Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Just the interface please! In its pure pastel simplicity, this site makes us want to click through and discover each of the projects in this portfolio of web designer Jon Montenegro... Which helps, because the site is a rather heavy loader, and has a lot to click through. It could benefit, we believe, a bit from reducing the number of different cross-category "searches", but is otherwise an instant favorite.
Jonjon (Allentown, PA).
at-elier presents a selection of print, poster, logo and design jobs done by the graphic designers Sébastien Vigne and Julien Notter, since the beginning of their co-operation in 2002. Good taste and minimalism knows no bounds!
at-elier: julien notter & sébastien vigne, graphistes (CH).
Follow the Rhinos
In a beautiful display of natural hues and tones, this site tracks the journey of two white rhinos from Ohio to their new home at the Phoenix Zoo. Completely CSS and XHTML compliant standards design, with a whole host of little graphic touches that make this a pleasant journal to visit and re-visit.
Follow the Rhinos.
Interestingly enough, the site is built by: Rhino Internet.
Filmtecknarna Animation Stockholm
We just blogged this a couple weeks back, but it's interesting to note that the video for Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" was awarded as "best breakthrough video" at the MTV Video Music Awards, and the video was directed by FilmTecknarna's Jonas Odell.
Filmtecknarna Animation Stockholm.
Addikt is a new Amsterdam-based motion graphics studio that specializes in 2D and 3D animation for TV and video. Simple one-pager makes this a no brainer.
ADDIKT design movement (NL).
Art * Illustration
With beefy icons and a straightforward book, page-flipping navigation, it's impossible to get lost in this illustration and character design portfolio. We quite liked the editorial illustrations made of mixed media.
Art * Illustration, portfolio of Marius Langerak (NL).
Kontrasti is the creative gallery of design, illustrations, photos and writings from Johannes Koski. It tells a story of the artist and at its heart is the book Sininen (Blue), a short story of the essence of life as he perceives it. The Finnish word "kontrasti" means contrast, "the force that controls how we feel by disguising joy in the clothes of sorrow and vica versa".
Kontrasti (FI).
We like this architecture, sculpture and graphic designers' portfolio because it is simple, yet different. Large images frame the work nicely, in this roughly assembled site, and create an atmosphere apart from the actual screen.
Monday, August 30, 2004
Etienne Ranc
A straightforward Flash portfolio with an ultra-clear, non-distracting, user interface design architecture. Comes with some background pictures that show the geographical context of Etiennes' origins.
Etienne Ranc Portfolio (MX).
Sunday, August 29, 2004
on Leon
Leon is an astute and excellent graphic designer for print, and illustrator for editorial, whose deep and prolific portfolio of work from the Netherlands should serve to both educate and inspire.
on Leon (NL).
Magnus Portfolio
A basic, if not overly barren portofolio of graphic designer Magnus Lowing Swahn. Ongoing work and personal projects from 2003-2004 (mostly graphics and a little multimedia).
Magnus Portfolio.
Saturday, August 28, 2004
A slightly cold, yet easy to use portfolio that you'll warm up to when fipping through the large format pieces of designer Evan Dennis. Nice student and professional covering CD-rom, motion and print.
nextseason (Philadelphia, PA).
Friday, August 27, 2004
Located in Switzerland, Essence is a slick identity agency specializing in Brand creation and optimization for a set of small and medium sized clients. Quite a nice site with a mysterious, ethereal feel.
Essence (CH).
Galerie Taménaga
A nice, clean, and fully XML driven flash website created for famous Japanese gallery Tamenaga. Designed and produced by FunkyCorp Tokyo.
Galerie Taménaga | Tokyo - Paris - Osaka (JP).
Posters: WeWorkForThem Poster Collection 2
A new series of abstract graphic design posters available...
Posters: WeWorkForThem Poster Collection 2
Thursday, August 26, 2004
AIGA_ATL :: atlanta chapter
A standards compliant design that is strong enough for a fickle audience of designers? That was the goal for the redesign of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts... does it succeed? You decide. We can't even concentrate long enough to click on the link!
AIGA_ATL :: atlanta chapter
Besides it being very difficult to physically click on the different sections of this Argentinian multimedia design company portfolio, we did find a great range of work exhibited in everything from ID design to Industrial Design.
.: F U S I O N :. Estudio Multimedial (AR).
This is a very small portfolio site, which we like because it's not about the website... it's about the work. A simple portfolio with an emphasis on print and illustration projects.
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Follow your own star
In only slight departure from their established steely metal design sense, DaimlerChrysler promotes a seemingly huge event where 400 teams of people from 24 countries get to be their own "stars" and drive around Europe in an A-Class Mercedes. Some interesting elements in this mini promo site.
Follow your own star - (FIXED LINK).
