Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Love the gritty deconstructed and modern gothic feel of this portfolio/art space. Excellent attention to the small Flash details puts this number over the top.
D5ive Third Edition.
Like this idea of this indy portfolio as a sweat-top with screenshots as iron-on decals. Also like the asphalt and pink colors.
Zerofivehundred (Sweden).
Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Diesel Herringbone
Some funny Diesel game-age in the usual Diesel style. Game design by Blocmedia.
Diesel Herringbone.
Richard May
Really hot illustration work for editorial, Updated.
Richard May - Illustration Portfolio 2004
Although we missed this exhibit altogether, we still love this one page wonder of a design. There's even a poster for it: Computerlove International Graphic Design Exhibition.
DesignMadeinPoland Calendar2004
Big ups to all my Polish brothers out there... from the country that made counting fashionable.
DesignMadeinPoland Calendar2004.
Knowledgeable urban design fused with a clean digital approach and a mainstream appeal. Two heads cranking out lots of work for music/hip hop clients and more.
ArtilleryDS (NY and NC).
Monday, December 29, 2003
Block Branding
Treading the line between whimsical and commercial, this design-minded studio, with strength in illustration, provides solid, yet playful solutions for advertising, branding, print, web and more.
Block (Australia).
Cartlidge Levene
From annual reports to signage, editorial and much more, CL brings a passionate and experienced eye to each project. Strong work.
Cartlidge Levene (UK).
Adobe Studio
Redesigned back in October by Cuban Council. Looks a little like k10k, eh?
Adobe Studio.
Another Belgian from the design collective of Duolog, Rizon Parein brings us a nice brown portfolio with some modern psychedelic print work, including motion graphics, and last but not least some really cool 3-D graffiti sketches and pieces. Waiting on the websites at this posting.
Rizon.version03.2003 (Belgium).
Sonic Wire Sculptor.
A vibrant and engaging electronic, audio and visual sculpture from Amit Pitaru.
P I T A R U .
Nate Williams
Having no money, traveling and eating excessive amounts of Ramen is the perfect accompanyment for this illustrator living in Argentina, Ecuador and Chile... and he's also doing some volunteer work. Hola.
Nate Williams (South America).
This totally queer couple based in Los Angeles dreams up and illustrates fantastic panoramas and posters that only a design freak would think of hanging on their wall. I must have one.
Kozyndan (Los Angeles, USA).
Playdo christmas
A few (late) pixel game gifts for your holidays.
Playdo christmas (Sweden).
One of the most creative interactive web sites we've seen this year. This cinematic storyboard and puppetry show par excellence takes you down the block with WeFail in a gritty black and white fantasy world. Independently, these guys are Martin-h and Sofake.
talking with angels
Yes, we can use the word "nifty" here because each instance of Flash used in this site brings something original to the table. It's a short intro to a new movie, but designed without the repetitive feel of Flash beating down on your head.
talking with angels.
Graphic Thought Facility
Graphic Thought Facility are a graphic design consultancy, working for public and private clients on everything from print to exhibition and brand applications. Solid work. Great site.
Graphic Thought Facility (UK).
Sunday, December 28, 2003
John Trippe || Michael Leon Free & Easy
A film/interview of Michael Leon, the free-going designer of commonwealth stacks and some girls skateboard line. By John Trippe.
John Trippe || Michael Leon Free & Easy Film.
Renascent is the home of Joost Korngold, Dutch freelance graphic designer. Joost is currently active in motion graphics and static imagery, including 3-D, for different media.
Renascent (Netherlands).
A UK agency and design collective with a rock and roll attitude. Covering music design, art direction, illustration, and photography.
As one of the co-founders of Duolog - Visual Identity Systems with Stoav designer Steven De Loenen, Tom Muller has an acclaimed portfolio and a really clean site which is only missing one thing - a home button.
Tom Muller (Uk/Be).
As ambitious as this site is obsessive, the layout and type-size decisions make for easy reading and surfing of this behemoth of sneaker analysis.
CSS Panic Guide
"This is not a complete resource, this is a fast resource". Everything you needed to know about CSS - fast.
CSS - a guide for the unglued.
Little Boxes
A repository of simple CSS column and box layouts. Look mommy, no tables!
Little Boxes.
The Layout Reservoir
Steal some simple CSS column layouts from this simple re-sauce.
The Layout Reservoir - BlueRobot.
