personable, highly visual, and easy to use.
SHOEBOX Brand & Web (UK).
Purr records, featuring videos of live shows, audio tracks, photos, some fun and interactive games, all topped off with a slightly subversive sense of humour and a really dirty grunge aesthetic.
:::PURRinteractive::: (England).
speranza casillo
Maybe it's the summer coming on, or maybe it's this site that makes us feel like we're in Tuscany. Digital experiements, words, sketches and generally a great 'feeling' web site.
speranza casillo (Italy).
Adrenalab Web Design Gruppe
A tight collective of designers putting together a solid mix of hand-drawn, illustrated and designed projects and web sites. Liked their logo case-study section.
Adrenalab Web Design Gruppe (Milan, Italy).
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
eboy HELLO
Don't sleep on the new eBoy book - from the masters of digital renderings and isometric pop-design.
eboy HELLO press kit: index.
> Buy the eBoy 'Bible' Now for only $35.
Fonts designed by Fabrizio Schiavi
Every so often, you have to dip back into the books of the type masters and check up on what they've been doing.
Fonts designed by Fabrizio Schiavi.
Just a really precise design experience... tight logo work, tight design, and an overall flawless portfolio experience.
S i l v i a P r a d a
A completely hand-drawn site. So cute! Great composites and illustrations featuring celebs, plushies and anime characters.
S i l v i a P r a d a (Catelan, Spain).
..::.. B E R S H K A ..::..
A new and vivid fashion retail experience targeting younger women with an updated version of 'youth attitude'. Very colorful.
..::.. B E R S H K A ..::..
Vasava Artworks
Purveyor of fine fonts, and also... great illustration work and design for the web. Lots of cool and diverse stuff to see in here.
Vasava Artworks.
Kent Williams
Very expressive and emotive paintings and illustrations found here. Kent's hand technique is both modern, yet vigourously antiqued at the same time.
Kent Williams.
Employ these people!
But first of all, employ me. Really.
Anyway, this is noteworthy because it effects the printing industry for designers and editors of design books.
Fried of Ed... Dead.
Art direction, great vector work and flat designs. Then, lots and lots of editorial design and layouts. Nice modern portfolio.
FonzTeeVee is what he does. Graduated illustration in 2002-whatever, now working freelance in the field of IllustrationAnimationDesignFun, this one-man show is filled with great funky illustrations, product concepts and motion design.
IllustrationDesignAnimationFun by Fons Schiedon.
Monday, April 28, 2003
Ruavista - Signs of the City
Tons of great links are coming, but in the time, we found this super sign site. Check out great signage and typography from around the world. Great type ideas here.
Ruavista - Signs of the City.
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Jimmy McGrath Photography
A highly stylized photographer's site by the flourishing Juxt team. The concept of adding an illustration for each image may detract from or enhance the photos - that choice is yours - but it definitely gives the presentation a different edge. We didn't see them all, but the illustrations that really grabbed us were #11, #12, #18, #22 and #44.
Jimmy McGrath Photography.
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
One of the hotter 'folios we've reviewed recently, Jason K.'s personal site reveals a host of tight, yet simple modern designs. Great type-based interface and strong identity work. We especially liked the Muller photography website.
Enjoy Prinnt. Leisure Lush Issue.
Sunday, April 20, 2003
Roger Carter T-shirts
NYC-based T-shirt company just added new detail shots for their hot tee designs. Love the western theme, the writing, and the really lucid retail interface. Yee haw.
Roger Carter T-shirts.
Friday, April 18, 2003
A hot personal folio featuring a plethora of print, web, ID, art and then some. Lots of fun stuff to check.
concept, creation and communication since 1999.
Kiss Me I'm Polish
I'm Polish and I wish I had thought of this... A great colorful site that doubles as a design portfolio and a personal fashion retail outlet. Cute wears.
Kiss Me I'm Polish.
One of a Kind
This "music component" style portfolio works well because it was done to perfection... while the concept could be stronger, the execution is very solid.
One of a Kind (Brazil).
design Bastion
A nice dark portfolio site with a limited palette. No web stuff showing at the moment, but if you want a logo with a circle in it, this is the guy to see.
design Bastion (a Frenchie in Canada).
Thursday, April 17, 2003
A great minimalist studio birth'd from the creative explorations of Jeremy Hollister. Love the poster work, t-shirts, exhibits, and motion graphics. Great stuff in a simple wrapper.
