Friday, April 30, 2004
Blazing Lazer
A sound design and music composition studio, BL has a really cool minimal design... and we really love that logo. Lots of good work... prepare your speakers.
Blazing Lazer.
Louis Richter
A somewhat bizarre and curious illustration and painting style, with focus on "portraits" of sorts, and the ocular gateway to the soul.
Louis Richter - Illustration (DE).
Thursday, April 29, 2004
Marcos Chin Illustration
The eccelectic artist behind the Lava Life print advertising illustrations (seen everywhere in NYC) and other editorial creations. A fine and funky style.
Marcos Chin.
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Paul Snowden
Paul Snowden is our kind of designer... A true designer for the new millenium. So, forget what you know and enter a world where design is based around simple shapes, complex ideas and good solutions. That's all, and that's cool to us. What!
Paul Snowden (Berlin, DE).
Zara fashion
A pretty bold fashion site for Zara - although a bit cluttered - really puts the fashion options in full color and force in your face for Spring and Summer 2004.
Icon resauce (OS X)
A very handy drag and drop Mac app; Pic2Icon creates beautiful -- depending on your image, of course -- 128x128 OS X icons for your pictures.
Pic2Icon (OS X).
Extra cute games, well drawn animated animal characters, a soft design touch, and you have better than an original... you have Orisinal?
Orisinal : Games.
ionami design
A tight Flash portfolio for this advertising, interactive and print design shop from San Francisco. We like the large imagery and clean type, and this little demo of their most recent project.
ionami design.
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
A personal Flash-driven portfolio by the young Hypernaut Emil Björnum. Bold, punchy, and filled with BIG graphics, there's lot of potential in these pages... Hyperisland really is the best place to pick up your Interns!
Boobear : Portfolio by Emil Bjornum (SE).
Art of Speed
In an ongoing integration of European style, American money, Japanese animated art, Nikelab and onedotzero have gathered 15 motion artists to craft new exploratory commercial work on the concept of "extreme speed". The animated work from Saiman Chow has the best interface - a rolling page-scroll animation that feels like water. Another we found is KDLAB's 3-D futuristic lifestyle piece. And the Nikelab site itself is a trip... Can you imagine this being designed for web 5 years ago? Not easily.
Dirk Schütze
Like a Leathermaster, this portfolio is rugged, well designed, and full of extra features. Nice Flash work and variety of animated interfaces.
Dirk Schütze :: Screen Design (DE).
Monday, April 26, 2004
Genovese Studios
One the one hand, he explores the taboo/ubiquitous style of dripping graffiti and then on the other, hand-paints some of the cleanest custom signage you could imagine. Which only begins to paint part of the picture of this prolific designer, illustrator and artist.
Genovese Studios.
This is Wigg
Quilted products, crafty arts, and assorted neighborhood characters from Brooklyn. Quite an impressive 'paneled' site with explosive and stylish colors for this design studio that dabbles in a little bit of everything.
This is Wigg.
Dag Henning Brandsaeter
Minimal shapes and natural beauty in this wonderfully shaded and touchable illustrated print pieces and poster designs... takes adverting to a higher form of old.
Dag Henning Brandsaeter.
Sunday, April 25, 2004
Mandarina Duck
A really soft, free-and-easy, layered Flash design -- actually, much more of an 'atmosphere' than a particular design or shape -- for these designers of bags, clothing and accessories. Manadarina's innovative design is displayed in their many European locations and through their unique store designs. Mandarina, a company for travellers.
Mandarina Duck.
The Apartment
Updated in both look and mission since our last posting, The Apartment, founded in 1999, began as an adventure in retail and has evolved into an interior design consultancy -- for individuals and businessess -- and caters to an international clientele.
The Apartment.
Are you toothing yet?
Why spend the energy on anything else. Mini see-through icons and canyon-like tabs are barely half of the fun... when you go toothin'.
The Official Bluetooth Wireless Info Site.
Friday, April 23, 2004
A memerising little design for this trio of DJ music makers, reminiscent of Belle Epoque vintage French posters. A good revival design for this style of pop dance music.
