Friday, January 30, 2004
Facing credible fashion competition from numerable sources and bleeding brand cachet profusely, the original pioneers of edgy euro fashion still put dollars to denim when it comes to their web presense. So, it's always good to peep in and keep up on the latest, ebbing branding efforts.
Hamada Takeshi
The man behind screen magazine "Tiger", Mr. Takeshi puts his personal freelance porfolio of various media online in a minimal display of reserve. A truly humble collage of talent, typography, illustration and design.
Hamada Takeshi (JP).
Updated daily (except weekends) this is the art posting site of Craig Metzger, whose brave works - made from hand-cut paper, silk-screen and acrylic - have been featured in several publications. Great stuff, plus a new 'zine coming out in two days, as of this posting.
ENGINE SYSTEM - Craig Metzger (NYC).
David Hubner
If you want to talk about a portfolio of letterforms, type, custom characters and general logo madness, then this here is your man for the job. Excellent work.
David Hubner (Austria).
Re-launched type foundry by Matt Desmond featuring his first new free font in five years.
From the Republica de Venezuela come two designers' portfolios. Really basic site with a bottom side nav, but the work inside - especially the black and white charcoal and mixed photocopy work - is complex and gratifying.
Thursday, January 29, 2004
Love the simple, bare-bones directory style icons and portfolio of this media designer from Germany. You don't have to speak German or English, but if you've ever used a BBS then you are already ahead of the curve.
fleg (DE).
Polte Creative
An indy portfolio for Finn Marko Vuorensola showcasing motion campaigns, ID, websites and more over transparent panels made in Flash. Nice work.
Polte Creative (FI).
The end of street graffiti as we know it. Or the beginning of CAD graffiti. You make the call.
Somewhere between graffiti artist and designer lies Niark. A good mix of styles, and a wood background... these guys know our weaknesses.
Buck Updates
Purveyors of fine motion video graphics and more, Buck has updated their website within a week of this posting.
Buck (L.A.).
The designs, art and type of Cody Gregg Hudson. Bold palettes on open canvases with great typography combined to make full-on graphics.
struggleinc (Chicago).
Great gritty grimey design and general gratuitous self-posting generosity. That means THS design has updated. THS is Thomas Schostok from Germany who also publishes Beast pdf magazine.
{ths} (DE).
Somewhere between LSD, cute bunnies and a can of pink spray paint lie the illustrations of Jeremy Fish. Awesome art, tatoo-like drawings and paintings, original skateboard designs and more. Funny stuff.
SillyPinkBunnies (S.F.)
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Like a napkin, ironed and starched, this is the ultra clean minimal site of a photographer and designer. Content aside, we don't really see any way you could improve upon this, nor should you want to!
A graphic designer working mainly in print, fashion showcases and some 3-D and motion frames on large pop-up pieces. Full-on design for print, 3-D, and motion.
Nginco (NYC).
Really great modern and post new wave graphic editorial design and illustration from Pinkroom in Philadelphia.
Pinkroom (PA).
Refresh of this portfolio creates a dirty feeling which blends into the mainly CD music cover designs, which are gritty and messed up, but with some great minimal touches. Nice work.
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
A very cleaned up and simplified portfolio for this semi-coastal designer with a plethora of good projects.
Da 'thread: Mr. Donohue also creates GoingonSix, an interactive storybook.
An illustration and painting style with a mixture of sparse backgrounds and captured subject matter. Beautiful and stirring at times.
omie (RU).
Monday, January 26, 2004
Shadow and Light
Moments in time when a space is transformed by light. Interactive black and white photography by Nikolai Cornell containing a collection of 90 photographs taken during three months of travel and architectural study throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Studies in composition, proportion, light and shadow.
Shadow and Light.
Sunday, January 25, 2004
Font Shop
Always nice to add a few new nice new fonts to your collection... and here's about 25 for Mac and PC.
Font Shop Free Fonts.
Friday, January 23, 2004
Feric Studio
Black and white lined "blackprints" characterize this artists mechanical, futuristic vision where potato shaped children ride mechanical ostriches. Maybe it's the nature of the unfinshed appearance, but we feel there's a lot of potential in this work.
F E R I C S T U D I O (NYC & Hawaii).
Mr. Florencio Zavala
Illustrators aren't very funny. For instance... this one's work is outrageously good, ecclectic, and has been recognized in prestigious publications. But the humor! I'm kidding of course... seems like editors are even less funny today.
Mr. Florencio Zavala.
Christopher Silas Neal
Really simple, nice minimal illustrations from this Brooklyn artist. Great line work and colors on his editorial, portraits and comics.
