Friday, July 30, 2004
A multimedia firm in the purist sense, consisting of multiple talents spanning multiple disciplines producing projects across multiple media. There is a clean and steady purpose to this grey and yellow site that we love, in addition to the perfect type size contrast and iconic yellow elements.
Thursday, July 29, 2004
Cloudred seeks novel ways in which technology can become an effective tool for expression, through the use of interaction design, programming, brand and print design.
cloudred multimedia (NYC).
Great line work, simple colors and a very brisk graphic delivery for this design and communications company. We love the logo and the sparse monotone feel.
FDTdesign (NYC).
Nothing spectacular here - unless you spend your day trodding through tons of hacked links - just simple, modern and accessible web pages. Clean and crisp standards compliant design from the Czech Republic.
Czechline (CZ).
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Gay Merit Badges
Take pride, young Boy Scouts! Just not Gay pride. Yes, that's what the Supreme Court ruled in the year 2000. So when designer and artist Larry Anderson - spending time in Cortona, Italy - heard the news, his inspirations for Gay Merit Badges blossomed into this truly hillarious idea, based graphically around the many Medieval architectural references around him. A product like this only comes along once in a life-time; when social-political injustice agitates irreverent individual design minds. A must have for any orientation.
Gay Merit Badges.

A great design by the multi-talented young apprentice, who we always will think of as our own overgrown son, Nathan Altolik - Diviser (NYC). Please call home again one day Nathan!
Claude Closky Trademarks
Claude Closky Trademarks - an online exhibit - deconstructs corporate trademarks into a a jittery Scrabble-like assembly of American cursewords. Brilliant. No... "Fucking" brilliant.
Claude Closky Trademarks.
As brand editorial writers and creative PR thinkers, The Fish Can Sing is all about crafting and communicating powerful messages. Because words placed creatively in the right atmosphere are downright explosive... As is the design of this site, which takes a totally original slant on a ubiquitous method of reading and combines it with ticker-tape like scrolling and a handy nav "magnifyer" to create simply one of the best information architectures we've seen in a long time.
Eclectically manicured with a patina of illustrated age, this Swedish portfolio site and blog - with the portfolio area forthcoming - places us in a bygone time... while, obviously, rooted firmly and humbly in the modern age (standards compliant CSS with XHTML). The contrast is marvelous.
Mojito ~ Den Gröna (SE).
PUSH pushes the boundries of good design to make it great, in this beautifully organized and spacious company site. Covering branding, advertising, broadcast and interactive web design, PUSH is a multimedia company for the new media world. Did we mention great design? With a deeply captivating, minimalist site... It's (already) one of our favorites of the week.
PUSH (Orlando, FL).
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Bosedk Designs-wale
"Who we are" is four twenty-somethings with funky design styles, presenting design work in their spacious, and inconsonant web design style... A selection of t-shirts, a few design projects, and three self-published e-zines round out the design teams portfolio of digital and tangible goods (from India!).
Bosedk Designs-wale (IN).
Human Progress Landscape
A refined design firm with a uniquely clean design design approach, as exhibited in their abundantly lucid web site. Nice identity design and branding.
Human Progress Landscape (Providence, RI).
The 4th site version since PostPanic's launch in 1997, this Amsterdam-based creative agency specializes in film, motion graphics and print, producing projects for a "regular" list of clients including Nike, DSM and MTV.
PostPanic CreativeAgency (NL).
Although this site struggles a bit with the amount of information it needs to display, and uses a very tiny fontsize, it blows away the design of other city guides with a bright lifestyle attitude.
Welcome to Carnaby (UK).
Grand lovestory
Essentially a "one page wonder" design, this tight little online t-shirt store is literally a lifesize, photo-illustrated hang tag. Not exactly sure what the two existing t-designs (at this posting) are all about, but we love the site design so much, it barely matters.
Grand lovestory - t-shirts (NO).
eunice choi
Eunice's unironic art can be both angry and funny at the same time... making her work terribly tight with tension and interest. From fine paintings to funky sketches and expressive self-portraits, her work really shines in this plain "homemade" site.
eunice choi's place.
