Sunday, February 29, 2004
Eventcenter is now CSS-ified
Big deal... like 5 years late we've finally got a new Digitalthread section up - built entirely in CSS - for you to check out. Did we mention: no tables, only 6 images, and fast loading?
The New Eventcenter.
ARTEC Projec
A pretty cool, edgy and distressed Flash page design for this 'advanced' Snowboard project. We like the continual transitions and limited colors within the established style for the site.
ARTEC Project by Elan Snowboards.
Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Daniel Klajmic
Minimalist, yet still imbued with electricity, this art and fashion photog's portfolio reveals a little at a time in functional pop-up windows that you can drag, zoom and click-through to get to all the juicy editorial, personal and advertising works inside.
Daniel Klajmic (PT).
In the last 8 years since this posting Brett has done nothing less than outstanding print work. Projects range from large to small including books, posters and catalogues for classy clients and institutions. Love the retro take on the simple Mac window portfolio navigation.
B R E T T (Pittsburgh, PA).
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
The famed progressive punk and minimal techno DJ, HELL unleashes this post-punk-new-wave web page for all his nightlife adventures - past, present and future.
Design by Paul Snowden.
Paul Willoughby
A fantastic online editorial illustration portfolio. The illustrations get top notice for their 'sketchy' unfinished feeling, combining line drawing and full-color patterns to create an eye-catching contrast of styles for a unique mixed-media feel.
Paul Willoughby.
The Drama Store
The Drama is an artist's collective based largely on the East Coast. Items for sale inside include posters, stitchings, and art mostly created or included by members of this collective. Cool, clean site.
The Drama Online Store.
Monday, February 23, 2004
Mean Tangerine
Pixel FontsMean Tangerine showcases an initial release of 82 pixel fonts in their very cool new minimal site -- quick click to drill down categories and just click to drill back up -- and storefront. A great range of pixel fonts inside for Flash, design, the Web, and whatever else you can dream up in 16 bits or more. See our special mention in the Typehaus area.
Mean Tangerine.
Saturday, February 21, 2004
electric heat
Musically inspired, this designer and illustrator crafts a strong brand of colorful and colorless flat vector illustrations. Great sense of compositional arrangement and use of empty space gives each of his pieces ample tension and vibrancy.
electric heat (Chicago, IL).
Oscar Mulero
A website for various techno and minimal musical tracks by Oscar Mulero. Very electronic-feeling, digitized website, with a virtual pan-through wireframe guiding you through several cool looking sections. Fun site.
OM | oscar mulero.
Shilo Design
Concept, design, animation and motion. Enough stuff to make your head spin, but at least they have a pared down and extremely simple site to keep you focused. Great motion graphics and design.
Shilo Design.
An interactive design and production company specializing in Broadband solutions, iTV services and more. Complex looking at first, but the site works nicely.
Clementina (S.F., UK, Israel).
Usually graffiti artists keep "blackbooks" of their work to share flix with friends. This is literally a white blackbook online with a plethora of photos, sketches, collage works & clothing from chief draftsmen kofie’one.
A sexy single page site with pop-up info about Dutch sound designer Hugo Verweij and a selection of his projects. Designing sound for any kind of medium.
Abstractnoise 2004.
Thursday, February 19, 2004
A fantastic little illustration site from Spanish artist Santiago Morilla. The site is really compact and affable, while the illustrations look like a combination of scribbly sketches and unfinished roller brush painting.
Mondadientes (ES).
An indy folio of a German-based graphic designer and typographer. Great layout on this simple site containing good print and logo work.
Typosition (DE).
A multimedia project with edgy type and non-linear design elements commemorates a legendary Nigerian Afrobeat musician and human rights activist. Design by Honest.
Social Work
Two main founders from NYC advertising backgrounds and three total at this posting comprise the tip-top-notch firm of Social Work. They specialize in design for print, design for TV, brand identity and campaign writing, and besides the actual portfolio web site, which blows us away, the work inside is pro.
Social Work (UK).
A design and communications firm focused firmly on branding, driven by their philosophy of a "living brand". Nice looking Flash site, chock-full of service descriptions, but a bit thin on actual portfolio content cases at this posting.
IOSENSE | recommunicate (UK).
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Nathalie Verlinden
A beautiful brown and tan site for a unique "vegetally" tanned leather shoe and handbag designer. Nathalie's leather products undergo a very special tanning process, which in emulated in the attention to detail in the Flash site design that features delicate line work and transitions.