Saturday, December 27, 2003
Blue Source
Clean blue wonder of print, branding, broadcast and album art. Truly cool and refreshing.
Blue Source (London, UK).
The Blow Up: Skull Control
An interesting examination of ubiquitous skull iconography in pop fashion and modern culture.
The Blow Up: Skull Control by Jason Evans
Monday, December 22, 2003
An indy illustration portfolio. Gabriel Suchowolski's illustrations have an interesting pop sensibility quite heavily influenced by Japanese culture and cartoon styles.
Microbians (Madrid, ES).
An indy designer from Chile, rocking a nice set of work for South American clients.
H23 - Cristian Ordonez (Santiago, Chile).
Media Revolution
Updated over the years, Media Revolution is still pumping out the hot stuff for film, gaming and online advertising.
Media Revolution.
BC Design
A great print, collateral and brand identity shop. Love the clean, sparse line work of the website frame and simple presentation of the portfolio and company info.
BC Design
A 'flat' indy portfolio (no Flash, no floating nav bar, no sound) with just graffiti and illustrations. Great range of hand-styles and down and dirty art compositions.
White Dunk
They already spend all their time thinking about it, so why not invite 25 japanese artists to revisit the pervasive Nike "Dunk" sneaker?
White Dunk.
Previously, this personal folio 'speaks' a particular visual language, and lets you rapidly absorb it through an easy Flash interface. (NY).
Sunday, December 21, 2003
Minimalist Techno Music and more...
Chomp down on a huge slice of much sought-after techno and minimal techno from all over Europe and Detroit every Sunday from 8-12pm EST at this DJ-run "pirate" station on the lower east streets of NYC. Find your timezone and tune in tonight.
Thursday, December 18, 2003
Billy Bussey
An architect, cum video producer, cum 3-D animator, cum total Flash-head. And, Mom, you won't believe what he can do with that computer now! Over-the-top effects, but still waiting on portfolio content at this posting.
The digital portfolio of Billy Bussey.
Electric Moyo
This is the kind of website that makes we want to punch a wall and then vandalize some cars. But then again, who am I to complain -- that graffiti and hip hop culture have been appropriated to sell cars to the yout'? No, I'm not bitter... In a way, it's an affirmation of death. And that is cleansing. So, onto the next new thing - quickly - before Nissan finds out and makes an annoying commercial about it.
Electric Moyo.
A certain jaw-dropping beauty exists when fashion, design and art come together as they do in the work of this designer from Japan. There's lots to view, from ephemeral, colorful and rich pattern designs, unique couture hand-bags, and porcelain shopping bag handles and tea-cups.
enamel (Japan).
Stephen Bliss
An illustrator and designer specializing in powerful, eye-popping designs. Did some of the Rockstar Games Vice City street posters, and his portfolio includes some great two and three color poster and print work.
Stephen Bliss.
A super campy story starring what looks like the "Three Amigos" of the ghost hunter world. Fun, full-on movie site. If you can't read Korean, click on the fan.
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Marion Deuchars
Great portfolio of illustration and printed designs from an acclaimed designer whom you'll probably recognize -- by his handwriting style rather than by face.
Marion Deuchars (UK).
We love the cyber-pulp-graffiti front page to this independent comic artist supporter and re-seller.
Meathaus Enterprises/Meathaus Press (Brooklyn).
A truly bold font-shopping experience. Fine fonts combined with the full-on feeling of being seated at a typographers drafting table or letterpress at the printers. Get up close and personal with the work of Fred Smeijers.
OurType. Fine Typography from Europe.
This illustrator/painter dreams up a range of fantastic sea-creatures from a prehistoric period and endows them with an almost human quality - of the kind usually seen in graffiti characters. It's all in the lazy eyes and small details.
This is a small, but very cool, photo journal and presentation of the modern day sights and sounds of Kela, at the heart of the history of Mali, which is in turn the center of music and the mandingan language. Great origial animations on the photos.
KELAMALI : La Bibliotheque du Mandi.
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
The portfolio of illustrator Bryan Collins, who has done lot of editorial work. Great composition with fantastically themed black and white illustrations.
Unvisible (Brooklyn, NYC).
Carrot Top
One can never get enough of this fit, sexy red-head.
Carrot Top. Design by Honest.
The man behind United Colors of Benetton and Colors Magazine.
