Monday, May 31, 2004
hoga digital snaps
A combined amateur and professional photo portfolio from a Candian digital photographer, we especially liked the monotone beige-brown site, and the crytal clear navigation of this site.
hoga digital photography (Vancouver, CA).
Friday, May 28, 2004
Populardelujo es un proyecto sin ánimo de lucro y en función del patrimonio colectivo, dedicado a dar cuenta, proteger y estimular el capital cultural popular y urbano de Bogotá, Colombia. In English: This is a collective project inspired by folk culture, intended to inspire, relate and disseminate some of the visual wealth of imagery from Bogota, Colombia. Fun, cool typography and graphics from South America.
A simple play on words only reveals the tip of a mountain of striking type design, featuring all facets of print design, with some great poster work too. It's a different atmosphere, and a different look, from this European design agency.
Saegenvier (Austria).
This unique looking studio puts on a cool show for their homepage by introducing both illustration and interactivity in a subtle portfolio layout. Enjoy the elevator based showcase architcture and explore fresh ID, print and Web projects.
Wohnzimmer (Austria).
Forsman & Bodenfors
For a truly immersive broadband experience, you have to dive into Forsman & Bodenfors right now. Don't be shy, the water's fine, and the level of interaction is high. Check out some excellent TV spots, as well as almost touchable photo-realistic (part 3-D at times) intros for sites, such as on the hot Volvo XC90 campaign. A top hybrid agency.
Forsman & Bodenfors (SE).
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Gothic Futurism
Gothic Futurism is the home of artist and thought-guru, the RAMM:ELL:ZEE, whose tales can only be told by the RAMM:ELL:ZEE. Read, view, explore... and you'll find a shamanic performer of “Ikonoklast Letters Racerism” (which are forms of illuminations that aeronautically and aerodynamically weapon-slave the Letters A thru Z) and urban channeler of African influences. To describe more would be to deride.
Gothic Futurism.
A small French design studio (which seems more like an indy boutique) pumps out minimal "acid" design work for print, CD and ID. Washed out colors and a minimal typographical approach partly define the realm of ALKAA's clean ethereal designs.
ALKAA (Nice, FR).
There are some nice elements to this site, namely the bright colors, that make this a captivating design. We also liked the simplicity of the page layout and high level of readability.
Media-Screen : Strategic Market Research Consulting.
Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Joel Bernarte
A fine feeling portfolio from this California resident and designer. Fun stuff inside including Flash games, identity and fashion design, surrounded with nice design touches.
Joel Bernarte (Los Angeles, CA).
Adam Suerte
A charming and iconic tatoo artist and illustrator. Designer of some of our favorite iconic, dirty, Brooklyn-based one-off designs. Covering fine art to fine dermal-mutilation.
Adam Suerte (NYC).
Monday, May 24, 2004
Chulho Jang
Like a war between the Aztec Gods and Asian Deities, this website and personal portfolio offers up sacrifices in time and development to create a stirring, iconographic, look and feel.
Chulho Jang.
Sunday, May 23, 2004
EbD : Established by Design
A new collective of interactive designers, artists and developers with a professional history who work together and individually to tackle production and offer creative web-based design solutions.
EbD : Established by Design (UK).
Friday, May 21, 2004
DHP Architecten
Heavy and light at the same time, DHP is an Architectural office in Antwerp, Belgium with a Flash/XML back end.
DHP Architecten (Antwerp, BE).
Christer Hägg Marine Paintings
With warm weather welcomes we alert all hands of classic Flash-driven portfolio of marine art, showcasing the sharp sea action of Swedish ships, clippers, frigates, three-masted barks, traders, liners and schooners. Sophisticated and seamless.
Christer Hägg Marine Paintings.
joelinner project design
A mish mash of interface, illustrations and designs on items from t-shirts to cd's to posters to any project you can imagine. There's much to explore, although in a somewhat difficult interface, it's a jungle of art and illustration from two Madrid-based desigers.
joelinner project design (Madrid, ES).
Aer - Visual Communication
A stunning portfolio for this young studio, housed in a crisp Flash shell, presents a number of projects including web design, applications and promotional work, as well as several interesting internal projects ( is a nice Flash laboratory). Nice slick corporate identity, and a light design touch, formed by partners from various countries and disciplines.
Aer - Visual Communication (Barcelona, ES).
Monday, May 17, 2004
The personal site of Shay McCloskey featuring both personal and professional work from his M.A. and his professional work with the Attik. Great illustrations and simple site design (release #3).
Inkypixel (IR).
DWAIN is not your normal VIP. Dwain is a French graphic studio lead by Marlyne Curtet, that appears to concentrate mostly on print and marketing design for global/French brand names and companies.
Dwain (FR).
