Monday, September 27, 2004
MAC Rhino Fonts
MRF {MAC Rhino Fonts}... A new Swedish type foundry. All the typedesign of Stefan Hattenbach collected in one place. Established in 2003, but founder Stefan Hattenbach has been producing fonts since 1997. The foundry also operates as an independent studio, collaborating with its partners in various disciplines whenever necessary.
MAC Rhino Fonts (SE).
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Imaginary Systems
Also known in the past as Egeis Digital and Exidge Studios (whew!), Imaginary is a sophisticated branding and design consultancy that rocks the clean style on their site... all the better to showcase a host of various intersting communication and new media projects.
Imaginary Systems (Singapore).
Just updated with new junk, SFAUSTINA design are trashy artists and graphic designers in the scratchy urban sense of it all. Get down and dirty with this mixed media and illustrated design portfolio with lots of little extras. Expressive, colorful, and fun! Just like design should be.
SFAUSTINA™ design.
Duro Compagnie
With a metallic slickness and jet-like qualities, here is a frills-free showcase of some of the motion design work that has been done by Danny Rubyono, a designer at downstream, a post production and design house in Portland, Oregon. And he's thrown in some other design disciplines like print and brand identity, just for good measure.
Duro Compagnie | Danny Rubyono
artificial: imagina
It took us a second to realize... This is the flowery, fancy portfolio of a designer from San Paolo Brazil who specializes in animated Flash banner ads for a variety of clients in South America. Definitely something a little different.
artificial: imagina como se fosse. (BR).
Three Steps Left of Normal
Take a big step back before you approach the flat art on this site, so you can triangulate your screen and get the best view. It's worth it, to see some new ideas and thoughts from this group of unique commercial artist promoting their works.
Three Steps Left of Normal.
The next best thing to having video on a fashion clothing site are these cut-out action stills you can click and explore in three different poses. A plain, yet active Flash site for an expressive Venezualan clothing designer Yrmis Barroeta.
Site by: Knowawall.
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Definitely one of the hotter portfolios we've seen recently, Pablo Pinasco - is that a made-up name? - wows us with a hyper minimal graphic design portfolio. He's basically re-set the rules here and ordained double-clicking as the only way to navigate, (which we don't totally agree with), but it sets the stage for something a little different than the others. 'Njoy!
nanozoom { directeur artistique } (Marseille, FR).
You've probably seen these professional editorial illustrations with the finessed details of pixel artists in several publications... HH has a very long string of portfolio projects (spanning the Op|Ed Section of the Times to the Wall Street Journal) that slowly cause you to lower your guard, question your assumptions and eventually breakdown and trust in Heath. Our favorite part is the "dressed" and "undressed" versions of the illustrations.
TrustHeath | Heath Hinegardner conceptual illustration.
CSS Experiments
Take stylesheets to the next level by dynamically changing the page layout based on the user's screen resolution and browser size, just by changing the stylesheet used. Scale your browser down and see the changes happen on the fly. Opens up another whole level of geeky possibilities in CSS and XHTML design!
The Man in Blue > Resolution Dependent Layout.
Source page: The Man in Blue.
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Imagination Cubed
Here is the second phase of GE Pen. Now you can invite all your little artist friends and girlfriends to draw and chat with them live. As we like to say before starting any sketches... Keep it dirty.
Imagination Cubed.
The space bewteen your current campaign and a successful campaign could be the BRIDGE[HOUSE], a team of analytical thinkers, marketers and brand designers who do work for everything from web to print and product display and installations. We love the clean simplicity and playful attitude of the website - with Flash production from LIFT HERE Inc. - which is robust and leaves little or no room for getting lost.
BRIDGE[HOUSE] (Miami Beach, FL).
Monday, September 20, 2004
RESFEST Digital Film Festival
A truly crazy Flash site for the 2004 RESFEST... We love the illustration work.
RESFEST Digital Film Festival (eventcenter).
A new website for new creative agency, Fluoro from the isle of Australia. They exhibit a clean style, as seen in their namely branding, consultation and identity work for a number of fashion geared companies, among others, and they also showcase a few promotions for online clients.
Fluoro : Creative Consultancy (Sydney, AU)
A seemingly inseperable pair of designers - from the School of Hyper Island - who have formed their own design firm, and are working in the UK (at the time of this posting). A truly clean style with minimal color applications defines most of their work... which is just the style we like.
Daniel&Albert (SE, UK).
A super retrofuturistic site design for a computergrooves (read: digital music and midi sounds) composer and group. All files are available in MP3, Amiga, or our favorite... Commodore 64! Taking it back in style.
G0T080 .
A mixed up and patched together portfolio of graphic design layering, pixels and collage... If you like cardboard cut-outs, then you're only having half the fun you could be having!
A fairly rough and un-designed site represents this graphic artists vision of his own portfolio, which is a far cry from his mixed media and illustrated graphic design pages. Not a lot of web design in here, rather: a place for inspirational graphic design in a deconstructed shell.
BLINDADO - massive netzsteuerung (PT)
Sunday, September 19, 2004
Just released this week, A9 from Amazon offers a clean take on feature-laden search as opposed to Google's minimal search style. The design contrasts and similarities are worth noting, especially the graphics pane... and although this is obviously a "graphics-light" site, it's an interesting excercise in user experience and usability design.