One Eye Black
A Danish painter's artwork portfolio and online store, One Eye Black is a self-taught artists' haven for his original, expressive, and dirty (in more ways than one) paintings. Yet, in glaring contrast, the site is very clean and easy to navigate. Graphically, we also like the crown royal logo with octopus tentacle flourishes.
One Eye Black.
Monday, July 26, 2004
MOMA: Tall Buildings
As usual, the MOMA online exhibits feature excellent information architecture, disseminating and displaying an enourmous amount of information in a tightly packaged site. Meanwhile, the design is sparse and airy, creating an appropriate atmosphere for the theme of examining skyscrapers.
The Museum of Modern Art: Tall Buildings.
pedestrian design
A really outstanding illustration and fine design portfolio, that steps outside of the ordinary to produce great graphics, games and animations. Don't scroll it, stroll it! A great site for any time of the day.
* pedestrian design.
Twice Shy
A unique and delicately designed t-shirt company delights us with an "organic" design philsophy. Yet, while Twice Shy exhibits a beautiful site design, we'd highly recommend patience, broadband, and a brew of some de-stress yogi tea if you plan on doing any serious shopping in this Flash monster.
Twice Shy (Vancouver, BC).
Maison PoaPlume
A slappy-happy cartoon paradise, French style - with vintage French decor design motifs - busts onto your screen providing a looney non-corporate land of charaters, graphic design (print), animations and interactivity. But if you don't read French, then it's curtains for you.
Maison PoaPlume (FR, en Francaise).
bangbang is an advanced creative shop specializing in design for broadcast, commercial and film, and work in all areas of motion media. Love the hand-drawn, dirty, salmon-red site.
bangbang studio (Los Angeles, CA).
Saturday, July 24, 2004
misprinted type
Being type freaks ourselves, we always get an enourmous H for a designer who has spent countless hours creating original, distressed typefaces, only to give them away [for free]. Show your support, however, and purchase a commercial font before you leave the site with any of the 18 great, hand-distressed print-shop-like fonts for Mac or PC.
misprinted type.
pictoplasma conference
Animation shorts, insider panel discussions, pixel pushing VJ battles, sewing... What else could you ask for in the 1st Pictoplasma Conference on contemporary charater design and art? Maybe some freebies? Ok. You got it!
pictoplasma conference (Berlin, DE).
Dates: October 28th - 30th, 2004.
Friday, July 23, 2004
Odopod has been focused on interactive experiences (Nike, Redbull, Macromedia, Microsoft and Kodak to name few!) and is now bringing more strategy and brand communications approaches to the table. Look for new changes in the near future.
odopod (San Francisco).
This is the story of a French photographer who becomes a computer-geek in Scandinavia, because the weather allows no other options... and he creates a site with no fancy dots dancing around photography and a few funny drag & roll-over features. I guess he's really been reformed!
Studio Lobster
A clean-cut hybrid and multidisciplinary firm doing display work, design and art, in the form of type, print and graphics. Strong work.
Design & Art Studio Lobster (UK).
If your mind was a room...
An small but innovative advertsing firm, doing print, ID and obviously, advertising work. Their motto is simple: "Do somthing good!".
If your mind was a room, what would it look like?.
An interesting technically strong German web firm that has a very intuitive Flash navigation (takes about 2 seconds to get used to it) and contains some nice work studies.
LPIP International (DE).
Thursday, July 22, 2004
Rogan's denim obsession starts with fine dyes and expert tailoring, limited editions and a special flair for making that perfect denim silhouette. Let's not forget the detailing, which is superior... much like the little details in their twitchy, photocopied and hand-drawn site, newly designed for 2004.
ROGAN, spring 2004.
Designed by: Max Fenton.
Evisu is the fashion clothing and "genes" company that kick-started with an obsession with vintage jeans. Like their fashion designs the overall colors, layout and nav are beautiful, but unlike their finely crafted wears, the text details, and minor layout elements come a bit unraveled in the Flash site.
A funky illustrator, type stylist and graphic designer portfolio from Italian designer Emanuele Centola. We like the contrasting layered textures on the site... It's just enough, but not too much.