Christopher Silas Neal (Brooklyn).
Screaming off of the poverbial design charts, a group of 6 designers tear up the broadcast package and commercial design fields with brilliant experimental work. Love the colors, animations and illustrations from this hot firm.
FreestyleCollective (NYC).
salvame & geraldmarksoto
Finally, someone smart found a way to promote Hervé Villechaize! Add such bold street moves to a smoking fine art personal illustration portfolio, and top it off with the fact most of the work is animated into short-films and motion video, and you have an original online street wunderkid.
salvame is geraldmarksoto.
Rhode Montijo
Fantasticly rich paintings, sketches and illustrations starring ghost-eyed characters for childrens books and more. Interestingly, the style falls somewhere inbetween Tim Burton's Stainboy and Picasso's surrealist Guernica.
Rhode Montijo (San Jose, CA).
Trollbäck & Company
With a navigation created by J. Davis and a library of motion designs covering commercials, film titles, environmental installations and much more, Trollbäck exceeds and invigorates the corporate design scene with diversity that's tough to top.
Trollbäck & Company (NYC, L.A.).
Truly awesome, funny, mixed illustration styles and designs (including motion, animation and etch-a-sketch art) that really break the mold in terms of originality online. Quality work, but the side-scrolling box-navigation (on MacOSX, Safari) could use a bit of a re-thinking for our tastes.
Thursday, January 22, 2004
Olivier Berhaut
A very fine atmospheric Flash portfolio. Clean lines, subtle shades of beige and a fairly unique minimal approach to navigation set the right mood for this indy designer.
Olivier Berhaut (Paris, FR).
Ronnie Koff Design
We have just one question: is everything this guy designed either orange or brown, or did someone fuck with our monitors while we were on vacation? Hot, kitchy, textured print, motion and web design.
Ronnie Koff Design.
A simple one-page design for a contest, accepting submissions of pretentious art for a positive, or negative, contribution to your fame... or infamy.
visuel #1 : : protect yourself.
Saturday, January 17, 2004
A fantastic layered and textural wonder with an ethereal mood and navigation. Beksinski is a Polish artist and painter whose work spans abnormal and alien-like worlds and faces, creating a realm of surreal focus.
Typographic covers by Ladislav Sutnar, a master European designer, architect and typographer from the early 1900s to 1960s. We linked this site a few month back, but it's always worth a re-visit.
A Korean shipping and manufacturing site built in Flash with impressive 3-D fly-throughs and a nice blend of dark grey and yellow colors and overall clean appearance.
Friday, January 16, 2004
A truly beautiful Flash website for an industrial design company from Japan. Amazing versatillity using a sample card interface, allowing visual sorting and a personal hands-on approach. As close as you can probably come to feeling like you are actually touching products online.
Intentionallies (JP).
The nonconceptual editorial illustrator behind this ultra-simple website is Nago Richardis. Nice client work.
Hot illustrator and Flash designer updates site with new work and art for sale.
This new progressive four-piece band from Deptford, South London have a nicely designed one-page Flash site.
Athlete Band.
Da 'thread: Illustration by Kam Tang.
Antoine et Manuel
While the website could use a little work, the poster design or these ecclectic illustrators is out of this world. See the gallery.
Antoine et Manuel.
Great illustration and mostly photos in a cute shell from a young Texas girl. Maybe I'm just a jaded old man, but I find the design work a bit advanced for her age (16?). Can that be a bad thing?
An excellent exhibit of illustration work and paintings from 15 designers and artisits. Simple and fabulous.
Thursday, January 15, 2004
l a m o s c a
Are we suckers for clean, simple website design? You know it. And not only is the work inside minimal and impressive, but the use of pull-downs and arrow keys is intuitive and a little bit addictive.
l a m o s c a.
An accomplished and life-long motion designer, Danny Yount is an Associate CD at D-Kitchen. Love the simple gray portfolio.
sixteentwenty (WA, USA).
A small partner studio with minimal design. Focus is on apparel design, art direction, motion design and print projects with cool illustrations. Very nice.
Typevsm (L.A.)
Postcards, flyers and illustrated logo designs in a simple, slick portfolio.
Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Kasia Korczak
Dollars for dicks, you can't find a more understated portfolio for such an accomplished designer. Maybe it's because Kasia comes from the Eastern Bloc, where communism rules and the individual is nothing before the people and the socialist structure. And maybe, just maybe, that's the whole point.
Kasia Korczak.
