Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Amoeba Labs
Some great showreels here for this "interim" site... especially the 2003 showreel : "My Name is David". Fabulous little site that expresses so much with so little.
Amoeba Labs.
If you love minimal techno, like we do here at DT, you'll love this tribute in the mini miniml Flash kitten player. Way too much fun for a freak like me.
Quite the clean site... almost frosty - you might say - but definitely not too "cool" for school. Monib reveals a strong communicator, and a site that lets the work and the clean layout do the talking. Beware designers..! This site is highly readable.
Monib (AU).
rethink redesign reconstruct...
Featuring artist contributions from Stefan Sagmeister to Honest, Plinko, Eboy and Milky Elephant... and over two years in the making. A book of remixing and redesigning from the top graphic artists in the field.
rethink redesign reconstruct... the web site.
Buy rethink redesign right now for only $23.79 (Hardcover, 192pp).
Susie Babchick Agency
A photo agency based in the UK, represents a select few photographers who specialize solely in fashion editorial and advertising. Quite a slick site, in which the grey on purple lay-overs and light text knock-outs (animated in Flash of course) create a glossy, magazine-like feel.
Susie Babchick Agency (UK).
afterpixel s.r.l.
Like the super fast loading "narrow-band" site: "No loading, no cry". Super-clean too, and nice work inside.
afterpixel s.r.l. - comunicazione, grafica e nuovi media (IT).
Tuesday, June 29, 2004
U-POINT version 3.2
French abstract trip hop site with loads of musical tracks. Overall, a nice example of grungy Flash style and design.
U-POINT version 3.2.
** humus **
A very nice, softly rendered flip-book ('zine) of graphic photo-illustrations and clickable little graphic wonders. Quite nice, and visually engaging. Two issues available at this posting.
** humus ** (IT).
Method Man - Tical 0
Call it ruff, or call it dirty, you just have to love a site that starts with an animation of the Meth taking a crap to announce his album is "dropping soon". Always one to make fun of himself before the next one does, this site is not so much about being perfect as it is about entertaining you... and that it does... perfectly.
Method Man -- Tical 0: The Prequel.
(Site up for only the next couple weeks... b4 the album and new site drops).
TYCHOMUSIC - Sunrise Projector
We get excited about wood... you know that already. It's something about seeing natural patterns and warm tones emanating through photonic cathode tubes and lcd screens that is contradictory, but pleasant. So, when you check out this perfect little Flash implemetation for this new musical album, which was probably all made using a computer, try to remember to get outside and feel the sun.
TYCHOMUSIC - Sunrise Projector.

And if you are in New York City this week and want to feel some really soulful, heart-warming music, you should check this minimal little site for the upcoming band, Guyora.
Monday, June 28, 2004
Good Apples, Bad Timing
If you already own a G5 Mac with 22" Cinema Display, you definitely DO NOT want to lay your eyes on the new matching aluminum 30 inch Cinema HD Displays. Really! Spare yourself the pain and misery. Instead, go check out the new Tiger OSX preview and forget that Apple released the matching displays a year after the G5 debut.
{In Graphics We Trust.}
A fun little purple and grey entry page reveals an intricate mix of iconography, type and intricately woven textures... quite beautiful. And the portfolio work, covering everything from 3-D to print, motion and web is impressive. Take me to your leader.
{In Graphics We Trust.}
selected portfolio of Sebastian Onufszak
(DE & PL).
D7 Products
A nice, clean & dirty little xeroxed and distressed logo and t-shirt shop from Switzerland.
D7 Products (CH).
Buffalo Magazine
Submissions are now open for photographs from underground photographers for the inaugural issue in August. That's simple enough. What we don't understand is why holder page couldn't be built in CSS so the text could selectable and searchable.
Buffalo Magazine.
ACNE is both creative agency and studio covering something called "fashion entertainment technology"... but mostly ACNE is an ad agency. BUT then again, they also do designer jeans and film... so what gives? Modern day renaissance company? Bored Swedes? All the variety makes our heads spin, and the name - derived from a fictional American company that provides endless goods and objects - seems to fit.
ACNE (creative) (SE).