We've posted them before, but they're always worth another look -- mainly because there's always lots of new interesting work being done at this prolific design and fashion house.
mongrel associates.
Monday, December 15, 2003
Something different, something in a different language, something from a different mood... and place... and time. Indy portfolio from beyond. Mostly print, with some real golden nuggets.
Where do old logos go to die? Why, to the logo graveyard of course.
And now, 194 pages of great black & white designs from over 80 artists. Buy the yearly magazine and get a free t-shirt. Featuring work from Skullz Press and Thistype. Sponsored by 55dsl.
Link: FAESTHETIC (No.3).
Friday, December 12, 2003
d u n u n
This agency site is endowed with a large portfolio with great illustration work, set against a natural backdrop of indepedent animal and vegetal lives, shooting stars, fireflies and set to music by drummers, cicadas and crickets. It has a really nice soft flash navigation, with an extremely intuitive UI and overall gives a superb visual impression.
d u n u n (France).
Roger Carter Holiday Sale
A holiday sale is in effect on ltd. ed. Roger Carter T-shirts. The next line is rumored to arrive in Spring. Grab these last few on sale.
Roger Carter T-shirts (NYC, Brooklyn).
Thursday, December 11, 2003
Mythology: The Art of Alex Ross
Not just for comic book fans... Capture the breathtaking realism of Alex Ross's superhero portraits in this new coffee table book. Only $21.00.
Mythology: The Art of Alex Ross (Amazon).
Lots of changes going on at Honest. Looks like they have a new magazine out, an interesting competition, and lots of new work. Always keeping us honest.
A totally goofy Danish site with that cargo graphic feel. Great little interstitial character animations of the funky cow.
H*BAT (Denmark).
peter krasilnikoff
A very nice minimalist photography showcase. And the Flash use is not annoying, which says a lot.
peter krasilnikoff (Denmark).
Heralding the quaint modern style of DailyCandy but not related to rich women going shopping, Jugglezine brings you a therapeutic monthly article (with illustration) that focuses on balancing yourself within the work environment.
Jugglezine - An Unassuming E-Zine About Balancing Work And Life.
Appropriately presented by: Herman Miller.
Design by: BBK Studio.
[ t r o n i c ]
A hot studio of architects, art directors and directors working across multiple media in creative capacities. A great full-bleed site. Lots of strong visual punch and an immenently impressive portfolio.
[ t r o n i c ].
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Zé Fernando
This self-professed video game geek and computer coder loves his 64 bit games and old-school pixel pushing. Mainly into Flash, as demonstrated by this very tightly produced site, Zé offers up samples of work, games, type and Flash experiments, and several free pixel fonts (PC only guys).
Zé Fernando (Brazil).
Juniatwork - Giulia Balladore
This "personal space" is home to one of the finest -- almost photographic quality -- vector-based portrait artists that we know. If you've seen her stuff before, there's a few more addditions at this update.
Juniatwork - Giulia Balladore.
Indien Sthlm
Super clean Swedish indy studio mixing some flash with html tricks (specifically, TD Background Rollover to Gif Build). Updated.
Indien Sthlm (Sweden).
Oddball or crazy eight - this indy folio has a nice range of work. While it could use some cohesion on the typography, there's lots of potential here (he just launched this year).
Illustrator Snowflakes (Re-sauce)
Get your holiday snowflakes here! Load into your Illustrator brushes palette. Illustrator 9 required.
Adobe Studio Exchange Snowflakes (Re-sauce).
Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Hello Logan
A rich media portfolio experience with over-the-top and professional caliber work in broadcast, graphics, fashion and a little bit of "new wave" psychedelics thrown in for good measure. Updated.
Hello Logan (L.A., USA).
Here's a little bling bling for your peepers. A small studio team with a large broadcast and online portfolio that seems to be comprised of clients from previous employments.
Buck (L.A., USA).
"Crumb-y" Fonts
Gritty urban billboards, crossed with a Robert Crumb-esque cartoon appeal -- the "umpteeth" revision of the letterror site gives a lot of old-school visual stimulation and great type inspiration.
LettError: Typography, Fonts and Type.
Rice 5 Workshop
A highly original "mixed media" virtual portfolio tour. If the creatives behind Rice 5 don't change this site in a year or two it will probably still be at the top of our list for best interactive portfolio. Get on a fast computer and check out Hong Kong from the eyes of these designers and Flash programmers. Really hot stuff.