Ilya (Bristol, UK).
The Embassy Visual Effects Inc.
Top notch, award winning collective of professional motion, and 3-d designers for commercials and advertising.
The Embassy Visual Effects Inc.
Thursday, April 22, 2004
colors magazine
In a grainy post-war clip art and comic book style, colors magazine brings us the energy issue: covering the big stories on nuclear energy, coal, hydropower, oil and alternative energy sources around the world. As always, informative, eye-opening and beautifully rendered.
colors magazine : energy issue.
Your luxurious new Life is here...
Possibly a parody of a scene from Total Recall -- and at first glance you could brush it off -- if not for the eerie stare of your host. Give this site a chance and you'll soon find a Lifeswitch is around the corner at your get-away "paradise". Is it an upgrade, or a downgrade? Only you get to decide, in this ominous Hi-res! production.
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Modernist Posters Auction
Pick up an original Gustav Klimt poster of the early 1900's (Est.: $30K-$40K) or a few of Hohlwein's classic minimalist works -- whatever your taste, from great pre-war art deco illustrations to Japanese posters of the early 80's -- there's a cornucopia of modern poster designs to explore inside. Click each title to get a little history behind the work, and if the price fits your bill, put in a bid for one of 126 originals on May 10th!
Eventcenter : Modernist Posters Auction (NYC).
Auction Date: May 10th at Swann Galleries.
Better than a Blitzkreig
This Czech Repubic type foundry stocks up an entire canon of useful typefaces. Some highlights are the beautiful page design and new font specimen Andulka, plus a smooth free font: LIDO. A great typographic repository.
Storm Type Foundry.
Egill Hardar
A minimal, industrial-feeling illustration portfolio updated with a simple clean look -- it´s all in Icelandic but the imagery needs no translation.
Egill Hardar (IS).
What is the nature of this psychological operation? Well, it starts with hand-drawn fine art and illustrated elements, and then it develops into full motion video sequences, commercials, advertising, designs and titles. Very impressive motion graphic portfolio on this simple paper-texture site.
Psyop Motion Design.
Motion Graphics at Guggenheim Bilbao
A very simple, grid-based promo site for an upcoming motion design workshop based at the Guggenheim Bilbao. Featuring workshops by 3 contemporary professional designers: The Designers Republic, Joshua Davis and Psyop.
Motion Graphics at Guggenheim Bilbao.
A Tribute to Jonathan Ive
Graphic design student Colin Bennett puts together a minimal line-drawn wonder in this 3D Flash tribute to Jonathan Ive. For those who are not familiar, Ive is the industrial design master behind Apple and designs like the iMac, the PowerBook, and the iPod.
Jonathan Ive.
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Apple News...
Two new items from Apple. First up, Motion, which promises to be the only motion graphics package with real-time previews, procedural behavior animation and Final Cut Pro HD integration. Then, secondly, Apple introduced new iBooks and Powerbooks, signaling feature additions and price drops. That's all.
DLS Publicidade
Personal portfolio of young advertiser and designer Daniel L. Sousa, who puts a little burn into each click with this mini, minimally interactive Flash-based portfolio. Extra crispy.
Daniel L. Sousa Publicidade (Brazil).
All new UrbanMedium up for Summer 2004 - featurng some fresh paint and prints.
The Yale Typeface
A website for the new "face" of Yale University. Yale's new typeface celebrates and renews the University's tradition of graphic excellence and is designed exclusively for Yale University by Matthew Carter.
The Yale Typeface.
A new issue reveals itself this week. As always, a great place to find some -- at this posting -- bi-yearly content and notes on interactive design, typography and individual showcases.
Monday, April 19, 2004
Somewhere on the dividing line between sermonic and just plain demonic lies the creative and calculating left brain of artist and programmer Nick Coronges. We like the neat, open-ended design of this demo and portfolio site which integrates bits of minimal Flash functionality. And then there's the paintings, which are another story altogether -- a presence is stirring behind those eyes.
Semionic (Brooklyn & San Fran).