Nathalie Verlinden (BE).
Tight, minimalist work seems to sprout from Portugal again, in this communications design firm that has a superb balance of color - 3 blocks on a grid resting squarely on white space. Add an easily understood navigation and a strong set of modern feeling work in the portfolio, and well... there's not much more praise we can heap on this pure design firm.
Norma (PT).
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Nuno Martins
Quite an excellent personal portfolio from this designer and illustrator from Portugal. The dark palette of greys with teal and white highlights makes items and titles really pop, while the layout and interface are immediately intuitive. Add all the small details together, and you get a cohesive and powerful virtual portfolio book.
Nuno Martins . Portfolio Design (PT).
Angelworld 8
A very soft and sensual personal Flash portfolio where the light blues and subtle white gradients are all part of creating a mood in this showcase of Flash and design talent from Hong Kong. Navigating was a bit confusing due to the high number of choices, but gets full marks for bringing us to the zen centerpoint of calm.
Angelworld 8 . Essence of Angels (HK).
Hip-hop and you don't stop, this personal portfolio of a very young designer comes with more bling for your buck in a slick Flash presentation. Like the distressed effects, adding to the upscale urban glossy feel.
Online.Portfolio.Of.JiggaMan (CAN).
A retro-style portfolio of two designers from Krakow, the portfolio and history are presented through a picture-book metaphor with numerous photo-illustrations of old-school 20's black and white photos and more. Funny.
BubblyNumbers (PL).
Typeractive : Letterscapes
Typeractive and Letterscapes are the experiemental playground for typography of MIT designer Peter Cho. Letterscapes is a collection of twenty-six interactive typographic landscapes, encompassed within a dynamic, dimensional environment. Excellent progressive design.
Typeractive : Letterscapes (L.A.).
Branislav Kropilak
Crispy clean side-scrolling portfolio of a freelance designer from Prague. Very nice print and web designs to be found in this strong portfolio. His unpretentious website is stipped down to top projects only, and doesn't mention that he's also been featured in a few design publications.
Branislav Kropilak (AT).
A digital design agency with a playful, sophisticated yellow and white site. Nice Flash build, and clean organization. One of our favorite parts was that - unlike every other website with background sound menu - the music was set to "stop" upon arrival.
Monday, February 16, 2004
Cooling in the fridge like a late-night snack is this indy designer's portfolio - using the metaphor of fridge magnets and post-its, mixed with some nicely washed out 3-D effects. Nice interactive bits inside the fridge too.
iLove2Design (PL).
Love the pink and black illustrations, but couldn't for the life of us find the portfolio for this Italian communications and design firm.
dodicitrenta (IT).
Nice simple website for it's mood and colors. Seems like it was inspired out of Reboot? Eitherway, we didn't understand it much, except for the funny sound bites.
Tonic (SE).
Well, basically, this opening page could be much less confusing, but if you can manage to get into the portfolio you'll be blown away by Karen Ingram's amazing illustration and design work. Quite a keeper.
Coca-Cola Christmas Stars
A web game from the Swedes who somehow seem to cram more pixel detail into these little web promos than other designers. Very slick splash page design, but the game is quite frivolous.
Coca-Cola Christmas Stars (SE).
Even this JavaScript game was more entertaining.
Simply put, comic fonts and lettering for display and expression. Somewhat corny theme to the site, but a nice range of these type of fonts.
Saturday, February 14, 2004
Architect and virtual reality pimp-lord, Andreas brings us into his ecclectic digital world through his personal website. We are living inside his digital box - exhibitions, scrolling worlds, alternate realities and digital installations. An original Internet character.
Who is Harvey? It's Florida's own design collaborative of two designers who illustrate and design work for print, motion and editorial. Nice work, original looking site.
HARVEY | design collaborative (FL).
Graphic Thought Facility
A fine graphic design group and consultancy, GTF puts out a variety of modern-styled typography projects on everything from digital store signage to book covers. Very nice work portfolio.
Graphic Thought Facility (UK).
work in progress
An advertising design studio with a focus on the fashion, beauty and art industries. Love the clean black and white new wave-ish fashion designs.
work in progress (Paris, NYC).
Friday, February 13, 2004
There's also a Flash version of this animated family of strange vegetable-like monsters, but in this case we like the "classic" version better (partly because of the Japanese letters, and mostly because the layout allows for much more infomation without the clutter).
Cupco Classic (JP).
Native DBG
