Thursday, June 19, 2003
9th Exhibition
New and vintage records, books and design products for a handsome lifestyle - The focus is on old-school original prints and memorabilia with a retro/modernist crossover. Online retail for design hipsters.
9th Exhibition.
Red Antenna
Red Antenna is a record label and design house that produces music from techno and electro to lounge and ambient. And they also create the visual complements in the form of packaging, websites and more. An interesting marriage of package and product.
{ Red Antenna }.
A small agency with a focus on corporate ID and webdesign. Although we had a bit of confusion at first between what was "Forward" and what was "Fresh", we loved the ultra-simple site. It also demonstrates how good copy-writing makes an impact in overall presentation. Overall, kick-ass work.
Forward - Design und Kommunikation (Austria).
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Happening [right now] in NYC... a new international design exhibit featuring innovative furniture, lighting, textiles and objects for the home, at Parsons.
transformation (2 West 13th Street).
Butter Studio
Check out the Scott Campbell praduh sneakers! Submission thanks to Steff G.
Butter Studio.
Feeling down, hearing voices, or just robo-sessive compulsive? Well, worry no more, because all your desktop friends are now at your fingertips.
Folding Paper Robots A-Z (Japan).
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Rich Lowenberg
When you read a submission starting with "I built this site to get my music out there..." you honestly can't help but assume this will be one of the many home-grown horrors we see each week. Instead, to Rich L.'s multi-talented credit, we found a totally tight, simply assembled, black, Flash wonder with all the bells and whistles in the right places. And the music's pretty damn good too - but that part, at least, is subjective.
Rich Lowenberg (Toronto, Canada).
Rodgers Townsend
This full service agency located in St. Louis, Missouri provides advertising, interactive marketing, design services and more. Along with a wide range of funny [and serious] commercials, our favorite is their pro bono/web publicity 2002 Holiday Card, AD GUY, in the web section.
Rodgers Townsend.
A brand spanking new "housestyle" management company from Flanders Fields. Very sharp. colorful, "pro" site, but really heavy with text. The existing projects demonstrate a very clean identity and print style, with more interest on the process and details than in breaking any new boundries.
VISUELT (Belgium).
Interesting features going on at this print office, which may be difficult to truly appreciate without an understanding of German, but we were very impressed nonetheless. They also offer a cool PDF mag called "28832Berlin" which you can find in the download area at MAGAZIN ARCHIV, with 14 issues at last visit. Gutennacht!
BerlinDruck (Germany).
The Thread: Site designed by Moskito (DE).
An interesting attempt at creating a mood and navigation for an artists paintings and photographs, but either our computer is slow or the Flash file is terribly huge and thus constantly delayed, such that we never really got to understand anything about how to get around this place. And, as far as we could tell, no way to turn off the music loop.
colour-minded | paintings by [ BRANT ].
A nice brown house for independent motion pictures. We liked the hand-written elements, and generally, as an experiment, it has a great design shell, but one might question of a few of the superficial [non-working] elements and their purpose. Overall, very nice... understanding that the movies are really the important part.
MotionParcc (Australia).
KNI really exacts a fine crease on every fold of the site - it's just a really tight Flash portfolio - simply using four info boxes and a softly faded brown. Concentration on music and band sites.
Kurt Noble.
The Thread: KNI put out the Robbie Williams site.
Monday, June 16, 2003
Zorraquino Design Studio
Zorra. focuses its work on graphic and multimedia communication, and their clean site definitely communicates - to us - that they get the picture.
Zorraquino Design Studio (Bilbao, Spain).
A great design concept from multidisciplinary artist, Colin Day. His portfolio mostly features package design, but also contains web, broadcast design, photography and music. Nice one.
Limbotext - Ver: 1.0.
WONK Photo Portfolio
Interesting photographs from Bogota, Columbia.
WONK Photo Portfolio (Columbia).
Frisbees: A Collection
Not necessarily web design this time - frisbee design. And a nice collection of old school disks for show. We liked the Hulkamania and Wheaties disks.
Personal space and portfolio of Ben Davidson. A limited amount of projects, but a lot of potential in the clean white void.