Emiliano Rodriguez
As graphic designer and photographer, this Argentinian site builder has grown out of his local design market into the global agency level, using his skills in Flash and design to propel his work forward... but he still keeps to his natural roots in this engaging web site portfolio.
Emiliano Rodriguez (AR).
From web sites to games and Flash demos, 12am (a design duo) bring a distictive multi-cultural perspective to their work and projects which are neatly arranged in their clean and beautiful site.
12am (San Fran, CA).
Sunday, April 18, 2004
Double your happiness.
The swelling and swaying motions of the ocean are embodied in the light graphic illustrations of this digital designer. Inside this beautiful archive you'll find a range of pieces from finely detailed pixel characters and stories, to a flourish of light spray from the Titahi Bay waves. Calming.
Doublehappy (NZ).
Get your decal on...
This blazing designer's smorgasborg unleashes a rich graphic hailstorm of games, music, iron-ons and some of the better wallpaper downloads we've seen -- some cool minimal pixel designs. This is more like the Phat Custom Hoopdie Union, with Scott Gursky behind the wheel.
Fat Truckers Union.
(Link thanks to Doublehappy).
Saturday, April 17, 2004
Karen Oxman
Who is the Karen Oxman? Is she like the mythological Minatour - one part illustrator, and one part woman? Or perhaps she is like the hummingbird whose wings beat to quickly to capture... yet still brilliant with color and detail. In either case, her painting, illustration and design are finely crafted and delicately delivered to you in this simply clean portfolio.
Karen Oxman (NYC).
Wonderland of Deekons
This is not an update or a "refresh". Because this site is always changing, trying interactivity beyond the mouse, amongst other digital artforms. Deekons is also responsible for PXF, a digital design gallery.
Deekons (Toronto).
Your Saturday morning cartoons...
This animated, interactive Flash adventure comes loaded with features, with front dual spoken dialogues, a range of modes, and a sound system from a real music label. A new episode is added every month. Designed by Ully Arnd for BMW.
Cool Flame The Game - Be the first one.
Friday, April 16, 2004
Red & Grey Design in 'Land of green
Based in Dublin, this identity, signage and branding house has a great minimal site and a strong visual portfolio. Little animated previews in that section betray hints of humor in this sparsely written Flash site.
Red & Grey Design (IE).
thorogood illustration
The peeps at thoroughgood are gushing over a new illustrator they just signed-up to their collective: Shaunna Peterson. Check her out...
thorogood illustration.
I think this site is upside down.
Thursday, April 15, 2004
More like 'Nasty!'
Don't mess with this devilish portfolio that flickers with graf-inspired Flash transitions and illustrations. It's alive! And it has serious attitude, because Art Director Eduardo Valdivieso mixes his jagged-sharp palette with motion design, print and illustration. Sometimes more really is more. (You may want to watch your volume too.)
NASTEE 74 (California).
Deceptively Perceptive...
And also practical. While their work does not look obviously designed, in reality, it is wholly designed to the finest detail – type and image and intrigue and function. This is a graphic design partnership (2 women) with a complete conceptual bias. Working both as designers and authors, their work encompasses print, editorial, interactive and as always; breathing new life into what is often taken for granted.
A Practice For Everyday Life [APFEL] (UK).
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Jigaram, you are a Fembot.
Designer Tiffany Malakooti talks of "Arts&Crafts" and "Recent Work" but in her simple portfolio layout, we see two things: A love of beauty, and one lovely beauty after another. From illustrations on t-shirts to illustrations on skateboards and well, illustration on pillows, and for magazines... it's all fine to us. Fine!
Graphic Design is Stupid
Who pays this guy? What a budget site. I guess he makes it himself -- Broadcast motion stories, crusty 'left-handed' doodles, photo illustration, whatever. In his own words, he's "RRRRRRRRRRealllly trying to do the crappiest stuff possible right now. Not bad work, just low-fi...". Well done.
Actual-Factual (Brooklyn, NYC).
Burkom Depository
Two brothers maintain this minimal little depot for their illustrations and studio work from interactive and print projects. We like the simple "view/hide" naviagtion system. Simple, easy, and beautiful on the inside.
Burkom Depository.
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
When you cross MAN and BABY...