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Lee Jeans
A comletely hacked together "old-school-style" web design execution for Lee Jeans Australia. The site limps in with a lo-budget 70's porn theme with all sorts of misleading broken images and ancient web "pop-ups" and alerts, built as if the website was actually made in the 70's! We haven't seen such a well executed "broken" site since Donniedarko.com. In fact, we kind of wish there were more overall pages to explore, but that's just how it was back then!
Lee Jeans (AU).
Max Definition
A fast loading Flash site, for a change, in this specially tailored effort to demonstrate this UK firms' attention to speed and internet efficiency. Overall, it's amazing, considering all the little graphic elements. It certainly seems that Max understands its online clientelle and executes projects accordingly.
Max Definition (UK).
An excellent firm exhibing classic Swedish design sensibility in their grid-based beauty of a site... Doberman has a superb design portfolio that ranges from cross technology mobile apps to web design to print and identity. An instant classic.
Doberman (SE).
As one of the few great submissions we get from China, this personal portfolio is a breath of fresh air set on a pure grid framework and conceived in very simple terms. It's only a shame we can't read the Chinese characters, but maybe it's even better left as a mystery.
Noman (CH).
Monday, August 23, 2004
Juxt Interactive - Recent work...
Todd over at Juxt sent us this email last week including three new mini-site promotional projects he's worked on recently... and we couldn't decide which one to post, since they all have such different styles! So, have your pick:
Nestea COOL.
Boost Mobile Pro Surf.
New LG Mobile Phones.
SUPER 8 - Andrew Cross
I've heard that in England it's all about Cross breeding in the family... but I never though it'd get this close! Yes, this site architecture will remind of you of "Feliz" (posted below) by Graham Cross, because it's his twin brother, Andrew Cross. This Cross is an up and coming illustrator specialising in stylish intelligent nonsense. I won't say whose is better, but I will say that the Super 8 logo is definitely one of the best we've seen in quite a long time.
Feliz - Graham Cross
What we love about these color pencil drawings and stencil illustrations is their simplicity... Like what your mind's-eye would recall from high-school drawing class - only in reality, these are much more refined and beautiful. There's a calm and understanding to the hand-drawn Bolivian faces and people in the drawings that creates mesmerising and captivating aura (just don't miss the scroller at the bottom of the pictures).
Feliz - Graham Cross (UK)
Zosia Zija photography
A seductive, black and white and sepia web portfolio of Zosia Zija, a young, known Polish photographer, who is quite a fine... artist. And some people say her site is fine too.
Zosia Zija photography (PL).
Large Format Nike Ad
Personally, I'm not one for large format ads... There's already too much of them in major cities eye-blitzing your daily visual landscape. But what can I say... here's one more, in Brussels, for part of Nike's Olympic Speed campaign. I guess if it's not in my city, it's OK.
Nike (BE).
By Design By Build.
Quickies is not a portfolio per se, but a series of daily short exercises in design, with content derived from a general monthly theme. At first glance, the site has just started, with only one month of dusty, western-stylized illutrations to be seen under the theme of "Nickel Jackpot".
Quickies (US).
Sunday, August 22, 2004
Apparently, and only in the last two years (since 2003), Benjamin R. Stottlemyer has started creating, painting, drawing and illustrating art, editorial and fashion pages. Truly, making the things he touches more visually appealing.
Pillowhead | Making the World More Visually Appealing Since 2003 (Virginia Beach).
Frederik Samuel
Frederik is just out of school (at this posting) and looking for work, as mentioned in this monochromatic grey portfolio, filled mostly with design of print graphics and advertising pages.
Frederik Samuel (CA).
Saturday, August 21, 2004
A fine graphic personal portfolio (third version at this posting) of designer Emanuele Centola from Italy. Nice colorful graphics and an open-ended style create a nice framework for some creative pieces inside. Like the poster work.
Emmaboshi (IT).
Friday, August 20, 2004
éS Footwear
A very expansive teal and black site for the skateboard and impact sports footwear and clothing brand. Throughout the clean site, XHTML and CSS compliance make this a fast loader. Use a tab and click on the homepage Flash for a little easter egg.
éS Footwear.
Pablo Marques
Hard to top the flavors exhibited in this personal portfolio of a Flash, graphic design and illustration work from Pablo Marques - hailing from San Paulo. This 25 year old Brazilian interactive art director showcases his top work of the last 7 years in a very functional and feature-rich Flash site: We especially love the function that sets the last-viewed portfolio items in the backboard billboard. Rich and color-full!
Pablo Marques, MMIV (BR).
Graphik Boutique
This lightly designed grid-based site is a complete contrast to the rich, refined and textural 3-D, illustration and motion design work of independent designer Ben Miners.
Graphik Boutique.
A Symbol’s Course...
Although this page breaks slightly on my browser, this is an interesting page from which to compare the changes of olympic torch design and what appear to be official olympic poster designs (in my humble opinion, as the torch designs got slicker, the posters lost all creativity).
A Symbol’s Course... The Olympic Torch.
A super crisp, minimal little site for a design company focusing mostly on independent print projects. Love the adherence to the grid, the extra projects exploring type, and the single poster for sale.