E M M A B O S H I.
A Website about Corporate Identity
A very simple, but powerful little website providing corporate identity resources, specifically pantone color and fonts used in a large number of established brands. Interface could use improvement, however.
A Website about Corporate Identity.
A print magazine that crosses design, art and music - specifically hip-hop and beatmaking DJ's - with a sparse online presense, "Manual" 004 is now available at this posting featuring the artwork of Cody Hudson.
Just fixed the link to this site as we were repairing the newswire and noticed a new design. Nice, minimalist identity and web shop from France.
EVOSTRUCT Alternative Creation (FR).
International Poster Gallery
We've listed it in the past, but you can't go wrong with getting new inspiration from old posters, from the 1880's to post WWII.
IPG PosterFinder by Country & Period.
Junko Mizuno
Repressed or expressive, or both, Junko's fine illustrated mixture of adorable, sexually charged characters live in a kind of pop-noir world of myterious origin. Manga meets the Adams family in this throwback website design for an original Japanese illustrator and designer. Love the blood sausage opening logo.
Junko Mizuno (JP).
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
steven harrington
Truly fantastic minimal, earth-toned illustrations and graphic design await you in this impressive portfolio site. Not only is the site itself a work of beauty, but the print, art and design work inside resonates with total harmony and a deep natural creativity.
steven harrington.
Swindle Mag
If there was any doubt that Mr. Fairey was anything more than a sticker pasting fanatic with a single idea, then this should prove the sceptics wrong... With a new quarterly pop-culture and lifestyle publication.
Swindle Magazine.
The personal portfolio of Gregory Durrell, who is a modern and straight Swiss designer, as much as he is a straight scroller. A one page wonder.
Xrtions No. 4.
Alexander McQueen
Just released at this posting, the new Flash web site for Alexander McQueen's fashion line is an instant classic in reliable information architecture and photographic quality. Fashion details present full-body and detail shots simultaneously, and accessory pages have minimal, but essential features to aid instant visual gratification. Not breaking any new webdesign ground, the site has excellent architecture and therefore allows the fashion design do the speaking for itself.
Alexander McQueen.
Anna Griffin Inc
This lightly decorated and meticulously crafted site for Anna Griffin introduces users to a collection of hundreds of beautifully styled products with luxurious patterns and florals for brides, designers and craftspeople.
Anna Griffin Inc.
Design by: OrangeYouGlad.
Dialectica is an expressive depository of "sensory" graphics and design from Carlos Matias. Great illustrated compositions and "messy" art full of color and emotion await your exploration. Broadband highly suggested.
contemporary fashion archive
The CFA is an international project which detects and presents current positions and developments in fashion design. We like the lightly realized lexicon style and colors for this archive of trends and trend setters. Nice logo too.
contemporary fashion archive (AT, UK, NL, DE & BE).

If you like the design of CFA then you'll also like this: Design Object.
ZED Illustration
When it comes to vector and pixel illustration, Zed - a man who has never studied art anywhere, never graduated and never really cared - is exactly the man you want on the job! Great editorial illustrations.
ZED Illustration (BR).
Semtex magazine
For only 4 Euros you can own a hand-made, "spit and glue" copy of Semtex magazine. The new issue (#7) includes 52 pages of music, art and design and 8 limited hand screenprinted diary cards in two editions.
Semtex magazine (BE).
Auto, or Musique Automatique, is a 4 man and woman electro music group from France. And in this site, fabulous colors express the the Auto freaks' fractured French method of finding cool sounds rather than deliberately composing their music. Sounds and looks like fun.
::AUTO:: (FR).
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
exopolis design
A very crisp Flash site from a sharp motion design agency located in Los Angeles. Very nice post production skills and interesting site design make us take notice. Covering broadcast to print and web design (for film sites). Great work.
exopolis design (Los Angeles, CA).
Rapha – Performance Roadwear
In the theme of today's aquisition of the Maillot Jeune by Lance Armstrong today, here's a CSS standards compliant website for Rapha performance cycling roadwear. Love the logo. And we're assuming Lance himself is quite "standards compliant".