Sunday, May 16, 2004
A design firm with a wide breadth, Leftloft helps institutions and cultural organizations communicate their information and marketing through print, screen and display, including posters (recently updated at this posting). Founded in Milan in 1997.
Leftloft (Milan, IT).
Thursday, May 13, 2004
Epoxy Design
Beneath the base and pixelated ascii text and lines, this agency site has masked a new, simple, ergonomic way of navigating. Designers and clients alike will find what they need via an interface that's occasionally organic, yet sometimes simple and systematic. Pretty advanced stuff for such a luddite-looking design.
EPOXY - Design, Communications, Interactif, Motion (CAN).
Portfolio of a Polish interactive agency. Containing webdesign, print and ID. Nice clean site.
Saikko - interactive agency (PL).
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Hot off the digital press, composer/ producer/ sound designer Tim Baker's brand new broadband website hits us with a ton of the tv/film music (with quicktime clips) that he's written over the last few years... and a few collaborations too. Clients include Heavy inc., BBC, and Renascent to name a few.
subvertical (Bristol, UK).
tcd | TrentCoxDesign
A very simple and clean monotone Flash portfolio site for this designer of print brocures and collateral, logos and screen interfaces. Seems like there's a lot of room for more items, as the site is sparsely populated at the time of this posting.
tcd | TrentCoxDesign (N.C., USA).
Friday, May 07, 2004
From Localiser 2.0 (an renown design publication in 1995) to Creative Review 2004, Hort has been doing editorial design and illustration for the design community at large for almost a decade now. Basic HTML site... great work.
Hort (UK).
Thursday, May 06, 2004
A very nicely tailored Flash site for this Canadian design company. The Portfolio is filled with more of the same... great Flash and web design work -- as showcased on this site -- with all the extra tricks and buttons.
Mecano (CAN).
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Before I go shopping, I like to get amped up. And what better way to delve into the world of (hi) fashion than an online portal - a one-stop place as it were - devoted to the world of fashion. And not only that, but the design, it kind of rocks.
Fluxuries - Hi! - Fashion portal.
Tuesday, May 04, 2004
ISO50 - 3 New Posters
ISO50 just released 3 new posters and added a touch of edge-tinting to his personal web portfolio... One of our favorites.
ISO50 - The Portfolio of Scott Hansen.
Monday, May 03, 2004
Brandon Russ
Some nice styles and pages in this 'folio from a new media and print designer. Demonstrates a good understanding of Web and displays some clean design.
Brandon Russ Portfolio (Cin., OH).
From title sequences for Viacom's related brands (MTV, VH1 to name a couple) and some cool identity design for a variety of operations, Precursor is a small studio that hits big. With a focused team and extensive experience in on and off screen branding, design for print, moving image design and art direction, these guys are moving forward.
Precursor (UK).
Sunday, May 02, 2004
Peter A. Heffner Portfolio
When you describe your logo design section as a "Logo Book", it's a sure clue that there has to be something good inside -- not that the opening graphics and design did anything to dissuade us. And Peter doesn't disappoint, with a hearty selection of pro print pieces and some great logos in his "Book". Yet, while nearing perfection, we'll just never understand why people feel compelled to put their amateur photos on their portfolio sites. Otherwise, this is a super work book and a fine looking site.
Peter August Heffner - a Humble Empire.
May Events
May is here, and so are the new May events, posted up in the eventcenter. So check out the links: digitalthread eventcenter.
Shilo Design
Shilo (motion graphics and editorial) updates their site and posts a new trailer for MTV's Viva La Bam show. It's an over-the-top presentation with campy footage of the stars amidst exploding colors that abstractly plays as a metaphor for the bursting ego of the charismatic Bam Margera.
Shilo Design.
Saturday, May 01, 2004
May 1st Reboot is Here...
A group of designers re-launching new designs of their personal sites on the same day. And the trend is definitely moving towards some super clean and ultra minimal designs (was Helvetica a requirement?)... Here are some highlights:

David Hutton - A Flash and print designer. Nice sexy reboot - love the subtle colors.

Chris Bainbridge - 3-D visualization, and Flash and design... in a minimal, naked white forest.

Greg Washington - Graphic designer and Flash developer in a dark, funny, "in-your-face" design. (CAN)

David Hutton - 16 year old Flash, 3-D and media designer. (CAN)

And, well, those were just the top-rated of today. Now go and vote and make some stars out of the other 22 worthy Rebooters.
Tom Kong
Not just stopping at illustrations, this man with the steady hand will produce (gasp!) "ideas" too. From concept sketches to design plans, editorial and more, Tom Kong delivers the goods and the ideas to back them up. Nice flat feel to the site.
Tom Kong (Wiesbaden & Berlin, DE).
Designed by: Lekkerwerken (DE).