Wednesday, March 31, 2004
In this hot Flash portfolio, you'll discover lots of designs with minimal palette choices and smooth shapes and lines. But aside from, or in addition to, the minimal modern print and logo design work inside, we found the Flash site itself a very smooth and sexy experience. Nice tonal browns make the day. Let's not forget to mention there are also some great posters for sale here. And finally, Scott also doubles as electronic musician Tycho in his spare time.
ISO50 - Portfolio of Scott Hansen (Sac, C.A.).
The Natural Kingdom
There's lots to click on in this side-scrolling pale vector one-page design. Each grouping along the way pops up a new fresh colorful project. Lots of nice work inside including short films, a video, illustrations, print design and more.
The Natural Kingdom.
An interesting project, Hypulp attempts to track and document the influence of the Internet on print design. We've often thought about doing the same thing for TV commercials...
Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Christopher Sleboda entertains us with better than usual subversive graphics for editorial and print, packaging and poster design - thoughtful works rooted deeply in typography that modulate between 'handmade' and more modern minimal graphic styles. A full-bodied array of work.
Antoine et Manuel
Your screen is literally not big enough to capture all the beauty and output of this impressive print, display, illustration and graphic design studio. The web site itself has some room for improvement, but the print and design work, geared towards the fashion industry, is unique, original and essentially a perception-altering experience.
Antoine et Manuel.
Interactive work sample: Daniel-Schweizer (photographer site).
Ty Lettau
In one of the most strikingly bare web site designs, Ty uses minimal icons and a simple 3-color key to guide you through his exemplary work and projects. It's a brilliant user interface decision that really works. There's also a range of 8 excellent Woodcut type specimens (at this posting) to round out this professional portfolio. Top notch.
Ty Lettau.
Monday, March 29, 2004
A future-sexy site for the WIRED futuristic "World's Fair" coming up in May (see eventcenter). 70 exhibits from visionary companies and people will showcase personal looks at things to come in the future of design and technology.
Sunday, March 28, 2004
HOW Magazine presents the 14th year of creativity, business and technology for graphic designers.
HOWconference (Posted in eventcenter).
Friday, March 26, 2004
Daniel Douglas
A nice little rounded box portfolio for this classically trained artist. This is one of the few sites that makes us realize people are really designing for the web, and not just translating ideas from print and 'cool' graphic design.
Daniel Douglas (NL).
HP Adaptive Enterprise
Some pretty fluid and colorful 3-D style graphics for this HP promotional Flash page. High-end production.
HP Adaptive Enterprise.
Repellent Festival
Repellent Festival (goto: eventcenter).
Cool "drop-down" navigation on homepage for this clothing design with the "classic rocking" head scarves and some hot t-shirts.
everyday jeromejerome.
Koler Graphic
Greg Campbell indy illustrator and designer. Nice use of color blends and mini-illustrations with hot logo work.
Koler Graphic.
This flavorous web firm has updated their portfolio and website. Take a gander.
Thursday, March 25, 2004
Muller Photo
Updated and remade, cleaner and fresher than before, Muller photo showcases numerous the advertising shots and celebrity portraits for star fuckers. But the real treat is experienced by passing your mouse over a photo - try the new navigation system and forget the lame page-turn technique.
Muller Photo.
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Love the new bold hues in the updated Method site. Keep trail-blazing, guys.
N . E . R . D
Just saw these cats live in Brooklyn last night where they played several new eletro-funk style pieces mixed into lovers' slow jams. Pharrell KILLED it. Absolutely awesome. But seemed like most of the crowd didn't loosen up or they never "got it". Ah well... Hillarious. Anyway, the web site is much easier to "get".
N . E . R . D.
Coming to you out of an attic in a house in the south of France (things could be worse), enjoy an indy illustrator portfolio of a man who also dabbles in print, motion, clothing, typography and more. There's also a free font or two to find as you burrow around through pop-up windows in this funny web site.
A very fun, bright indy portfolio of Finnish designer Lasse Kangasma who displays his commercial and indy work in this strong portfolio. Great print work inside.
Superfine (FIN).
This is Playtype, a "future" font collection. Inside, you'll find there's a whole range of sans serif fonts you can explore - most are from the original foundry of e-Types, which is now more of the studio face for the designers.
Crude is a non-profit publication and has no standard format. They are just creating an alternative space where new points of view and experimentation can be freely contributed. Buy one and support an indy artist.
Crude (AR).
Comfortable Lead
Cool hand-drawn type with linear navigation from a House Industries designer. Along the line you may also discover House33, a new House Industries project and commercial space.
Comfortable Lead.
You can work in style, or you can work in class. This Italian flavor design firm chooses both.
Monday, March 22, 2004
Through the Spazio 900 online shop you can view items sold in 2 Milan stores... which offers everything for your home or office, including industrial designed furniture, lighting, fabrics and modern carpets, "technologies", and more.