Rapha – Performance Roadwear.
Already an accomplished designer and graphic illustrator - at age 17 no less - Ben Wilkerson Tousley gives us his new portfolio design and projects covering editorial works for fashion, mags and photo-illustration pieces that we love.
Benjamin Wilkerton Tousley (Indiana, USA).
KOA is Cramm Olivier, a French art director and design fanatic who illustrates, prints and plays with toys he makes himself. There's cool paintings and large format prints as well as plushies for you, if you are brave enough to explore the madness inside. (Hi bandwith recommended).
KOA Design. Vision03 (FR).
An online gallery of art and posters from several passionate and highly talented artists... Peruse the large format pieces inside, see fine details, and purchase them for yourself! All art is copyright protected and owned by each respective artist.
:: OXCUBE ::
Soft feathery and "plushious" design of games, animations, characters and illustrations from indy designer Jin Young Kim. Excellent natural and dream-like Flash execution.
Oxcube (Chigaco, IL).
Lobo freatures some of the hotter motion and graphic design projects we've seen in a while. From Diesel designs to the Logowelt projects, bright colors and full-on designs in post and pre-production for advertising, fashion and commercials are the rule of the day.
Monday, July 19, 2004
YASLY | YouAreSoLastYear
Since Digitalthread is the epitome of being "last year", or almost "last decade" at this point, we can't resist posting up Danny Jones's super, spanking, cutting-edge portfolio of the moment. Really nice print and web work in the lemon fresh and brown shell.
YASLY | YouAreSoLastYear (FL).
(but, p.s. A new DT is coming this year).
My favorite, and only French graffiti friends, have relaunched their site with a slightly dirtier appeal, which is a nice development from their usually pristine graphic/graffiti style. Plus, they have posted more projects, in their ongoing painting proliferation.
123Klan (FR).
A comedy of piggish portions... err... proportions, Fernando Nieto gives us a Flash powered animation, 3-D and illustration portfolio with a bloody funny theme.
free the department
Stephen Crowhurst is a fine artist, art director, designer, and illustrator working within cultural, fashion, editorial, musical realms and whatever falls between. Nice mixed medium pieces.
free the department // ftd (Toronto, CA).
Klasse Sagmeister
The exhibits from the students of the Sagmeister design class at UDK design school in Berlin. Quite an array of forward-thinking designs for the public. Impressive and "thought-full".
Klasse Sagmeister.
Saturday, July 17, 2004
Skwak is your psychedellic nuclear illustration factory pumping out nothing but the brightest drawings, glowing animations and hot graphic products for your visual pleasure. Willy Wonka's chocolate factory gets a run for it's money.
A youth brand agency that is anything but dry, with over-the-top style attention grabbing graphics and portfolio projects, all positioned in your face. Wet your lips for more.
Friday, July 16, 2004
Recently updated at this posting in all it's spendour and fine art, Vault49 gives us a design as tight as tatoos. Included in the update are 8 new projects, ranging from editorial illustration to fashion design and then, more of their fantastic illustration (with some graphic design thrown in for good measure).
Vault49 (NYC).
A dark and digital fashion site for Japanese fashion master Issey Miyake. The fashion house has really embraced web technology (especially Flash) with a variety of motifs covering such themes as birth to cyber landscapes. Heavy loads, but usually (or unusually) worth it.
Elixirstudio is Arnaud Mercier
Ok, fine! Arnaud's new site isn't up yet, but in the meantime, if you missed the old site, here's your last chance... Who knows when the new one will be up, but with fine grid design work such as this, who cares?
Elixirstudio is Arnaud Mercier.
Octavia Housing and Care
Not WEB housing, but actual PEOPLE housing, Octavia makes affordable housing availble for those in need of a solid roof over their head. Quite a nice clean and minimal site, integrating large format photography quite effectively.
Octavia Housing and Care (UK).
A creative multimedia and design firm with a different outlook. Peppered with artistic originality and innovative freedom, INKAHOOTS brings their own Aussie flavor to a some cool print, ID and web projects.