Flavour Ads can really be considered synonymous with the portfolio of its Executive Vice President Craig Cooper... and in fact, the site only actually takes you to his personal collage of professional design and advertising work, covering fun and "edgy" ads from print to TV and even radio.
Saturday, June 26, 2004
A mini little portfolio and "plaything" site with even smaller little links. A different feel.
thespeg (UK).
Detektiv Nali
Sherlock Holmes and the Victorian times are associated by their mystery and excess, as we can see in this rich design.
Detektiv Nali (DE).
songs for emelie
A haunting Victorian site design with a ghostly ambience, introduces us to solo piano music by Marcus Loeber. Love it.
songs for emelie.
When you are a professional illustrator of Karen's caliber, you don't need a site that screams "I'm the best". Because a clean, pure site reveals a understanding and attention to quality that reflects and enhances the unbelievable techniques displayed in her postcards and editorial illustrations. Top notch all around.
A nicely balanced site for a web and print design firm based in Sicily, Italy. Fine typography and minimal tones set the mood for this impressive and original opening page.
Coruscus (IT).
Friday, June 25, 2004
Sporting a pretty fresh logo, and a refreshing site layout, comes Fuel-Berlin, a collective site for a group of artists, VJs and designers. They task themselves to find creative solutions for installations, art, object-design and more. Cool.
Fuel Berlin (DE).
Posted in the past, but looking pretty damn punchy in the present... portfolio of electronic artiste Marius Watz.
Thursday, June 24, 2004
Joel Speasmaker
Probably the Thread of the week... because first and foremost, you have to start with simplicity. The originator himself, and full-time color-master, Joel S. puts his design philosophy forward in this Spring-like fresh Flash portfolio. Take your time here, and absorb the vibe.
joelspeasmaker | simplify.

Joel also designed a fantastic yellow site for painter-illustrator Amir Fallah, an artist and designer, living and working in Los Angeles, CA.
The Drama Online Store
Couldn't get enuff posters from the link below? Here's more! It's Summer... (in our half of the world). Time to redecorate.
The Drama Online Store.
On release from Visibility PR: Tonic Studio Enjoys Designs for WIRED'S NEXTFEST... Created multiple media components for interactive technology event in San Francisco and adapted motion graphics for Science Channel special.
Read the story (at Visibility).
See the updated work at the site.
Aesthetic Apparatus
A design firm in the mid-west that took it to the next level, and splits their site midway between portfolio and poster shop. And as you would have it, there's fantastic print work on both sides of the fence.
Aesthetic Apparatus (Minneapolis, MN).
Universal House of Credit
If you can read a comic book, you can apply for your own car loan. It's that easy... Accompanied by instructional animated comic book-style black and white illustrations. So easy in fact, for a second there, we thought about getting a Digitalthread company car (except that it's based in Poland).
Powszechny Dom Kredytowy (PL).
OS X 'Tiger' Preview
I guess Mac users have another upgrade on the horizon: The new 'Tiger' OS X system will be introduced by Steve Jobs at the 2004 WWDC in late June... and all this just after my iTunes simply stopped playing music today. It's like a toaster that breaks 1 day after its 1 year warranty expires.
WWDC 2004.
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
I do kung foo
There's something askew about Brits and Americans living and spending time in Japan... overtime, it seems, the strength of the Japansese language seems to bend their grammar ever so slightly, that after a while you'll wonder which is their real native toungue. It also tends to influence their design and illustrations, as can be seen in this perfectly tailored portfolio. So... in the end, who wins the fight? WE all do.
I do kung foo (come a little closer) (JP).
This West country boy from London pushes out some bold boxy designs (like his work on Cimmermann) and really catches the eye, while working his Flash magic in the provided dimentions.
westcountryboy (UK).
David Lanham
A pixel pushing icon designer and illustrator of bizarre creatures, who revels in the frreedom of altering miniscule pixel graphics. At this posting, he works for Iconfactory and has developed several intriguing icon sets.
David Lanham.
A sophisticated scrolling website based in DHtml. Offers freefonts and oustanding pieces of design work, with funny little collages or non-aliased graphics. Awarded the iF communicationn design award 2004.
beta_bi/ Labor für Gestaltung/ HH/ B (DE).