Even if we're fans of purely simple photo sites and unaltered photography, we can't help but like this Flash portfolio site for a fashion photographer. The best part by far is the side nav that previews your rollover selection.
Sacha Dean Biyan Photography ( a n a t o m i k STUDIO )
Wednesday, April 16, 2003
space invaders
The global spread of SARS has nothing on these little guys. Get the story, then get the kits.
space invaders > the story of an invasion (France).
Get your kits (USA).
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Art, design, and an online mag with a whole lot of street bling. We loved the coverage and interviews with street artists, graffiti artists, illustrators, and then the just plain random shite. Really great design for this flat Flash mag.
The 'thread: To learn more about street art, graffiti and the random shite, visit the Wooster Collective for daily postings and insights. It's as addictive as crack mixed with glue.
Monday, April 14, 2003
Stereo Type Haus
So, since we're pimping fonts (see yesterday), check this hot haus full of modern typefaces. 22+ fonts, bitmats and dingbats.
Stereo Type Haus.
Two little font vittles.
.. awkWerd Type Concern ..
A tight little exhibit of custom bitmapped fonts. Very cool interface, but no way to download or buy the fonts that we could tell. A new type foundry for pirates.
.. awkWerd Type Concern ...
The 'thread: A production/sister company to SayWerd.
onedotzero: digital film | moving image
A new update of the onedotzero site - as usual, a nice, minimal and modern design.
onedotzero: digital film | moving image.
A beautiful full-screen series of images. Great music too. "Beauty out of the box".
winnerssociety - happiness.
A nice site for a fashion-forward collective of luxury goods from Italy. Some of the font choices and effects were a bit dated, but overall we found the experience to be dynamic, clear, and attractive.
Unisource (NYC/Italy).
Friday, April 11, 2003
sonata for the unaware
The mundane routine of Philadelphia commuters is transformed into a living piece of music. Human bodies become musical markings on the pages of a cranking machine. Video effects and body tracking were done completely through Director scripting.
sonata for the unaware.
Monday, April 07, 2003
Back to the grid again ladies n 'gents with this sky-blue colored music site promoting underground sounds from Dublin.
RNDM//// (Ireland).
Michael E. Cole
The wholesome ticket to your portfolio blues, Mr. Cole gives us this slightly anitiqued, draftman-style portfolio in a lovely, simple to use wrapper.
Michael E. Cole - Portfolio - Spring 2003.
Friday, April 04, 2003
UPS renews its look, updating the site and the classic shield logo we've all grown to love. See for yourself: UPS: Welcome.
Since this is a pretty major update, they also created some press around it. Here's their spin: Expanding Horizons.
The site for the exclusive and collectible fashion and art book. Produced in limited numbers, this site gives a taste of the multiple formats and widely varied themes of each highly anticipated issue.
V I S I O N A I R E.
Jordin Isip
Painter, illustrator and designer, showcases work for editorial, collateral and book/magazine covers.
Jordin Isip.
Nice mixed styles, from the looks of it; painting, watercolor, ink and collage. Combined into some great pieces.
Juniatwork - Giulia Balladore
We linked her realist vector illustrations a couple weeks ago, and now her site is newly updated.
Juniatwork - Giulia Balladore personal space.
Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Andy Howell | Art and Life
A prolific and influential artist and illustrator with a funky 'cloud-9-sketchbook' style site. Great expressive art inside, and we loved the navigation gremlin.
Andy Howell | Art and Life.
A project which prepares people for the culture shock of living and working in China. Designed by, with calligraphy from a Shanghainese in California and site construction in Belgium. Extra simple and clean.
ChinaConduct (Belgium).
the boy fitz hammond
In a nutshell, we're talking about an illustrator with prestige here - winner of both Etch-a-Sketch competitions and Crayola "scrawl-offs" before the age of 7 - this mighty mite has a great eye for type and a unique character style.
the boy fitz hammond.
Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Defining - or maybe blurring - the line between fine art and design, this earth-toned indy folio of Traci Daberko features some delicate artwork and a great range of similarly styled work for posters, wine labels, books, and identity & branding packages.
D A B E R K O.
s56 Recordings
This small Stockholm company aims to find and develop genuine artists for the new millenium and breed a new generation of song writers. Love the duotone (plus white) effect and the strange puce color.
s56 Recordings (Sweden).
The 'thread: Dev and design by 24HR, who themselves are sporting quite a colorful new site.