Somewhere in the matrix sits workmatrix, a firm of specialized German engineers tinkering around in the guts of the web, making it work faster and better than ever before.
workmatrix: agentur für digitale medien (DE).
Digitally Branded
Although Digitally Branded is extremely heavy-handed with it's motifs, there's the complete package to consider, which covers everything from the splash page and the calendar, down to the two free fonts and photoshop brushes. Basically, it covers a lot of territory.
Digitally Branded.
Although there are a couple elements to this site that (very minorly) impact the site appearance, Panagraphic rocks one of the better company logo designs and a hefty work portfolio that makes this a worthy hybrid studio posting.
Anyone with the balls to name their company Viagraphic had better come up with the hard results to back it up... And at first we were dubious, but when we found over 20 free fonts and some really great work inside, we got a little "viagraphic" ourselves.
Thursday, July 15, 2004
Refill your palette, if you already haven't had your fill, with new images and designs from today's hipster design heavyweights, introducing... many of the usual suspects. Buy it, staple it to the back of your jacket, and wear it with aloof, obsequious pride. Just watch out you don't get your ass kicked.
Refill Mag (Too hip... Too hot).
P.S. We're just kidding. Ease down!
A young "heartfelt" agency from Italy working the youth and fashion angles in their little pink site. Nice samples for clients such as MTV Italy and many others. Live the 12|30 lifestyle.
dodicitrenta (Milan, IT).
merkley + partners
A strong print, and television advertising and design agency. Nice work showcased in a very nice site using squares, beautiful pastels and the all knowing, all seeing grid. They also feature a complete (in-house) interactive agency side for their clients.
merkley + partners.
Hey 'threaders... after years of entropy and dilapidation, we've updated and fixed all broken links on the designhaus area (!). And we're moving through the rest of the site today to eliminate more 404's. It's spring-cleaning day.
Go to the designhaus (updated).
Use W3C Link Checker for your own pages.
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
While this Dinosaur "project" appears kind of funny, in fact, we think it distracts from the artists' paintings, which are quite excellent. Hopefully the explanation is something more deeply twisted than just a fascination with the irony of prehistoric plastic.
Get yourself open with the far reaching design of this unique collaborative agency. From fine identity design to print, motion and web design, open offers open possibilities in design solutions. Not just a clever name, but a philosophy of acceptance... as seen in tight collaborations with Chip Wass (illustrator extraordinare: see Wassco) and FLAT, a multi-disciplinary firm... to name a few. Get open.
open (not closed) (NYC).
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Q Collective
A small, interdisciplinary design firm that places an emphasis on concept, experimentation and process... "Q" really impresses us with their stripped down site navigation and outstanding design projects, covering everything from print, to ID to web design.
Q Collective (NYC).
thirteen pieces
You've never been so horrified by the power of design like this before. A talent of heatbreaking proportions, Noel Pretorious unleashes typography, print and illustrated design work so gruesome, it's obvious he has not seen the light of day for ages... Go torture yourself with this exceptional iconographic massacre.
thirteen pieces (London, relocating to Stockholm)
A sophisticated branding, print and design studio located in Minneapolis and NYC, Kilter shows us some good form and balanced design in their clean public site. Great client list.
Kilter (MN and NYC).
Monday, July 12, 2004
Wood paneling and tabs like paper post-it notes... Don't get cut or catch a splinter on this sharp design for 417north productions website, an indy portfolio based in Pasadena, CA (at this posting). Superb implementation.
417north - The Letterbox Edition (USA).
A funky, electric and clean portfolio of French illustrator and designer, with a skill set strong in print design projects. Love the fun, non-aliased feel, like an old-school, hacked together BBS.
An seeming interactive story-building adventure, but somewhat senseless because we couldn't really find anything to click on during the tour, and it seemed like another gratuitous Flash site. However, the tour is interesting, in the same way a kaleidescope is visually entertaining and somehow held our attention.
Once in a while, an effective, readable site is born... And it's not just because of the design, but also because the company has something to say. Balancing the two together to convey meaning is at the heart of communication planning... Which is to say, that this print and recruitment advertising agency has it's planning down pat.
Giraffe (UK).