Portfolio of Tiffani Malakooti updated since last posting. Great illustrations, photo illustrations, and pure minimal design.
Aye Jay
Hot black and white illustrations, flyers and original compositions. Focus on gangster rap and indie rock flyers.
Aye Jay Morano.
A Swedish branding agency, focusing on digital clients. FramFab embodies the meaning of their name, which means Future Factory. Nice work. Bold site.
FramFab (SE).
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Strange Ga Rhythmom
A wonderfully realized virtual world of a website for what seems to be a very diverse animation, painting and illustration studio from Japan. Best way to see some of the work is to hit "Members" and peep their individual contributions.
Strange Ga Rhythmom (JP).
Just Design Updates
Some new post new wave graphics and designs from Just Design (Near L.A.).
Digital Kitchen
Positioning themselves at the center of contemporary design, filmmaking and visual culture, D-Kitchen aims to be the leader in motion content for entertainment and marketing communications. Nice grid-based site navigation. Sick portfolio.
Digital Kitchen (Seattle, WA).
Da 'thread: Dave Orgeron is one of the Senior VFX people at D-Kitchen and has recently updated his site FictionPixel.
Frank Mccauley
Interesting disjointed, heavily layered portrait style from this painter. Site is quite simple and effective.
Frank Mccauley.
Design by: New Fundamental.
Monday, January 12, 2004
The Future of Auto Design
Automotive design has reached a turning point in current years, coinciding with the historic centennial anniversaries of many major automotive manufacturers, one of which to be highly considered is Ford. Their stunningly rapid progress and innovation shown at the 2003 and 2004 Detroit Auto Show, have brought the classic Ford Grand Touring model (their competition to Ferrari and Porche, and the design has barely changed from 1968!) from concept to production in record time and championed the release of newly designed road-warriors such as the 2004 concept Ford Bronco. After all, when Ford, the father of American muscle cars, calls this "the year of the car", it's time to perk up and take notice.
Insane, brilliant motion & still design out of Brazil.
Nakd (BR).
Poet & Company
A Toronto based photograhy representative agency, built entirely in Flash with a simple, pastel-colored interface for 4 main advertising and design photographers.
Poet & Company (CAN).
Designed by Toronto based agency: Bite Media.
Some new work from this 19 y.o. designer since last visit. Update no. six available at this posting. erikotten (NL).
Deanne Cheuk works as an art director of Tokion magazine and also edits this site - Neomu - the smallest magazine in the world. Finely detailed illustration style defines Deanne's contributions to numerous publications.
Neomu - Deanne Cheuk (New York).
Fifteen years in the making, ATTIK continues to excell as a progressive branding and communications company known for it's energetic design, but also respected for their refined and modern corporate execution.
New site went up Jan.1 2004. The entire site is brand new at this posting and the entire client work section is filled with new, impressive projects.
NoPattern (Chicago).
It's not that they necessarily are "en-Joyn" design, but they've actually "joined" together as a team to create 4 different areas of interest in one site. Enjoy exploring.
Joyn:Design (Sydney, Australia).
Hydragraphik Studio
A nice tight studio with some strong print work for music bands, including online ads and interactive projects. New updates recently posted.
Hydragraphik Studio (FL).
Sunday, January 11, 2004
Design Museum: London
Bringing you design, architecture and fashion in either a Flash or HTML version, the latest incarnation of the Design Museum (see webgallery 1999, Nov-Dec) with current cover by Peter Saville continues to impress with studio reviews, shopping, galleries, and much more. Design Museum: London.
Friday, January 09, 2004
Sometimes highly textured and at other times sparingly minimal, CT is a portfolio for a UK designer with an beautiful body of work - many print, design and illustration projects for freelance, experimental and corporate. Excellent grid-based work and more.
A super Helvetica-driven, Swiss, minimal portfolio site for a fantastic illustrator and designer, many of whose pieces are created for the De manifest book. Great work.
nothingdiluted (UK).
Another especially strong 'Swiss and helvetica sandwich' studio. If you don't sleep or breath design, at least eat it. Limited portfolio for now, at this posting.
Paper Denim & Cloth
Flash website for a "fashion forward" denim label and store that crafts individually hand-finished jeans.
Paper Denim & Cloth.
We just linked directly to one of these guys, but now you can cruise through the bright and colorful online works of all 3 of these Scandanvian stepchildren.
designplastik (Iceland, Denmark).
A somewhat mixed up style with conflicting typography, but workable Flash indy site for a designer hailing from Canada.
vimflip (CAN).
A small studio with a highly distressed style working on print, web and motion design.