Spazio900 (IT).
The Takeover Group
Takeover designs web sites and artwork for a number of music bands, indie labels and audio-oriented companies... as revealed by their new crisp light grey Flash site.
The Takeover Group (CAN).
elemento media|design
A Chilean agency site with a light Flash touch and a scratchy bone-like background. An interesting design choice considering what appears to be a portfolio of banking clients. Like the teal.
elemento media|design (CL).
Sunday, March 21, 2004
Probably not the easiest interface to understand at first, the site is kind of a showcase for tech ability and versatility. Which works since a-icard focuses on design and interaction design for web, realizing some impressive sites in Flash for a variety of clients, with some cool interactive designs for commercial and non-commercial online clients.
a-icard (FR).
Friday, March 19, 2004
Rob Clarke
A really strong portfolio of custom logo design, type and font design, with some print and graphic design from this UK calligrapher and designer.
Rob Clarke (UK).
Helvetica R.I.P.
The man who brought Helvetica to America in the 1950's has passed away at 87.
James P. McGlynn Obit.
A German design and interaction firm with a strong suit in the design of great fashion and photography sites. One of the highlights is an add-on feature (press your SPACE bar) that allows you to customize and modulate the colors and shapes moving through the site background. We like the occilating and optically engaging linework.
Thursday, March 18, 2004
A full flavored multi-disciplinary creative agency covering identity, editorial and illustration work. And having cool clients in your portfolio is always a welcome positive.
Guillaume Wolf
Really basic portfolio layout of a fashion designer, illustrator and art director.
Guillaume Wolf.
Johanna Balusikova
Really basic portfolio layout showcasing the fine works of an indy typographic designer.
Johanna Balusikova typographic design.
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Cargill Dow LLC
Looks like a glorified annual report, smells like a glorified annual report... but look inside and discover 3 distinct areas of interest - mainly all about fabric, fibers and plastics made from renewable sources. Smooth, airy Flash blends and minimal line-work make me complete.
Cargill Dow LLC.
restate media
True to the grid, and inspired by the Swiss styles, restate offers us some really nice, clean work spanning video to id in a fast-loading text-based portfolio. What's to complain about? Nada.
restate media (MEX).
Hanna Werning
How many words should we write about a minimally composited fashion and design portfolio site with simple scattered text links of such beauty, colors and freshness as we rarely see in the online world?
Hanna Werning.
Although a touch frustrating to navigate, there are some nice images and colors to be explored in this design-driven photography site from France. But one the one hand, is it a design shop... or a place to explore food recipies? And we don't believe we're confused just because our French is rusty.
m+nature (St Mandrier, FR).
Is it Fat Ho, Fat Toe, or just Fatoe? We dunno. Eitherway, this is portfolio with a gritty and urban experience that we enjoyed. And what's not to like about mixed graffiti style flourishes in screen colors you may not find in Krylon's palette?
Fatoe (Los Angeles)
Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Drububu is an experimental design and Java playground of pixel designer, programmer and animator Arjan Westerdiep. The work inside is fascinating and original, albeit a tad scatological, but a worthwhile repose for active surfing. Interestingly, the minimal use of pixel colors (mainly 16-bit grey with a pale blue accent) kind of makes Drububu the literal black sheep of the pixel design family.
Drububu (NL).
Circus is a playful, full-on creative agency in New Hampshire focused on design and marketing efforts that remain true to their source. We liked the fresh fun attitude, ease of use of their site, and all the small illustration details.
Circus (Portsmouth, NH).
Orange Italic
You really can and should learn a thing or two about fonts and typography when you read his comments in this comprehensive "body of work" of pro type designer Christian Schwartz (Font Bureau, House). The overall studio pages are a tad perfunctory, but go to the Fonts area to grab real content. Also, as a bonus, you can get three free bitmapped fonts from CS at Metropolis Mag's interview of the artist.
Orange Italic.
The 85th PGA Championship
As the Web Standards Award site of the month, it's exciting to know form and function are perfectly partnered. And when seen on Safari OSX with text rendering, you get a truly crisp experience. Is it just something about being standards compliant that makes sites look so complete and wholesome?
The 85th PGA Championship.
Monday, March 15, 2004
Tin Nguyen
Fine illustration design and editorial pieces crafted carefully by this detail-oriented artist. Find the fashionable editorial pieces mixed with photography throughout this fanciful portfolio.
Tin Nguyen.
Strong and pure advertising and branding work from this cosmopolitan design firm. Love the simple, self-confidence of the site design.
Check out the crazy deconstructed and over-designed full-on pages of overage. A mix of many styles, overage is about freedom from any design contraints.
Urban Cowboy
Funky illustrations with an urban flair, Urban Cowboy combines "pale" or flat vector art renderings with hand scripts and dirty urban scrawls.
Urban Cowboy.