Saturday, July 10, 2004
VectorBoost - vb*01
A fun compilation of vector illustration and vector skills. Issue 1 is an erotic issue: "The pimp issue". Further editions will expand the VB city. VB are Nuno Salvaterra , and Diogo Machado.
VectorBoost - vb*01.
A very pro firm with beautiful colors and a forward-facing portfolio layout that creates and modern and inviting feel. Love the projects, and the site colors are really fun. Covering print and web.
Leftloft - Graphic design - Communication (IT).
An interesting new content destination for designers interested in branding and corporate identity (and who isn't at least occasionally piqued?). Cidoc brings us an archive of corporate identity documentation, corporate design manuals, styleguides, and logo images. Just in beta at this posting, but a great looking brand resource.
Friday, July 09, 2004
Photo blogs galore...
Self publishing, digital cameras... a marriage made in heaven for many. And the results? Sweet visual exstacy and immediate gratification. Here's a list of photo blogs (in various levels of customization) that you'll enjoy perusing for the weekend. 'Njoy!

Gluebalize Magazine
Now on line... A Gluebalize special event issue about music as memetic machine, for the Arezzo Wave Music Festival. This is an important, evocative and epic fact. Enjoy the visuals and sounds.
Gluebalize Magazine . "The network is the artwork".
Max Weber
Fun, Flashy, and in your face design from Polish designer, animator and cartoonist Max Weber. Designer of previously posted Home of Credit. He's good people.
Max Weber Flash Website (PL).
Not only the first automated diner in NYC, but also a clean and crisp Austrian design firm. Listed in the desighaus, and featuring a new design for 2004.
Megahell is not your garden variety illustration portfolio... He's more of a French thug, bringing you a tough-looking style and some tough-love content, drawings, art direction and more for various urban outlets. You are what you eat!
twothirty media inc.
When you know how to design for the web, you don't need a flashy site to show people who is boss. Because most of your clients and your client's clients actually want people to read. (surprise!). To that end, twothirty brings us a very readable, clean, CSS-based site.
twothirty media inc. (CAN).
Thursday, July 08, 2004
::Kid Gaucho::
Straight from the streets, Kid G spits and sprays his strong graphic compostions in three different sites under the Gaucho umbrella: An experimental graphic portfolio, a corporate(ish) personal work space, and a t-shirt and stencil gallery.
::Kid Gaucho:: Imagen & Comunicación (Buenos Aires, AR).
Andrio Abero tells us that his solo design show is now open at the Art Institute of Seattle, which is where he went to school. The opening party is July 15th from 5-7pm. Great graphics and posters.
33rpm (Seattle).
I.D. Magazine | Annual Design Review
The results from the 2004 Design review, passing out well-earned awards for everything from iPod's packaging to the "Fucking A" Poster (graphics). Can't you just see the winners smiling?
I.D. Magazine | Annual Design Review.
A modern architecture, interiors and design firm based in the UK... ORMS has a beautifully clean site, anelegant large-format portfolio and with at about 50 employees (at this posting), an established practice and philosophy of design. Quite nice!
ORMS Design.
Interesting design reads at NYTimes today
Two articles of interest today at the NYTimes [usr: digitalthread / psw: digitalthread]. One relating to the Gotham typeface used in the new Freedom Tower Cornerstone designed by Tobias Frere-Jones, a native New Yorker. And the other relating to the redesign of MSN Search, which it appears is a complete (so-called "trial") rip-off of Google.

[We set up an account so you can quickly log in: user: digitalthread / password: digitalthread].
This 'mattisimo' has the right design machismo to make us shudder in awe. But do design heavyweights like this actually lift books? Apparently so... Because in a familiar book format, this portfolio is strong in design, heavy in content, and well-sculpted in build. As impressive as they get... 'Njoy!
mattisimo (US to UK).
180 Amsterdam
A self-termed "international" agency with a single location in Amsterdam, 180 displays outdoor ads, tv spots and websites for a select number of high-end clients. Very clear and simple site makes us believe their pitch.