A a straightforward and fast portfolio of self proclaimed Flashgeek.
Thursday, June 12, 2003
For a progressive health club, they have a pretty spot-on, simple little grid-based site that evokes a delicate atmosphere and has a soothing appeal.
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Drew Europeo
The collective works of Drew Europeo demonstrate her skills in a number of different mediums from print to web, corporate branding to illustrations. Really easy-to-use site which sets the tone with the big "ENTER" button. We like that.
The Collective work of Drew Europeo (Philippines).
play more
This X-box portal site concept and navigation absolutely rocks my world. Brilliant use of video-capture of a lab rat to create a one-of-a-kind navigation. We're speechless. Stop. Wait. Catch your breath. Click.
Play more.
Link contributed by: Scrambled.ego. Indy (UK).
AIGA Los Angeles
The Los Angeles chapter of the AIGA announces the launch of its new design-community focused Website that intends to be the focal point for Los Angeles' diverse and far-reaching design community. Many interactive/community style features to be found on the inside... with, as usual, an interesting (and modular) design skin on the outside.
AIGA Los Angeles.
:: Bring da DRAMA ::
Criminal Damage clothing, with a few years under their belts, have now undergone a image revamp complete with new branding and website featuring a graffiti and skateboarding concept in a limited ruddy color palette. Nice one.
Criminal Damage (UK).
The 'thread: The site was designed Hopeless Design.
Provides advertising, design, interactive, direct mail and more for its clients. Some nice conceptual work and strong photography. Periscope website recently updated into this new tight "box" format. Unwrap and discover.
PERISCOPE (Minneapolis, MN).
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
[ t r o n i c ]
A very slick studio site for a high profile creative collective of designers, art directors, animators, directors and architects working across in broadcast, film and the environment. A great Hybrid firm.
[ t r o n i c ] (NYC).
Monday, June 09, 2003
Steinberg Advertising + Design
Definitely a hybrid firm that one could call "high-end". The web presentation is brimming with slick media and broadband-bulging graphics in a nice dark (full screen) shell. Their focus is mainly on work for clients in Miami.
Steinberg Advertising + Design (Miami, FL).
A really tight illustrated portfolio from a young designer. Original, beautiful, and chock-full of more really clean - apparently Fireworks-driven - designs and illustrations.
erikotten (Netherlands).
WebVisions Conference | Portland Oregon | July 18
WebVisions is a forum designed to encourage dialog about ideas and the ever-changing possibilities of web site design and development and how the Web will evolve in the long run.
WebVisions Conference | Portland Oregon | July 18.
Sunday, June 08, 2003
Another Me_1.2
Flashdesigner / Graphic designer portfolio updated.
Another Me_1.2 (Sweden).
A nice indy portfolio. Some of the initial nav elements remind us of another great indy site, Prinnt, but nonetheless, some great work inside from this Manchester based designer.
S I M A R S H (UK).
Friday, June 06, 2003
For those who like things dirty, unfinished and somewhat misanthropical, this indy portfolio delivers two sets of cool flat images to browse.
keepsmesane (UK).
Thursday, June 05, 2003
tiago teixeira
A fantastic indy portfolio with an amazing introduction somewhat reminicent of the famous Cowboy Bebop intro. Great illustration, design and Flash animation skills.
tiago teixeira (Brazil).
A really tight portfolio of great low-color, but high impact digital/silk-screened posters. Also includes some inspiring CD/album designs, and more.
People Against Fun
A good online marketing campaign for Panasonic electronics equipment that - they warn - makes you have lots of fun.
People Against Fun (Retail/Advertsing).
Wednesday, June 04, 2003
A nice clean, grid-driven little portfolio for an Indy designer fro Spain. Liked the broadband "feel", the lightly opaque composition, and simple navigation layout.
Dagrafics (Spain).
Monday, June 02, 2003
A set of interactive Flash experiments from a young student in Austria. Original and different start for an indy portfolio which uses a variety of custom inputs - akin to a multi-layered interactive chat room - for example, to make the design appear differently on different computers. (Austria).