Saturday, March 13, 2004
A visually active, yet very crisp, agency site for this web design firm that specializes in most everything for web, including web apps, identity, print and illustration. Love and respect the grid.
A truly rich collage of conscious parodic humor, poking fun at America, politics, and any people abusing their positions of power. Navigation is tricky at times, but each page is chock full of flavor.
Friday, March 12, 2004
Blake Dinsdale
You don't have to be a sucker for wood backgrounds to admire this graphic designer's web site. Blake is a print purist in its many forms - from publications to posters and packaging - but he also brings some motion and environmental design to the table, almost literally.
Blake Dinsdale.
sass & bide
Cool and dirty colors for riviera-style sexy fashions, classy mixed couture, casual punk, and denim. The ecclectic, patchwork design makes a nice creative and conceptual compliment to the wears.
sass & bide.
Thursday, March 11, 2004
John Varvatos Fragrance
Can you say smooth browns? You will after sampling this sleek Flash-powered fashion and fragrance web site. It reminds us a bit of an Aveda experience, but much more focused... specifically on a small line of fragrant body care products just for men. Sorry ladies.
John Varvatos Fragrance.
Art Prostitute
Very interesting and workable drag-and-drop 3-pane navigation system for this art and events collective. Cool content. Fresh navigation. All good.
Art Prostitute.
thom d collins
An ethereal teal and flourish-laden music site for an original music composer who - contrary to the sounds created - uses very little in the way of electronic audio alterations... in other words, he creates the music by hand. A fitting design.
tdcollins ver:x.i.
For all you digital pixel heads, a new site for pixel art, illustration, videogame art and character design.
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Burlesque is a graphic design and illustration shop based in Minneapolis, MN. They'll design your CD and vinyl packaging, websites, posters, stickers, logos, t-shirts, brochures, and whatever, as long as it requires great illustration. Great portfolio.
BURLESQUE of North America.
Normal Natural
A simple looking portfolio collection of art, photos and designs - namely finely detailed illustrations. It could be a bit clearer as to whether some of these pieces are for sale or not, but the art and work within have an interesting and original appeal.
Normal Natural | Lance Sells.
Little colored text bars does not a stunning web site make. What 'makes' this site is the professional communications work encompassing mostly motion design, multi-media, print and product design. And, of course in the end, we're believers in the bare simplicity of the site too. In fact, we cherish it.
Friday, March 05, 2004
Updated recently and adding many changes is Pure, a German music download portal and information booth for "small and large revolution". Pure offers users music reviews, rankings, and affiliate shopping for music albums in a tight 3 frame format and a universally adaptable UI design.
Pure (DE).
Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Philipp Granzin
People should know by now why we like these minimal clean indy portfolios. After all the pomp & circumstance online - all day, everyday - what would you prefer: Grazing cows in the Alps over minimal white pages, or more Flashy intros?
Philipp Granzin (Berlin, DE).
Leif Parsons
An indy graphic designer in the classic sense... A lad who looks at things as they are, or finds new things in old ideas, and turns them around on their head. Then he sometimes makes it so that you want to buy it, whatever it is.
Leif Parsons.
Danny Snell Illustration
Step right up and welcome to the quirky world of bizarre clip-art collages and editiorial illustrations... for your wonder and amazement.
Danny Snell Illustration
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Jason Siu
You may have seen some of the collectible Spearhead figures in mags and shops around the toy world. The added bonus is this very slick, urban, 'moving' concrete Flash site for Jason, who is also an illustrator and features several painting on his site.
Jason Siu.
A classic DHKY site design.
Monday, March 01, 2004
Love the monocrome-like selection of navy blues and minimal red highlights over the tan, scratchy background. Great design for this music group, and we believe there's some extra stuff that reveals when you click on the illustrations a bunch of times. Kewl.
Kasabian (UK).
kent dayton photography
Another Flash-built photographer portfolio? But of course. What else could you use to create dynamically framed borders in a single page pop-up portfolio? For this slick studio, the answer is simplicity.
kent dayton photography (Boston).
Vision Design Communications
A minimal design studio website, has almost nothing to it -- except the portfolio items which are mainly corporate driven, but overall very refined and professional.
Vision Design Communications (CAN).
A clean, simple and graphic driven grid-based one-page freelance portfolio from this new media designer, who seems to highlight mostly illustrations and entertainment design.
A very simple design for a print and collage portfolio. Also offering nicely printed posters at reasonable prices - at the time of this posting.
Cloud King
Cloud King is geared up for its official launch. Currently showcasing the works of 12 artists, the gallery has a super tight design and really pro'd-out CSS structure and page layout. Nice work here.
Cloud King : An Art Gallery.
{TOGGLE Magazine}
A very fine art magazine in PDF format comes out to you on this beautiful March 1st, 2004. Nice fun distressed and mixed-media style designs and collages.
{TOGGLE Magazine}.