180 Amsterdam.
:::... Universo Zumrok ...:::
For some young kids in Spain, this site could be a fantastic visual treat. Extremely colorful and busy, you can explore 5 main areas filled with animated spaceships and characters to play a few simple Flash games and other downloadable treats.
Universo Zumrok (ES).
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Resist Crew
Resist is an eclectic association of graf artists who use cross-pollination, collaboration and "the remix" as methods of arriving at wild new styles of graf and design.
Resist Crew (Int'l).
By Default
While we're definitely fans of simple portfolios, this site stradles the line of actual "web design", with added frame code and putting portfolio images in the background, it creates a dubious cross between hack and brilliant simplicity. The work, however, falls quite clearly into the "brilliant" category.
By Default .
{ T O G G L E M a g a z i n e }
Fix your little peepers onto the 2nd release of Toggle magazine, featuring an interesting collage of illustration, design and art (from two artists) that explores the theme of "stigma", social identity and social labels. Toggle is 50% thinkmule and 50% jacklamotta.
{ T O G G L E M a g a z i n e } (PDF).
If you don't happen to mind that EVERY damn link goes to a pdf document, then this is a pretty good start for a "progressive" branding company site.
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
We'll keep bringing you more Lance sites as we can find them... Go support him, and cancer survivors all over the world.
Also Design
A very cool Flash site design... taking us along the route of all their "also's"... Also design will illustrate, and also animate and also design with their expertise in creating beautiful and original minimal, but fun designs. All that, and the video... Also.
Also Design, Illustration, Animation, Video (Chicago).
Teodor Droscaru
Sites being served from Romania are notoriously slow, but if you can stand the occational page wait, you'll be happy to discover a new way of looking at page designs from this indy designer from Romania... Oversized. Blue. Different.
Teodor Droscaru (RO).
This web production company from France composes a rather delicate balancing act of Flash effects, artistic edging, photography, iconography and type that makes weaker designs fall by the wayside. Seriously, any number of things could go wrong is such a production, but the Inouit group balances them out harmoniously and successfully in their company site. Magnifique!
A dark, minimal and moody portfolio of Finnish illustrator and graphic designer Pietari Posti. Yes, it's on a white background, so it feels light... but inside there's a revealing touch of "illustration noir" that we really admire.
PIETARI POSTI (Helsinki, Finland).
Definitely one of the hotter personal portfolios we've seen all week, this personal wonder is very clean, very clear, very smart... and very Swiss. And don't even get us started on the work inside, ranging from print, to advertising to font design and much more. A wonder of the web!
Fiveonesix - Tiziana Haug Portfolio (NYC).
MEDICI focuses on brand studies, corporate naming, ID revitaliation and in a nutshell: getting the branding process moving. A diverse range of products samples show a wide range of branding capabilities. Quite nice.
MEDICIbrands (Santa Monica, CA).
KVAD : v6
KVAD revamps his portfolio to make it all new and shiny. Lots of boxy navigational elements leading to big previews... take your time to let it all sink in, because it's quite deep.
KVAD : version 6 (Norway).
Monday, July 05, 2004
Monkey Clan
Remnants of the Kioken group make up the Monkey Clan, who give us the softly sanded wooden Flash site with asian/oriental overtones. Great work, as could be expected from this former design powerhouse.
-= Monkey Clan =-.
Ms. Kitten
One of the founders of electro clash sounds, Ms Kittens' hand-scrawled web site design creates the perfect trashy venue and non-designed laisse-faire "tricky" style that irreverent electro fans love. Fuck ya!
Welcome to Kitten's World.
pages - issue 7
Mostly fashion images and writing with a heavy design twist, pages releases issue 7, containing more flourishes than a victorian tapestry.
pages™ - issue 7 - July.
Sunday, July 04, 2004
Tenzin Wangchuk
Disinformation design, reverse engineering, experimental technology and some real, reel visuals from Tenzin Wangchuk. Works spanning from 2000-2003. Get out there and do something people! That's the message for this July 4th.