Noncollective (IE).
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Your high-school yearbook never looked quite as patchwork and distressed as these specially antiqued graphics for this stylish retro clothing company... Franklin and Marshall take on the popular design trend of retro collegiate sports clothing and add their own twist in this graphically rich site.
the Creatures in my Head
Funky black and white characters and creatures are only the beginning of the fun at Andrew Bells illustration website. Throw in user-driven functionality such as creature rating and adding comments - plus several other sections - makes this a sticky, original and interesting portfolio site.
the Creatures in my Head.
Monday, August 16, 2004
Finely nutured and exquisitely detailed, this site for a mutimedia company really gives a great Victorian era sensibility to their broadcast portfolio.
MASHINIMA - Grupo Audiovisual.
Recently updated, this site for Drum & Bass music and culture has a rough and ready design sensitivity.
Sunday, August 15, 2004
Dick Patrick Photography
Can you sign my yearbook? I want to remember you and keep all my photographs, from still life shots to my food and beverage photography, all in one place. A different kind of personal photography portfolio.
Dick Patrick Photography.
You couldn't find a pixel out of place in this antiseptic, beige, minimal site for a DJ booking agency in Hamburg, Germany. No germs here.
Nullbooking (DE).
Alan Heighton
A quirky, but light and minimally decorated illustration portfolio of fine artist and designer Alan Heighton. Quite relaxed and inviting illustration style. Great colors.
Alan Heighton (UK).
Saturday, August 14, 2004
ATHENS 2004 (Olympic.org)
Since the Olympic Athens 2004 site covering the the games went the route of a news-style design (athens2004.com), we'd rather present the Olympic Committee Site for it's clean, refreshing design approach and informative pages. Quite beautiful.
Humza Ijaz
In this long, simple "scroller", we are introduced to nineteen year old designer, Humza Ijaz, who currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nice illustrations, mixed with photos and experimental works (graphic design and typography).
Portfolio of Digital Artist Humza Ijaz.
Friday, August 13, 2004
Design Urge - Hayato Kamono
A daring minimalist site for an indy L.A. designer. Some great typography, illustration and graphic design work inside, just wait for each section to load completely, and enjoy!
///Design Urge - Now Go Create///.
Part design magazine, part exhibition, Passvite invites designers to submit new ideas around 5 conceptual directions and provides a beautiful platform for personal exposure, and a "best of" magazine.
Passvite (PT).
It's been far too long... But at this posting, there are a few new products in the Crush Trade store. T-shirts and more.
Motorola Live Visuals Award
Today it takes more than a DJ to meet the demands of a great party, so now Motorola, in co-operation with flora&fauna visions agency and the organisers of the Contact Europe Festival, announces the first competition in the field of club visuals: The LIVE VISUALS AWARD from Motorola... For VJ's!
Motorola Live Visuals Award.
Monday, August 09, 2004
Holiday Design
A very simple little site for a design firm with a short, but tight list of clients. But size doesn't matter when substance is of importance.
Holiday Design (Los Angeles).
Strangely sounding just like "Pepsi" this German based health drink is just the opposite... A natural beverage with a modern touch... An interactive Flash site.
ípsei (DE).
Saturday, August 07, 2004
Hand Held Heart (H3)
A very tight graphic personal portfolio, featuring great typography, and a somewhat loose style. A broadband connection is recommended.
Hand Held Heart (H3).
Tom Hingston Studio
A super clean little minimal site for a personal portfolio, mainly covering identity design, but showcases some high-end work from a variety of different graphic projects.
Tom Hingston Studio.
A clean and simple little Swedish firm with web standards and CSS compliant design projects.
monc (SE).
Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Ars Thanea
Ars Thanea is a sort of clean brochure company site that springs from a print style into an interactive, explanational creative platform for a personal portfolio and company from Poland. Nice colors.
Ars Thanea [ Art of View ] (Warsaw, PL).
Tuesday, August 03, 2004
It's Me Not You
When it's all about me, and not you is when I get the most work done. And not thinking about what other people do is what Todd Alan Breland's creative portfolio is all about. Fine golden yellows and a-typical scrolling navigation helps booster the great fashion design and graphics found within. Enjoy and embrace the hype.
IMNY - Creative Aid For The Artistically Impaired.
Monday, August 02, 2004
Marc Rogmans - POLYmedial
It's always a consideration - no matter the language - in any site that the content should be accessible regardless of text. Or in the same sense, the text regardless of images. And in this illustration and graphic design portfolio site, we have a clean and clear cut definition in German, or any other tongue you should choose.
Marc Rogmans - POLYmedial (DE).
Burton 2005
Now the umbrella site of several sports companies (Gravis, Red, Anon and Analog) Burton's new site covers all the bases, in a mix of old tattered leather and masking tape, great desaturated photos, new modern logos and of course Flash. Now, more than ever, with a marked focus on the shopping experience.
Burton 2005.