Design portfolio of Mike Stern, in a systematic and grey Flash interface, showcasing album covers, t-shirt designs, web design, flyers and more. Well timed.
New today...
See the eventcenter for a couple new posts today... more coming later.
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
A somewhat sparse holding site and "society" for designers and graffiti artists. KIDDOG aims to cover graphic design workshops and exhibitions, stimulating the co-operation between designers and graffiti artists and connecting Slovenian designers and graffiti artists across the globe.
KIDDOG (Slovenia).
A unique feeling page, and monthly magazine about photography, and digital art. Plus, of course, Vidas Biveinis' portfolio, who is also the Solaris author. We like the pink logo very much... yes, we're such suckers for pink!
::: Soliaris ::: (Lithuania).
A sprawling, monochromatic book of illustrations from a French illustrator and bizarre shape-maker.
comounaseta _ greg da hollow (FR).
Quim Berenguer
When it comes to widgets, finials, textures, dingbats, doodads and mechanical fandangles, Joaquim Berenguer (real name), is the man you want to have on your side.
Quim Berenguer.(Barcelona, ES).
In'am Cashmere
IN'AM flashes out a complete commercial cashmere collection of contemporary, chic, feminine sweaters, shawls and accessories.
In'am Cashmere (Mauritius).
Half blog, half portfolio, and all standards compliant, Justwatchthesky is an excellent execution of clean and accessible design work. Definitely part of a larger trend towards CSS-based sites, this indy 'folio perfectly blends design and the poetry of code. We love the pure color tones and light details tempered by subtle shading effects. Nice one.
Vojtech Blau
With subject matter such as this, it's both a challenge and a pleasure to produce an interactive showcase... for the only dealer in the USA devoted to European tapestries from the 16th-20th centuries. These rare and beautiful pieces of art, (ranging in price from $50,000 to $100,000 and more) are woven by the top artisans of their era and displayed as an artfull learning experience. Sections include navigational clues highlighting hidden descriptions that may be minimized to reveal panoramic views of these beautiful works of art.
Vojtech Blau.
Monday, June 21, 2004
When minialism is done right, its tranquillity and composure should stand alone, without intrusion... And if you add one more spice to the rice, my friend, and you're bound to lose the essence of the recipe. Hence, Krghettojuice (no comments on the name... it has to be an Italian thing), an indy portfolio.
Krghettojuice (Bologna, IT).
The Gradient Surfer
Sometimes words alone cannot do visuals much justice... have you tried to describe a cloud recently? So, suffice to say, as far as freelance portfolios go this is one of the most fantastic we've seen in a while. We liked the light little nuances, and in essence, it's the silver lining of our sunny day.
-=The Gradient Surfer=-.
Sunday, June 20, 2004
Liquid Paper
Liquid Paper is just so cool and cute and yet, distracting, like an attactive girl absent-mindedly wetting her lips, and simultaneously crushing all the young boy's hearts. Pamper us with more illustrations please.
Liquid Paper.
Friday, June 18, 2004
Two femme photographers have their excellent contemporary works put on display in a clean, simple grey and pink Flash site (two of our favourite colors).
M E T Z R A C I N E.
Ingreme Beta 0.6
You really can't get a much slicker intergration of 3-D with Flash than in this portfolio. Even the "under-construction" areas are unreasonably good, but at this level of expertise, we felt that the concepts themselves could have been pushed even farther... Maybe with some collaborative work with an industrial designer and illustrator, and this could be beyond fantastic. Excellent.
Ingreme Beta 0.6.
I still have GUM1 sitting in its mylar wrapper somewhere in a dirty hole... I mean mini-storage. And about a year or more later, here is GUM2. Part comic book, part design book, plus collectibles... I'll never really know what it contains 'cause I'll probably never open it. Maybe this year I'll get 2 freebies and actually pop one. Awesome site.

Party update: The NYC LES party was, literally, a hot success. Although not enuff free mags were available for yours truly, free t-shirts were being screened on the spot and given out to attendees. The Mister Rogers exhibit was also quite great. Go check it out at 619 East 6th Street, NYC. Kudos to GUM.