A mixed media illustrator and painter influenced by graffiti, pop culture and the comics, Manbaby displays his intruigingly charming work almost everywhere! In printed editorial and press, gallery shows, and 24/7 online (www) through a bi-monthly 'zine called crane and through an online comic. Whew... Then, when you are done, buy Matt Clark's work for your home from his store.
MANBABY: one-quarter man, three-quarters baby (Portland, OR).
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GH avisualagency
A group of designers who practice creative thought and brand building in the media of moving image, environment design and interactive development... among other skills. A tight group of 5 at this point who each also take time individually to do some extra curricular activities. One, example. A rich arrival point, housed in an extra minimal blue-newsprint style design.
Graphic Havoc avisualagency.
Whitney Biennial 2004
The site promotes the 2004 Biennial exhibition, presenting the artists visually on a grid by sample image or by name, (and sortable). Lots of mini-info pop-ups abound in various areas, and there's a cool, but unpopulated Flash chat area. Overall a nice minimal style to the nav and design.
Whitney Biennial 2004.
Monday, April 12, 2004
Smith and Jones Film
A super cute and functional little portfolio for this established commercial and advertising campaign design firm. Amidst many interactive baking products, you'll find some sample reels, a gnome with a wheelbarrow and a plant, and maybe a few other things if you look...
Smith and Jones Film.
Designed by SwedenGraphics (see below).
Sweden Graphics
Definitely one of the cooler Flash interfaces for a design firm or collaborative group we've seen in a while. Minimal and iconic, you select from little floating icons to open a "pop-in" work sample. And inside, the work covers everything from dinner plates to art, editorial to animation... All great. Enjoy!
Sweden Graphics (SE).
Sunday, April 11, 2004
Mixed media artist and designer from Sweden who displayes posters, logos and a variety of hand and digitally illustrated works. Love the bold purple and pink site colors and extra large typesetting on a great grid layout.
doyoi. daniel k kvist.
Kris Nations Jewels
Kris Nations Jewels was started by 2 sisters who have been making their own jewelery since they were kids. And as far as commerce sites go, this is an excellent production: everything is extremely accessible and the design has a light linear framework that allows users to focus more attention to the product photos. Fun stuff.
Kris Nations Jewels.
An upencoming 23 y.o. web designer from Budapest Hungary gives us a portfolio with a dirty 'painter jeans' texture background. Good work, and shows potential to evolve into a delicate mixture of graphic styles.
Adam1 (HU).
assorted popsicle
Here's a funny collection of minimal drawings and animations to go with your Cocoa Puffs on Sunday morning.
assorted popsicle.
We <3<3 this darling design for a portfolio because of its simplicity of execution and its pure sense of fun. It's a familiar theme, and Jasmine Seecahid -- web designer and character illustrator currently working in Sydney -- gives this appropriate concept a cute and flavourous illustrated touch.
Saturday, April 10, 2004
Starving Eyes Ind.
Combine an acclaimed pixel game about Emo Music, a dirty design portfolio containing album covers, painted art and more, plus a start-up t-shirt line... and you get Starving Eyes. A home for a lot of impressive detail-oriented design, and the satirical playground of a Massachusettes multimedia designer.
Starving Eyes Industries (Allston, MA).
Lost Paradise Gallery
Search for richness, Richness of the search... The Lost Paradise Gallery, is a brand new Design (Radar project, addressed to all Italian and international communities and individuals... Looking for designers to produce gallery submissions to include in the Lost Paradise exhibit. Interesting looking digital jungle site design.
"Lost Paradise" Gallery - A Design(Radar project - Sponsored by Diesel.
Yarek Waszul Illustration
Sketchy, minimal and cerebral, the drawings of Yarek Waszul have several looks... some with an interesting touch of [Monty] Python-esque flavor, while others are collages of deeper meaning and symbolism. Really great site navigation concept, with subtle Flash notches moving around a single box.
Yarek Waszul Illustration.
Roth Time: A Dieter Roth Retrospective
It's saturday... go to a museum! Like this MoMA module covering 50 years of artwork and the life of the prolific creative legend Dieter Roth.