Rice 5 Workshop (HK, China).
A minimalist Flash portfolio, trimmed down to only work snapshops and a couple other Flash-driven items. Pure showcase for a pure Flash-head.
a-icard (France).
Monday, December 08, 2003
Whitechapel Art Gallery
A site with a simple presence. We liked its minimal dashes of color, and compact 7-column-grid layout.
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
:: Swifty Typomatic ::
A neat, beige little site for Swifty's fonts, posters and wears ("coming soon" at this posting). Compact and flavourful.
Swifty Typomatic (UK).
Blood Wars by SFAustina
Another PDF magazine, this time with a focus on graffiti. Add it to your download list. Cool firm behind it.
Blood Wars by SFAustina.
Pop-Sci Core77 Design Challenge
See the winners of the "Human Powered" Industrial design Challenge, sponsored by Core 77. The next challenge is "Speed".
Pop-Sci Core77 Design Challenge.
Shel Silverstein
A clean, quaint site for the illustrator of classic children's books. Most kids in the U.S. grew up reading at least one of his books.
Clone Wars
Here's a modern cartoon based on a classic we all know. This site arrives with the full color spectrum, literally, using thousands of colors and splashy, framed pages.
Star Wars: Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.
Sunday, December 07, 2003
Fresh Indy Links
A few links to indy portfolios from around the world.

Burcom Bros (Minnesota, US).

Dirk Rossbach (Germany).

Miguel Delcan (Spain).

Dusan Jelesijevic (Serbia).

And you can find more global indy 'folios at "New Bloods" -- veritable kids who in between school and SMS'ing their girlfriend naughty messages find time to create cool portfolios.
"Free" Logotypes
100's of of widely known corporate logos in eps format for the downloading. This repository makes no claims to ownership -- it just takes the time out of hunting for and re-drawing popular logos over and over again. Send yours in.
Free Logotypes.
Friday, December 05, 2003
Christian Dior Couture
A very delicious, delicate and erotic visual experience. The new Dior Couture site wets the appetite -- each section explodes in brilliant color and dimention with the force of, well, a splash page. In the world of web, this is definitively, the couture design.
Christian Dior Couture.

Da 'Thread: While you're in the mood, buy yourself a "J'adore Pop" t-shirt from Roger Carter - now on Holiday Sale until January 1st - and turn heads everywhere.
Thursday, December 04, 2003
tartart & pauskruske
Yet another PDF design magazine... and why not? Publishing still costs way too much, and the design ego is far too big for any editorial control... In fact, it's way out of control... Look out!... Gah! A nice compendium of flippable pages.
tartart & pauskruske.
VLA Volunteer Lawyers
You just received a letter from a lawyer, for say, using a particular phrase in your product or design, and you think it infringes on your Freedom of Speech... who you gonna call? If you're a starving artist, you call VLA - the first ammendment buster-busters. And a nice site to boot.
VLA Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.
Wednesday, December 03, 2003
International Herald Tribune
One of the better looking newsites. Why not emulate the browser feel if users are going to be spending time within the browser reading articles?
International Herald Tribune.
Like most foreign appropriations of NYC styles, the syntax is less important than the attitude. Yep, it's time to get "fonky fresh" with this bold media portfolio showcasing a super-charged range of skillz.
Pardon our cynicism and hypocrisy (just this once, okey?), but we didn't realize that these masturbatory conferences were still going on. At least this one coincides with a magazine launch, which is never a small feat.
How many more clean, pure, blissfully peaceful-looking sites can we list on Digitalthread? Welp, if they keep makin' em... we will cumm.
baseline magazine.
Monday, December 01, 2003
Unit 1391
A pretty interesting range of work from logos through to interior design for restaurants. Interface with its transitional reveals stradles the line between minimal, progressive cool and frustratingly boring.
Unit 1391 (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Andre Matarazzo - Xururu
Clean, and tasty, with big pictures, easy text, little grey logos, and honey all over. A - shall we daresay - "sweet" portfolio?
Andre Matarazzo - Xururu.
Kirk Originals
A cute little grid-based site with nice colors for these stand-out glasses. Unleash the happy designer within...Kirk Originals.
Get Your Dork On!
The handsome little timepiece has a miniture Tony Hawk speaking device inside that alerts you when it's time to get off-line... or skate... Or get off-line and skate.
Nixon - The Dork.