Computerlove Finalists
Peruse 25 poster competition finalists working from the theme "I Love...". I love happy endings myself.
Computerlove | Poster Design Contest.
First new chapters of 2004... Over 50 art & design pieces added to this art and digital culture zine.
Self appropriated "Wack name, tight game", the self-deprecating Lucky Bunny is charaterized by occasionally humorous print, design and poster work that is antiqued, retro, and sometimes, even a little bit post modern.
Excellent, somewhat morose (yet playful) gray and black character design and illustration, paintings and installations of little monsters in ski-coats and other assorted gothika.
P A R S K I D.
Edvard Scott
From the school of NoPattern, nice sketchbook illustrations.
Edvard Scott.
A personal portfolio of a Dutch multimedia design student. Find digital artwork, some nice corporate identities, websites and graphic design.
Thursday, January 08, 2004
Phatom (for short) is a beautifully crafted website. It's the online face for a web foundation made up of 2 directors from the UK, 1 from NYC and several creative collaborators. Limited in scope to only a few main portfolio items, but showcasing top notch work. Super posters.
Phantom:researchfoundation (UK and NYC).
A specialized company designing competitively scored entertainment (read: "games") for numerous online players like Sony, Cartoon Network, Noggin and more. As they mentioned in their posting to us: "games! games! games, games!".
Jump straight to their Super Mini Games.
Female Persuasion
Hey ladies! A design portal for female artists, photographers, designers and much more. What more can I say but, brilliant!
Female Persuasion.
Kilter is a design firm that undertakes branding, product design, advertising, retail, and a host of other disciplines in order to bring your brand to the attention of the lucrative realm of Generation Y shoppers. Nice work. Nice site.
Kilter (Minneapolis, NYC).
There's six free Mac and PC fonts available from this German visual communications agency with a funny name.
D&AD: Awards
The D&AD Awards, familiarly known as the Yellow Pencils, are highly prestigious creative awards for the design and advertising industry, and they are only accepting entries until Feb 17th.
D&AD: Awards - Call for Entries 2004.
A nice basic web portfolio from a Maryland art school grad. Good range of print, packaging, and website design inside.
TaraGee (NJ).
Emily Ryan
A really funny site for photographer, illustror and designer Emily Ryan. Super hip, obscure, and trancending cool to bring odd paintings and drawings to life. Awesome.
Emily Ryan.
A nice Flash music site for the band grayarea.
Designed by: EvilTwin.
Josesph Hart Illustration
A mix of old school and new school styles in this pro's illustration portfolio. Joseph Hart graduated from RISD and creates his art using acrylic, graphite and mixed media on paper.
Josesph Hart Illustration (Brooklyn, NY).
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Siggi Eggertsson
Some especially punchy abstract vector illustrations in a candy-colored wrapper. Great colors. Interesting work.
Siggi Eggertsson (Iceland).
Jeff Soto Art
This website's hurting for a little design, but follow our direction and go straight to the art section. You can't go wrong with these amazing - somewhat alien-themed - art canvases.
Jeff Soto Art
Keren Oxman
This is a bare-bones portfolio by a talented illustrator, painter and designer who mixes lightly realistic faces with waifish bodies and serves them up with a beautifully disembodied collage of illustrations, textures and patterns.
Keren Oxman.
A solid designburo located in Berlin. Nice use of flat vector illustrations in print design, motion and web projects.
52 NORD (Berlin, DE).
Tomson Jennings
Tom, Tomson, Jennings or Jenker, you name it, this illustrator and designer has a style to fit your needs. Lots of cool, clean designs and solid illustrations including recent online work for COLORS magazine, isues 54-58.
Tomson Jennings.
Angela Lidderdale
Another of the COLORS magazine designer/illustrators, Angela has a solid print portfolio, and has recently worked on COLORS websites, numbers 55-58.
Angela Lidderdale (Italy).
Badge/Pin Design Competition
Design a winning (text only) fashion badge using any slogan at your disposal and win toys and badges galore. Deadline January 31st, 2004. Also, lots of pins to buy, but not cheap.
Back To Roots Competition.
The Tynt Press
YOU TOO an become the next fashion or design world darling. Based upon the success of printing How To Be Fashionable Or Consume Like Me, the Tynt Press, which aims to produce and distribute printed works by young artists, is focusing it's attention on finding the author of their next title.
The Tynt Press.
EkhornForss Limited / non-format
A London based Anglo-Scandinavia creative team that provides art direction and contemporary design, covering magazines, posters, motion graphics and web.
EkhornForss Limited / non-format (London).