Roth Time: A Dieter Roth Retrospective.
Design by: Firstborn Multimedia.
Friday, April 09, 2004
omanaman illustration
A small array of matchbook sized windows, that open like advent calendar dates, display a colorful range of isometric-style vector illustrations and editorial compositions. omanaman also does some quirky, artistic full-on animations in his thick-lined vector style.
omanaman illustration (Milwaukee, WI).
Motomichi, and sometimes VJ Moto (thursday nights at NYC's remote lounge), has translated and morphed a lot of his bizarre, sexual, futuristic illustrated characters onto video media, moving from animation alone to video footage with illustration. Lots to look forward to in this new creative playground for our favorite Japanese animator.
yes indeed
A(nother) cool indy site with a limited, Miami Vice-style color palette... This French designer intergrates nice vector illustrations, modern type, bold colors and strong web design in a number of his work projects.
yes indeed (Nice, FR).
A portfolio showcase of about 5 years of design by a UK designer... although a little rough around the edges in terms of work and interface, we were really captured by the harmony of the fuscia logo over the beige-brown tone background that pervades these pages.
Surfacia (UK).
A pretty damn sexy jean fashion site (demo) for Blue London Jeans. Clean and utilitarian, and using some cool effects -- you can split famous models in half using Flash as you check out the details of these 8 jean styles -- in the FirstBornMultimedia demo site.
A portfolio of a Saint Louis, Missouri digital designer whose secret elixir is his web design purism. Amidst a long list of web projects, the visuals are tapered by a clean sensibility and an innate understanding of user interface design.
An amazing minimal bitmap designer, artist and musician -- really, a digital renaissance man of sorts -- DELAware displays his work and sounds, on his pure HTML text site, in simply named categories: "Sound", "Vision" and the new "SoundVision" (!). In the Sounds area, which is often abstract, and occationally bizarre -- many of the Sounds are created with samples of the MacOSX Speech Voice family -- there are also as many gems to be found, like Remix Introduction and Le Wi Rock. Another nugget, in the SoundVision area that all designers will enjoy is Designing in the Rain (part of a larger exhibit in Barcelona open now) ... enough to get you started. (Shockwave needed).
DELAware Home Page (JP).
Digital Kitchen
A pro motion and broadcast design firm that vividly combines motion graphics and professionally shot footage with great concepts for many of the top clients in the entertainment, advertising, and marketing industries. The work speaks for itself.
Digital Kitchen (Seattle, Chicago, LA).
Thursday, April 08, 2004
MINI Cabrio
Here's a clever little view of the one of the highlights of the New York Auto Show (happening now). They tore the roof off the motherfucker ... and then built a sick new web site with an original Flash "open air" navigation scheme to promote the new convertable look and additional improvements.
MINI Cooper Cabrio Convertable.
Rebekah Brooks
A Flash promo site for jewelry designer Rebekah Brooks. Elegantly clean, easy to use, and engaging... because the Flash is aptly and minimally produced to enhance the presentation of the product -- in this case jewlery -- which is itself elegant and mostly hand made.
Rebekah Brooks Jewlery.
Wednesday, April 07, 2004
A cleaner, calmer front door -- since our last visit -- maintains a veil of order over the previous site incarnations, and makes it easier to access loads of chaotic digital and 3-d illustrations, stock motion footage, print and various online projects that make up this digital designer's portfolio.
Cubadust - Jonas Strandberg-Ringh (SE).
On smooth pink mountain tops live single-celled monster bears ("candy zombies") that transmit secret coded telepathic messages to their pet bat-brains to flutter around the world. Yes, this annually evolving online boutique for kids is the one place where the TM on the label really stands for Trancendental Meditation.
lmac boutique.
Saiman Chow
A fierce print, motion and illustration-designer whose color explosions quite literally burst from the page in his many expressive collage prints. Compositions often revolve around an interesting line-up of vector and hand-illustrated characters and flying hand-drawn type amidst a blur of bright colors. And that's just his editorial work.
Saiman Chow (Walnut, CA).