A really fabulous "mashed-up" collage greets you on entry to this web, print and ad design firm who appear to be the on call design firm for the Roca-a-wear family of properties, ads and related Roc-a-wear online urban fashion. Their work is powerful, in your face and also highly sophisticated.
Native DBG.
Also from Native: The Mary Quant web site reviewed below.
Mary Quant
From the woman who gave men the "mini-skirt" in 1955 comes a very sensual fashion site for this famous clothing designer. The colors are bright and punchy on white, and the liquid transitions add just the right amount of silky motion to this design to complement the continually progressive, yet classic English fashions found inside.
Mary Quant (UK).
The store for generic hipsters and young scenesters also has a fun little shopping site with some nice attributes. It's chock-full of their typical playful typography, some interesting layouts, bubble letters, and we also liked the teal and red-salmon colors.
Just updated their website, which is now fully standards compliant... because before now, who knows how many shortcuts these guys took!
An impressive multi-disciplinary graphic design studio that produces many aspects of design, from print to web, to commissions for specialty boutiques, to editorial, and design for museums and cultural institutions. Really clean, yet colorful square site. Make sure to catch the Good Ideas and Good Times.
goodesign (NY).
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles not only has a beautiful, light and airy web site, but also hosts a monthly digital gallery in addition to it's permanent collection and art exhibits.
MOCA (L.A.).
Thursday, February 12, 2004
Sire of Tate
A very cool fashion label site, SOT uses illustrations and textures over model photos to create that patchwork urban feel. Love the effects and transitions and use of white.
Sire of Tate.
Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Justin DeGarmo Studio
A fantastic painter and editorial illustrator, Justin's work has a touch of fairy-tale classics complete with a comic distortions that create a type of mytical realism.
Justin DeGarmo Studio.
MASKARA is a collaborative partnership formed by a designer and photographer who in 2002 undertook their first collaborations exploring graphics, illustration, photography and video. Site needs some serious work, but the content is excellent.
M A S K A R A (Switzerland).
CIS Hollywood
The website for a Hollywood film effects studio. Built in Flash, of course, the site offers a touch of pizzazz and a portfolio filled with all your favorite action movies. Flash transitions a bit slow on Mac.
CIS Hollywood.
Bonfire Snowboarding
Start up the space heater, it's time to go bombing. Hill bombing, that is. But before you go, be sure to pick up the new warm, waterproofed snow gear of Bonfire.
Bonfire Snowboarding.
Can someone tell us if this web designer and illustrator has it going on? We were too distrated by the gorgeous salmon pink background to notice. Nice, minimal portfolio.
Quite nice, this full-bleed online pop music magazine (think: flip your own pages) takes on the ubiqitous style of online design magainzes and has completed a full cross-over by basically emulating articles, adding music, and running animated ads. Nothing wrong with that, as long as they continue to bring freshly designed splash pages, good writing and sound bytes.
Ashley Wood
Poplular and revered comic artist and illustrator updates his site.
Ashley Wood.
Multi is a London based design consultancy who work accoss a range of industries, primarily in fashion. While the website could use a bit tailoring, the work inside is quite strong.
Yoko Ikeno
A light illustration style of faceless women and flowers, mixed between modern and classic eras. Charaterized by light lines, minimal backgrounds and themes of dance.
Yoko Ikeno.
Pirated Sites!! Aaarrgghh...
Avast you scrurvy design rats! Taking shortcuts is no longer an option, unless you want to walk the short plank. I and me mates at DP are keeping a glass eye on you, so don't even think of coming close to our hard-earned booty.
Pirated Sites!! Aaarrgghh....
Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Woz Design Associates
Woz design designs some really minimal and powerful annual reports for corporations. Really nice modern typography demonstrated throughout his work. Excellent production, and as usual, we love the clean site.
Woz Design Associates (Chicago).
Gluebalize Magazine
"The network is the artwork" in this new online launch aimed at collecting, recombining, defining, describing, performing, adapting and evolving the concept of Digital Art... and then questioning mainly if it really exists.
Gluebalize Magazine.
A very simple one-page site for a Swedish film production agency. And it would all make sense if we could read Swedish.
speedfilm (SE).
Monday, February 09, 2004
Shots is a showcase of cutting-edge creativity in global advertising, providing ideas and inspiration for creatives internationally. And in addition to great content, we also liked
their clean site and linework.
Some Reboot-ists
Here's a few links to some of the upcoming May1stReboot-ist portfolios of interest... and of course, these are sites that will be redesigned in about two months:

E´G E I S - interactive and identity blooming from Singapore.

Doyoi - a mixed media designer and recent graduate from Hyper Island.

Five 73 - a crossbreed graffiti designer.

nulinegraphics - photos, Flash, subtle moods and more.

Grind - Motion design and more, from Greece.

defystructure - Nice shapes and design, vector and type.

Mark Lee - Slick, finely detailed design and 3-D.

OD Creative - A web and print designer from Miami.

Bloemer - Web, media and broadcast designer from Germany.
Saturday, February 07, 2004
The fashion line of Koji Nihommatsu, Epoca 2004 Spring & Summer brings us a line of themed wares in a hot Flash website. Navigation takes a bit of familiarizing due to lack of hierarchy, but otherwise, excellent design and presentation.
Chevy Malibu
When you talk about full broadband experiences combined with customized shopping, automotive advertisers are usually the first to put big flash and motion into their presentations. This Chevy site is no exception... it's the future of auto websites to come.
Chevy Malibu.
Heritage International Holdings Limited
Superb grid and line work on this corporate site. Love the green and red color highlights over the tans and whites. Cool transitions built in Flash.
Heritage International Holdings Limited (HK).
MAY 1st REBOOT 2004
Love the deep tonal details in the background of this dark site. This may actually be the year Digitalthread participates in this call for web site re-designs.
MAY 1st REBOOT 2004.
Hansi Helle
A power-packed portfolio in beige tones... Built with a very tight Flash design, this illustrator has a great range of styles, drawings, layout and paintings.
Hansi Helle - Illustration (DE).
After months of gleeful indolence, Flaneur is back with all-new meanderings and an eye-popping makeover. The magazine dedicated to the sanctification of the stroll.
Friday, February 06, 2004
Konrad Winkler
Some very cool dirty collages and what looks like posters from this German designer. Really great conscious topics and a variety of styles in each work.
Konrad Winkler (DE).
A nice mini Flash site on bright blue for this indy portfolio site. Unfortnately, no close-ups on the projects, but the launched sites are quite good. Tight work.
Bellinni's Web Folio
Illustrator extroidinaire Mario Belem brings us his refined style of art in a mixed shell of hand-drawn icons and lightly beveled headers layered over brightly colored canvases.
Bellinni's Web Folio.
A rough and ready solo portfolio from a Parisian designer. Lots of graffiti references and flat vector work combine into a dark and graceful web presence.
ash shahparnia
Kind of weird, almost child-like pen and ink drawings and paintings.
ash shahparnia.
Hyping up the Internet, CD-rom, print and TV media, futuratc brings us a pretty cool, lightly layered Flash site that seems to be in constant motion.
futuratc hypermedia.
Plexus Studio
A dreamy gothic style one-page porfolio site. Nice original artworks and sketches. A bit slow and no close-ups.
Plexus Studio.
Space Hijackers Architects
A nice toungue in "cheeky" website for an architectural design group. I do believe these antidisestablishmentarianists have pulled a quick one on us.
Space Hijackers Architects (Space).
los fokos
Updated recently, the full-color illustrations from this small militia are quite powerful. Love the colors.
los fokos (L.A.).
Thursday, February 05, 2004
The "no www" movement
The use of the www subdomain is redundant and time consuming to communicate. Make your site "Class B" which means that all of the traffic to is politely and silently redirected to
www. is deprecated.
PGI Interactive
We like the elemental metaphor for categories, which works well primarily because it takes place layered over a MYST-like fantasy-world setting. Rich, yet informative, a nice overall product for this agency site.
PGI Interactive (VA, PA, VAN).
Carl de Keyzer Photography
