Thursday, July 31, 2003
Bureau for Visual Affairs
BfVA is a visual communication company with multiple media dexterity. Superb minimalist site with a tailored, integrated approach to briefings across print, television and interactive media.
Bureau for Visual Affairs (London, UK).
Artificial Environments
Artificial Environments specializes in the creation of user-centric entertainment, games and interactive experiences.
Artificial Environments (London, UK).
Cirque de Darmon
Indy portfolio with an emphasis on print, packaging, identity, and concept-based design work. Nice virtual texture, but a bit laggy at our last visit.
Cirque de Darmon (Omaha, NE).
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Victory League
The immaculate, unmatchable, impeccable, inspirational portfolio of Ryan Waller. Posters, books and more. Go home and practice. 'Nuff said.
Victory League.
Stencil Revolution
A collective for street artists and stencilists featuring some great tutorials. Disseminate the knowledge and spread the styles... Support yourself and free your soul.
Stencil Revolution.
Da 'thread: While you're at it, make sure to check in on the Wooster Collective.
James Jean
A rich collection of illustrations from an extremely talented comic book cover artist. Includes paintings, illustrations and fascinating travel sketches.
James Jean (Los Angeles).
Big Spaceship
In a nutshell, the web firm doing a lot of the top movie sites coming out today.
Big Spaceship.
A freelance designer/art director in Prague showcasing a range of media projects, focusing strongly on print design & photography with a nice minimalist touch.
Kropilak (Prague, Czech Republic).
Sunday, July 27, 2003
A showcase of work from '97 to '03 from a definitively clean designer with a distinguished, modern style.
Ronnor (Canada).
From the opening illustration, we knew we had a winner for the weekend. Truly tight, progressive illustration, id and design from a two man team located in a country called "London". Find eye-popping detail in the Selfridges illustrations in 'recent work' and the nest.
Friday, July 25, 2003
Herring & Gray Design
A print and interactive design firm based in San Francisco, H&GD designs for print and the web with a focus on usable design and resonant branding. Nice, clutter-free style.
Herring & Gray Design.
Brand new chapter from Raster - The Superhero Chapter.
The Raster Group.
Instant Sticker Contest
The most outstanding 32 entries will go into production and compete for a four lane NASCAR toy racing set. The contest will be decided by public vote. Ending Sept. 1st.
Instant (Vienna, Austria).
Thursday, July 24, 2003
Unibody : Flash Font
Unibody, a new cross-platform OpenType-font for Flash MX just released by Underware. All information can be found here:
Nine Daughters and a Stereo
Hyper-clean and minimalist site for a casting and location agency... Right down to the photographs. Nice type harmony and use of the grid. Lastly, check out the photography in the reference section.
Nine Daughters and a Stereo (Germany).
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
A graphic design magazine of inspiration from an Australian transplant.
Neomu (NYC).
Pre-eminent clothing, toy, art and street culture shoppe for those thirsting elite street fashions.
Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Web design and development with a sharp grid design and Flash navigation. Nice work inside.
LOGAN WATTS (Chrarlotte, NC).
heidi yount photography
A beautiful, simple grid design for this ethereal light photography work. We love it.
heidi yount photography (USA).
Sunday, July 20, 2003
They like to draw, photograph, film, design, animate, record and print things. But why are they really cool? They also like Bill Murray.
Gozer (Melbourne, AUS)
We kind of recall that this site has been around for a while, and we like the latest earthy, textured poster-style design. It's simple yet holds a lot of info about this labels' musicians and projects.
Quannum Projects.
The unfortunately awkward navigation belies a strong print, motion and online hybrid portfolio. Also includes an exhibition platform for artists and shop.
Farbraum (Vienna).
A film website by BBDO InterOne Hamburg for BWM. The line drawings and sparse colors keep it simple, but the multimedia (sound, animation) makes it mysterious and evocative.
Quite an expeditious and original presentation from two designers from Taipei. Loved the painting/illustration bulletin board navigation.
Lych (Taipei).
Friday, July 18, 2003
Pretty damn slick. These guys have that hatch-marked grid design thing down to a science. Nice work inside.
zymo (Canada).