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Flight 404
Leaps and bounds of changes and a truly finessed update from one of the web's choice experimental project areas. Love the light color spectrums over pale greys and sparing use of semi-sans type on the outside... while on the inside, a host of progressive [.org] Java driven experiments and projects await discovery.
Flight 404 | v.7.
Monday, April 05, 2004
stockhaus (beta)
Just released in beta, we've blown out the old stock photo links area into 9 categories covering all your designer stock needs. Including stock footage, stock music, stock art & illustration, historical stock and more.
stockhaus: stock photography (beta).
ni9e : typographic illustration
Two crafty creators transplanted to Brooklyn draft up sketchy impressions of music and musicians in Flash using type... and a little something called typography.
ni9e : typographic illustration.
Media design, fashion, and social justice. A transmedia project by Adriana Parcero that focuses on clothing as a vehicle to comment on the garment industry.
A slick photographer collaboration (two portfolios together) based in the Czech Republic, and focused capturing a slice of Czech lifestyle as documentary and fashion imagery. Love the creamy category colors on white and the really simple Flash navigation arrow.
Website by: Tomas Celizna.
pages magazine
Just released issue #004... Flip through fashion, art, people & music.
pages 004 : The Young & Restless (IT).
Friday, April 02, 2004
Design + Art site by Jeremy Pruitt = Thinkmule... Version Two updated.
Radley Yeldar
Prettier and wittier than your average design company, ry. is a firm that has an innate understanding of brands, marketing and corporate culture. And they use that "voice", as they say, to be consistently creative and produce remarkable solutions for their clients (since 1986). Love the spot illustrations for each portfolio project.
Radley Yeldar (UK).
Stylo Design - Creative Design Consultancy
A strong portfolio update and visual re-fresh for this communications and creative design consultancy from across the pond.
Stylo Design (UK).
celsius : the brand new website
Sure, web sites are getting simpler and simpler and easier to update, but the same challenge remains: how to keep your site feeling really fresh? Well, you just put it into a permanent state of being just-about-to-be-launched. Funny.
celsius : the brand new website (UK).
Voodoozoo Studio
This bold gangsta business site has enuff styles for you... and the crew too. Get down and dirty with two kids from the hood who produce page designs and identities for mainly entertainment and retail clients. Ya hear?
Voodoozoo Studio (Los Angeles).
AOL (yes... AOL),
As much as AOL is still your grandma's ISP, they desperately want to shed that label to gain access to a wider spectrum of customers. Towards that end, they turn to designers, who in this public site do a pretty good job of sprucing up that image. This also coincides with the launch of three new channel designs within the actual AOL service (not accessible to non-members).
AOL.COM (public).
The Drama Issue Two
Just released, The Drama Issue Two print magazine features a cover by Chuck Anderson of nopattern and work by Dustin Hostetler of UPSO, with interviews and artwork by members of the Drama, and a look at the band Sirens from Virginia (just 5 bucks.).
The Drama Online Store.
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Evolving, poster-sized ideas, collaborations and inspirations of Venezuelan artists and designers -- with hosts Marek Zawizsa and Erik Zitzermann -- that realize tightly executed messages inspired and stirred-up by actual events within their country. One highlight collection at this moment features Max Vogels' street and graf inspired illustrations but the list goes on much deeper, and is clearly accessible. In Spanish.
r-evolución (VE).
The first submission of April that makes it to the newswire has an quirky sense of humor to their site, which is fine, because their portfolio -- covering mostly poster and cd design work -- shows a serious range of design solutions.
guppy (CAN).
Font-makers will be interested in this piece of Shareware that makes creating pixel fonts a breeze -- no more pushing fontographer to create pixels. This tool allows you to literally dot the pixels. Quite fun -- PC only though, and it costs 39Euros (~47USD). It can use some improvement but this is by far the best tool we know.
SimpleFont - the pixelfont editor.
Submissions are back
This is no April Fool's joke.
A truly pro illustrator, who has drawn indy comic book covers and comics, but who also creates a cool type of exhibit drawing with a dark Lichenstein-ian 'pop-noir' sensibility.
Seabread : Studio of R. Kikuo Johnson.