A pretty impressivly produced and designed Flash photographer site. Backed by interesting work, the design works well as a organizer of shots and exhibits. The Flash fades are unobtrusive. Good one.
Carl de Keyzer Photography.
core77 hytrel design charette results
The Hytrel Design Charette results are in on this nice little pop-up mini-site produced by core77. Must go to core77 and click on "Hytrel Design Charette" in upper right side.
Updated recently and as always, keeping a spot in our Designhaus, Kleber has always been a clear balance between aesthetics and functionality. Clean stuff.
Kleber (UK).
Nokia - Modna Nokia
In this mobile phone website for Poland, Nokia builds on the tag line "Connecting People" by creating a design that has a personal, hand-drawn touch. (This Flash site may be slow for Mac users outside of Europe).
Nokia - Modna Nokia (PL).
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Cloud King
A new art gallery looking for submissions: Paints, charcoals, pencils, illustrations, photos, comic art, whatever.
Cloud King.
Marius Watz documents his experimentation in electronic media at Unlekker, with the ancillary web site Evolutionzone as the sandbox for experiments.
Unlekker (Berlin).
Although not completed with content, this DJ site has quite a beautiful decaying feel in this site built in Flash by designer and scripter Brandon Savoy.
(e-o) grafika kreacja
Hailing from Poland, this indy interactive design has a tight linear one-page Flash portfolio. We like his Flash work - with another designer - on the FETA 2003 Festival.
(e-o) grafika kreacja (PL).
Syrup Helsinki
A healthy mix of pop, minimal, classic and neo-modern typography with bright, minimal grid-based design and grid-breaking illustrations. Treads the happy line between classy and fun, yet approachable and hip.
Syrup Helsinki (FI).
A very cool "ball-point" design from this TV commercial production company. Design on this one-page scroller is mostly driven by ball-point pen drawings, but accentuated by objects, clippings and a flying astronaut guide. Funny TV spots.
Moon Tv Commercials Production Company (UK).
Romantic Walrus
A patchwork comedy of found objects, hand-drawings, scraps, vector art and more in a small one page portfolio. Nice one.
Romantic Walrus.
Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Traffic Design
A super simple site for a small design studio that mostly deals with album art covers and some other print stuff.
Traffic Design (UK).
Toward the Sky
Chandler Owen presents a strong portfolio covering the urban and the ingenue through fine editorial illustrations, including web, print and motion design. Love the fine details and cartography-cum-camoflauge design.
Toward the Sky.
Monday, February 02, 2004
RedBull Big Air
Pretty bright layered cargo-style and colorful design for this action event coverage. Check out massively-ridiculous-sized skiing and snowboard stunts. Nice Flash work.
RedBull Big Air.
A plethora of 3-D (motion) designs, vfx, Flash movement and interactive design showcases. Published, and online.
Andrew Kehoe
Really funky, lithograph-esque drawings of men, monsters, animals, smoking cigarettes and much more. A kind of surreal medieval quality inhabits the pensive, almost frightened characters living in these editorial works and paintings.
Andrew Kehoe Illustration.
Baseline DC
A nice monochromatic (actually, just low color) indy portfolio design. Really simple and bare bones, but nicely done.
Baseline (DC).
Ford GT
The original muscle car, and America's sports car competition to all others. Now at Ford's centennial year, they have unveiled a historic redesign of the Le Monde 1968 1-2 & 3 winners. Worth another look.
Ford GT.
Sunday, February 01, 2004
Tonic Design Limited
Best new clock since that Flash Mono*crafts hand-written one. Great simple design and nav by updated Tonic. Great folio.
Tonic Design Limited (UK).