Cedrick Osborn and Teylor Stover
There's a first for everything: These non-twins apparently have no compunction about sharing the exact same site.
Cedrick Osborn (L.A.).
Design by Teylor (L.A.).
____/////// aNTIMAmmAL
A journal of some flat art in a snazzy frame.
____/////// aNTIMAmmAL.
Thursday, July 17, 2003
Justin DeGarmo Studio
A little lab rat. He paints for money and food. Fatten him up and look at him go.
Justin DeGarmo Studio.
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
A gritty painted site for the new 24 hour action sports channel. Nice design. Cool video. Nice pin designs. Watch your volume coming in.
WideGroup :: Digital Motion
Wide Group's online presence can be summed up in a single word; 'slick'. Which is a good thing for an interactive and entertainment-minded hybrid firm.
WideGroup :: Digital Motion (Santa Monica, CA).
DJ Dieselboy
This Drum 'n' Bass DJ is definitely hooked into the design world, with nice flyers, site and photographs.
Da 'thread: Site design by Weworkforthem.
An indy designer from Texas showing some nice packaging and print work.
Pioneer10 (Dallas, TX).
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Bird Vacuum :: Will Mcginness
Nice use of flash for an impressive portfolio. Did we say we love clean sites?
Will Mcginness (NYC).
Roger Carter T-shirts
Ladies and gents. Women's sizes are now available in "I AM GOD".
Roger Carter T-shirts (Brooklyn).
Famous Visual Services
A passionate and dedicated agency that seeks out fresh creative challenges to help raise the standard of contemporary visual communication.
Famous Visual Services (Melbourne).
carter magazine
Bi-monthly indy e-zine featuring designers and artists work. Featuring the work of contributers.
carter magazine (Melbourne, AUS).
Take a word and combine it with an image and the newly created design can become symbolic of the words meaning. Fun to try and guess the words and decipher the thinking behind each concept.
Concepticons (Los Angeles).
nonapplicable (Flash Tek)
Two main sections with a selection of engaging shockwave experimental toys ranging from interactive 3D to interactive clocks and generative type.
nonapplicable (UK).
While some of the type choices on the site may be suspect, the overall use of color and line work is quite stunning. I guess we're just suckers for clean color use.
ProjectMiso (NYC).
A hybrid design firm with a strong print section. Recently updated.
Monday, July 14, 2003
A very clean site for a branding agency. Nice symbiotic single-cell animal animations and active restrain in accomplishing overall simplicity.
Simbius (Argentina).
A UK-based interactive design consultancy specialising in web design, cd-rom, print, moving image and more. Love the BBS-style website.
72 Dots per Inch (UK).
PigeonHole Design
Archive of multi-disciplinary artist, Todd Baldwin. Club flyers, cd packaging, record sleeves, logos and more. 1996-Present-Future.
PigeonHole Design (Wash. DC/LA).
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
cypher audio development
Plug-in to some rad 8-bit music while you work.
Cypher audio (Canada).
An international design collective, with focus on interactive communication, print and photography. OrdinaryKids recently opened offices in both San Francisco and Stockholm.
OrdinaryKids (San Francisco).
A showcase of works of Ladislav Sutnar, a Czech-born designer influenced by the Bauhaus movement, who relocated to the U.S. in the late 30's. A fantastically comprehensive website covering the life and works of this highly progressive pioneer of modern design.
NYC-based integrated communications company.
Ueber die Liebe
A website related to pharmacy - the target group are young girls who want to know everything about love and birth control. Very clean, stylish, nice pics and good Flash work. All written in German.
Ueber die Liebe (Germany).
Drift Lab
Drift Lab is updated.
Drift Lab.
Sector Gama
Ale Salvo, a webdesigner from Argentina, shows his works and other things.
Sector Gama (Argentina).
The Raster Group
Collective digital inspiration from The Raster Group.
The Raster Group.
Sunday, July 06, 2003
n2o Studio
Named after Nitrous Oxide, the laughing gas, this studio based in Paris is formed by two Italian gents - one designer and one photographer - who collaborate on print, web and graphic design projects. Great looking site and top notch work.
n2o Studio (Paris, France).
Indy portfolio of various design work, including some print, pro-bono design and street photography. Liked the black and white site framework and overall vibe.