Aesthetic Apparatus
Half poster shop and half poster design studio, it's easy to qualify the intended niche of this impressive apparatus, devoted to bringing you high quality designs for your wall space.
Aesthetic Apparatus.
Thursday, June 17, 2004
A motion, stills and identity shop based in Australia. We like the expressive poster work, editorial illustrations, and the clinical site experience.
Umeric (AU).
A healthy portfolio of print, featuring some great CD sleeve designs, as well as some posters, flyers and magazine pieces. Probably not the best, nor the most involved web site design, but the flat work itself is quite beautiful.
motype :: simona schmid (DE).
Vapors All City Magazine
Hit this magazine launch party last night... and discovered (drumroll...) yet another urban, graffiti, sneaker and t-shirt magazine. It's like, graffiti artists interviewing graffiti artists, yet without the irony of all the other mags. Too bad they didn't coordinate with a site launch too.
Vapors All City Magazine (Coming Soon?).
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Monkey Do
Contrary to how Digitalthread *appears*, we're all about standards-based CSS and losing tables... forever. And if we had our way, these are the chimps we'd hire to re-do our code from top to bottom. Note: We especially love the little visited check link on the bottom links.
Monkey Do : Mike Pick and Tim Murtaugh.
Recently redesigned to be cleaner... faster... and more stronger, Archinect's front page has developed quite nicely, and in genius fashion (great minds think alike), matches many of the same interface solutions as products portal BeingHunted. Kudos to a great improvement. One of our "permie" link partners.
Archinect - Making Architecture More Connected.
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
United Bamboo
A sleek, wordless site for a New York based fashion design company, United Bamboo gives the impression that actions are louder than words. In this case, it's photos, but the mafia-like influence of the site and fashion designs tell us to beware... something almost sinister at work behind the site.
United Bamboo.
PUMA Online Store
Although a little on the boxy side of design, the Puma Store impresses with it's bold red facade, and attention to "minor" details.
PUMA Online Store.
No Pattern Updates
No one appreciates a good handjob more than yours truly, and that's why I'm sailing at full mast for the new updates to the portfolio of illustrator and designer, Chuck Anderson. The man has good technique.
No Pattern : What's Good!?.
Monday, June 14, 2004
Simon Chaput
A photographer whose modernist works are based around abstraction and negative space, especially in images and narratives on Buddhism and ancient cultures. The navigation and pure black of the site establishes a minimal typography-driven nav and a silent black framework/background.
Simon Chaput Photographs (FR).
Site design by: Uzik (FR).
An impressive fashion design collective who release their first collection - themed "OwLiness" - in stores later this year. Truly the site design is mysterious and attractive, and especially so, with only a simple shiloetted entry page. Whoo? Liness is a collaboration between 3 designers: Deanne Cheuk, Rilla Alexander and Yasmin Majidi. Hot stuff for 2004.
A post-mod fashion designer, illustrator and artist, designing gear for the mods, the moped crowd and the hip Brits, but also art-spaces, galleries and monotone-illustrated sweat-tops for the rest of us.
Friday, June 11, 2004
Shapeshifter. Web-gifted and Flash enhanced. Personal portfolio of Adriaan Scholvinck. Heavy programming to block-building. Flash to 3-D. Liquid visual design chunks for you.
|Liquidium|™ :: ver. 2.0.
An ultra clean "white-slate" portfolio of designer Frederique Vermaete. Minimal navigation and colors lead us through some very nice print and ID work, and more. A beautiful feel.
ihkis (BE + FI).
Self-styled harbingers of "nefarious new media", four twisted female characters form a studio that brings design back from the dead, and performs some chilling executions.
Thursday, June 10, 2004
British Currency Pictures
Coming to you straight from web manna. Link from the "G".
British Currency Pictures. -G
By Jerome
Jerome's portfolio of illustration, vector charaters, and images with lots of small vector details recalls the classic designs of TDR from the 1990's. Quite fun, and the well-coordinated and bright colors makes this a punchy, little destination.
By Jerome (Paris, France).
Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Andrew Waring
A small, but slick portfolio of very detailed, soft and fractal-like digital illustrations. Has a nice "Asian" feel to it.
Andrew Waring (Montreal, CAN).
Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
If you haven't already, upgrade your HTML, remove the tables, and move to CSS. When you do, here are some great practical examples of some the most classic module layouts.
Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks, & Techniques.
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
After natural wood patterns, our second most-favorite photo background would have to be distressed leather... And this photo portfolio has the leather-look in spades. Crisp and natural, but also definitively digital, the contrasts of tanned leather and human skin are hard to miss -- but add vividly to the overall visual gambit.
Ron Mac Photography (Atlanta, G.A.).
An etheral and obscure little portfolio of design work... Includes all kinds of little widgets and additions, like a some kind of interchangeable erector set in the matrix. What's not to understand?
A simple portfolio with a different kind of look... All the way from Armenia. Just something a little different.
the Tigran L. Melikyan (tlm) portfolio (AM).
Monday, June 07, 2004
Invitro studio
A nice, small portfolio with some minimal colors, but an affable interface. It's a hamster-powered web site, apparently.
Invitro estudio de diseño gráfico (Valencia, ES).
A more literal thread...
Ok. This is an easy one... A close European digitalthread. Lots of good visuals here.
Start with: Struktour (DE). Great german firm.
Takes us somehow to David Rowald - Extrajetzt (DE) and to Michel Casarramona (CH), then eventually down memory lane to these "vintage"Matchbox Cars, and finally back to this: Midisko, which was produced by Struktour (see top).
Art of Speed
Here are the links to all of the Nike commissioned Art of Speed films, and a blog to go with them.
Art of Speed.
Sunday, June 06, 2004
pages magazine
All new issue of pages magazine, with "allure" as the concept for some illustration, but mostly fashion, photography and more fashion. Online and softly animated.
pages magazine 006 : allure.
Friday, June 04, 2004
Tanuki Design
This cute little studio site serves up some punchy colors, digital illustrations, web sites, web games and more in a fun Japanese Manga style (although they are located in France, they use a collective of different artists).
Tanuki Design.
The Digitalthread: Also see Pinpin Le Lapin for more animation design produced by Studio Tanuki. And for Tanuki's latest release (at this posting), see music site Heavy Disco and DatingSim.
Thursday, June 03, 2004
EARTHSTETIC || Brice Domingues
A diverse range of art, illustrations, mixed media creations all coming from the same grey matter, throught the sinews, and onto paper and screen for all of our pleasures. Personable character illustrations are among some of popular works we enjoyed. An instant classic.
EARTHSTETIC || Brice Domingues (Marseille, FR).
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Lehmann Maupin Gallery
A minimal Flash design using one of the DIN fonts for a renown contemporary arts gallery in New York City. The clean grid layout offers bios and selected works from over 30 different artists, so there's a lot to poke and prod, to get a sense of the breadth of the work passing through these physical (and virtual) walls.
Lehmann Maupin Gallery (NYC).
Someday on the Misty Island
Someday on the Misty Island is an interactive music video and a surreal journey through pop-culture and the opera world. At the same time, a tribute to Orson Welles, David Lynch, Verdi and Louis Bunuel.
Someday on the Misty Island (PL).
Designed and directed by: Dawid Marcinkowski.
Tuesday, June 01, 2004
We love this crisp, truly minimal interior design, furniture, and architecture website. A simple, black line drawing greets you here, and you'll discover the navigation is actually 6 short vertical lines that lead you through furniture and interior design shots (a series of slideshows, really). Everything else is minimally laid out in small black type, in a good modern use of what appears to be the Futura font.
cous (DE).
Site design by: Monomer (DE).
Both agency and experimental entertainment grounds, DR showcases video dumps of an interesting electronic beatbox using old Nintendo control pads. There's also the DR upload and download area... These people want to make use of the contents of your digital trash can. Cool.
digitalrecycling (Netherlands).
Royal salmon and bold art deco lines make a strong statement in this simple face of the legendary South Beach art deco hideaway. Bold and luxurious.
Color-brite and fancy-free, this is the fun home to some digitally illustrated character design from France.