Tenzin Wangchuk for revolutionary action.
deekons 2004AD
No special themed sites for July 4th here... and personally, we're tired of wasteful Americans who have no concept that their splurging and waste actually effects people in other countries. And to that end, we introduce Deekons 2nd-3rd Movement, launched today. Headphones help for the full multimedia experience.
shopshop till yu drop, msg from the deekons 2004AD auficial internet site.
Saturday, July 03, 2004
Most people wouldn't know that many of the great poster artists of the century came from Poland. It's a fact that practically any country that went through such hardships has to find an artistic way to express itself. And in that vein, comaDivision brings us a new format of mostly flat designs revolving around a theme, designed by (13 at this posting) Polish designers and artists from different walks of life. cD is a nice, clean platform for expression from abroad.
comaDivision (PL).
A young Polish designer with a mix of flavors. Site doesn't work perfectly on OSX Safari, but seems promising, from what little we can see.
ka-we (PL).
A very funky site for Nono, a French break beat designer and muscial artist. So funky, in fact, that it may take a bit of time to decipher (there's a very clear help style that you can use when in doubt). Original and creative, just like the funky beats and jazzy sounds that he creates, Nono has come full circle with his music - from jazz to digital - using digital music as a way to enhance his auditory capabilities. Welcome to the digitalthread Nono!
As far as web and screen design goes, this designer has his "paneled" design style refined down to a "T". Sure, it's corporate, but he also pumps out some really good subcultural print work for skateshops and music events. Basically, this guy works both sides of the fence... Kudos.
072r | v7 (DE).
A very tight little site for this comic book and childrens book illustrator. Although it could seem a bit too rigid to compliment his quirky style, the concept can also be interpreted as comic book panes, and therefore a great way to organize and display the expressive illustrations.
JONESiD ~ illustration, comics, childrens books & design.
Lomography South Africa
Avid new fans of this once neglected Russian camera will enjoy this new South African local version of The Lomographic Society Int'l. The original brings us the much larger selection of the rich, bleeding-color images from all over the world that the Lomo is famous for, but the ZA local version reveals a richer, paneled design, and a small targeted selection of Lomo-graphs. Enjoy.
Lomography South Africa.
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Cloud King
My, isn't the web a wonderful thing? Free artist portfolios cum gallery for painters, illustrators and designers. An elite resting space for some of the web's finest... Wait, didn't we try to start that 8 years ago? Oh... but this is different.
Cloud King : An Art Gallery.
Swiss, from Sweden - not Switzerland - produce some truly outstanding 2-D and 3-D visual effects and motion design for film, commercials and motion projects. Love the minimal site.
Swiss (SE).
Half T-shirt company and half effects designers for motion, film and more... There's plenty of Winter nuts to be cracked open in this beautiful site.
form one
A very, very crispy site from Germany (where else do crispy things come from?). form one develops and communicates design through some great work in web, illustration (character design), ID and motion design. Quite a beautiful site... we love the thin lines and little repeating animated objects in the headers.
form one: visuelle kommunikation (Hamburg, DE).
A hybrid web, print, motion and branding firm with a classic clean look, sets out to prove that they can still rock, even though the tallest downtown building in their city is only 16 stories. We hope they move up to the top floor.
:: SPIN COMMUNICATIONS :: (Greensboro, NC).
TAK Pushpins
While the site design of this company is nothing to scream about, the concept of redesigning the classic pushpin with two prongs to prevent swivel is one of those brilliant once-in-a-life-time epiphanies that just makes you want to say "Duh!". You wish you had thought of it.
Ideation Design - TAK Pushpins.
Illustrators live in a fantasy world. And THANK GOD, because without a little fantasy (mixed in with a heaping of tragedy), this world would have no humor! Is there a lesson to be learned? Well, don't take yourself too seriously, and express yourself fully and as often as possible. Or just follow the lead of amazing illustrator and designer Mauro Gatti.
Ciao amici, we are.... theBrainbox @ 2004 (IT).
Crossing lines and styles, from dark and gothic to minimal and sleek, interactive and flat, this portfolio epitomizes an understanding of what a web design portfolio should be... accessible, content-driven, and rapidly digestible. A good swath of identity, interactive, photography, print and styling projects inside.
MarvynDT | Marvyn D. Tinitigan (US).