A nice compact site for a commercial graffiti writer. - 2003.
space4future is the personal on-line exibition of the interactive designer Paolo Tonon, whose works are highly technical, beautiful and filled with creative ideas.
space4future (IT).
Channel 4 - Mesh
A self-proclaimed "national scheme" to nurture new computer animation talent in England, usually milking about 4 films per year. Submissions start again in July 2004.
Channel 4 - Mesh (UK).
Small photography portfolio and simple black website from the UK.
55mm (UK).
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Jo Tyler
Classic clips and illustrations, faces and colors blend into bright and painted canvases. Great editorial illustrations.
Jo Tyler.
A ring of poster designs by Andrio Abero unspins... Including a huge section of new show prints, album art and posters. Very fine.
33rpm (Seattle).
Visionaire #42
Issue 42 explores the sense of scent, bringing us a hot Flash site that explores 21 original scents corresponding to specially created visuals.
Visionaire World.
Monday, January 05, 2004
Check the steelz of this Introvert Abstract Thinker. Nice minimal portfolio colors with just the right interactive touches. Mostly identity and print design work inside, with some nice www and additional online design thrown in for tasty measure.
Jeedoubleu (CAN).
A nice dark indy portfolio of a print and interactive designer residing in France. Love the color of the site and admire the flat art compositions in the portfolio. Good stuff.
sulkuS (FR).
China Conduct
Minimize your culture shock when traveling to China by using the info presented in this ultra-simple and accessible web site.
China Conduct (Designed in UK).
i wish i had a name
Somewhat disparate, "full-bleed" images charterize this indy portfolio of a web designer located in Germany.
i wish i had a name (PL to DE).
Crisp line work and a simple duotone image define this movie site and poster with elegance and a certain foreboding.
Elephant | by Gus Van Sant.
Sunday, January 04, 2004
Mars Images
First images from Mars, mainly technical and black & white for now, but historic nonetheless.
Mars Rover Mission Images (Mars).
Typosition Mediendesign
A nice indy folio from a German-based designer and typographer. It's a very simple site containing good print and logo work.
Typosition Mediendesign (DE).
Das Kalenderblatt
A German made 2004 calendar featuring compositional macro-photography - possibly highly detailed 3-D - of insects.
Das Kalenderblatt (DE).
T.26 Digital Type Foundry
The T-26 site is updated and redesigned and streamlined... all at once.
T.26 Digital Type Foundry.
Büro für Gestaltung Janssen
A German design firm that covers many media, from print to film, but should be especially noted for their modern typeface designs (which are for sale at various distributors and foundries).
Büro für Gestaltung Janssen (DE).
Narancic grafika
Collage, mixed-media, logos, illustration, sculpture - you name it. This scrappy, trashy, bare-bones portfolio has it all.
Narancic grafika.
Saturday, January 03, 2004
overtime and understand
A Brooklyn-based illustrator and typographer with a hand-drawn touch and a modern-day understanding of creation and love. Great stuff.
overtime and understand (nyc).
Part collage, part graffiti and part inspiration, Rik's illustrative mixed-media compositions and paintings are an evolving flow of layers and random possibilities. Creative and colorful.
the art of rik catlow (nyc).
I Love Dust
A purist portfolio site for this firm designing primarily print collateral and developing brand identities.
I Love Dust (UK).
More sassy drawings from this Italian illustrator - Tokidoki gets an update since our last visit - adding games, portfolio work and much more.
Tokidoki v2.0 (Italy and L.A.).
Looks like HTML, smells like HTML, but built in Flash... it's a very simple site for the work of this illustrator, who has showcased his poster and t-shirt designs in a one-page-wonder driven by his fluid compositions.
Young-at-heart - Mikael Selin.
Friday, January 02, 2004
A vibrant - almost living and breathing - Flash website informs us these fellows have an implicit understanding of movement and interaction. Which is good, because their strengths lie in design and programming for film and animation industries. Great portfolio.
Franki&Jonny (UK).
Gordon Stettinius Photography
A sharp two-color site (b&w) with an intuitive navigation and complete absence of photo effects makes this an interesting branding development for this commercial and fine art photographer.
Gordon Stettinius Photography (Virginia).
los fokos
Truly brilliant illustrations from the mind of Alejandro Fuentes. Explore eye-popping colors and prints featuring a marriage of historical characters, animals and modern fantastic surrealism.
los fokos.
Born Magazine
A new issue of this experimental venue marrying literary arts and interactive media. Birth'd every three months through creative collaboration between writers and artists.
Born Magazine: Art and Literature Collaboration.