A9 - Amazon's Search Engine.
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Shotokan Karate-Do Goshin Arnhem
It's not easy creating a web site for someone who can kick you ass eight ways to Sunday... It creates a certain "intimidation factor". So for the design to be right - and we mean, "just right" - you have train hard, persevere through grueling tests and eventually master the skills need to succeed. Perhaps you are ready for the next level of enlightenment, grasshoper?
Shotokan Karate-Do Goshin Arnhem (NL).
Portfolio of Marcelo Cuevas Fernandez, a Chilean graphic designer. We like the tight Flash realization, good use of pixel fonts and subtle grey tones with minimal colors.
ANBLICK | Marcelo Cuevas (CL).
Eva Solo
A very inspiring and uplifting site for a industrial design firm specilizing in cooking, serving and "lifestyle" products. Eva Solo, recently sprouted from a design firm established in the 1940's, has the experience of creating Danish household products for several generations, but with a new modern start. We love the fine line work and delicate site design, with multiple pages of original layouts.
Eva Solo (DK).
A complete XML, Flash and fan site dedicated to FC Internazionale Milan and the football stadium. Basically a one page photo-blog site for Italian soccer fanatics.
NON MOLLARE MAI - Shots from S.Siro Stadium (IT).
Digital Kitchen
A studio specializing in full motion packages, advertising, and with a strong slant on branding. DK has recently released a new site update, with new architecture, content, clients, and more.
Digital Kitchen (Seattle, Chicago, Santa Monica, USA).
Friday, September 10, 2004
The Selective Hearing Gallery presents INTO THE VOID: New "soft" illustrated prints and design works by Michael Leon, known as the creative designer behind the CommonwealthStacks. Opening Reception (ASR Weekend, San Diego), Saturday 9/11 from 6-12PM. Exhibition dates 9/11 - 9/30.
INTO THE VOID (Posted in the eventcenter).
This seemingly random set of images has nothing to do with web design whatsoever, however, if you want to some inspiration creating collages and good graphic compositions with an architectural bent, this could help jog the creative juices.
Materialize (Atlanta, GA).
NOW, if you want to see the creative firm behind such stream of conciousness design, then please visit the clean and classy, Ryan Cramer Design.
Thursday, September 09, 2004
escape > route
Man! Those Aussies really know how to trek. And here's a fascinating photoblog from one Aussie's perspective, showcasing photos from a year on the road. Well, 11 months and counting at this posting... The nav is a bit technically challenging, yet there's a pure minimal simplicity and a "global" sense behind the usability design. Very slick and minimal.
escape > route (global, AU).
McMillian, with a website named after their tagline, "Thinking up something better", is an advertising firm specializing in digital, print and multi-media campaigns. As opposed to a traditional web design firm, their website shows how an approach from an "advertising world" perspective can lead to original thinking and better results... Just like many of their projects: simply "better".
McMillan (Canada).
Karborn 2004
Apparently, there's a new web site coming soon, but this designer, profiled by one publication under the title "the best in web design" is anything but!! In fact, we fail to see strict web design in this portfolio at all. Which is not to say that's a bad thing by any means... because what Karborn, a.k.a. John Leigh, is, is an outstanding photo illustrator, digital painter and motion designer all wrapped into one. Brilliant stuff!
Karborn 2004 (Oxfordshire, UK).
Carousel30 is a US based mutimedia design company that covers interactive design, film, print, with some marketing to boot. We quite liked their new (3.0) website design, as a contrast, because it appears to be a standard above their displayed portfolio work. This probably means more good things are yet to come.
Carousel30 (Chevy Chase, MD).
The submission entry deadline is quickly approaching for DOTMOV Festival, a competitive digital film festival held in Japan in November 2004. September 20th is the deadline and there's still time to submit your entries, so get going!
Monday, September 06, 2004
Meet Markus. He likes to skateboard, snowboard, play video games... oh yea, and his favorite things to do are listen to music and go to the movies. We guess he must do all his fabulous bright day-glo 70's graphic designs when he's tired of all that daily routine stuff. The good news for Markus, of course, is that it only gets better after seventeen (Shhh... Don't tell him the truth while he's on a roll!).
Markus from Sweden (A.K.A., Superhero) (SE).
Starck Puma
Whether you care about how they look, or if it seems like you are wearing a pair of color coordinated zero-gravity socks from Kubrick's 2001, isn't important anymore! In this introduction to the latest Phillippe Strarck collaboration, you should be be prepared for a splash of philiosophy, a measured dose of social-biology, some modern marketing and a bit of brainwashing music that all comes together in an attempt to sell you on these new ultra minimal (and high-tech) slippers... err, sneakers.
Starck Puma.
House | Freezestyle
Probably only a seasonal design, although definitely good for most of the year in Poland - where the winter lasts for 6+ months - this icy clothing site serves as a very literal translation of "cool". House one of the few brands in the Polish market geared towards young people with such a polished online image.
House | Freezestyle (PL).
Sunday, September 05, 2004
KearneyRocholl Corporate Communication
Definitely one of the more interesting branding agencies, KearneyRocholl builds graphic design, interior pieces, typedesigns, and combines those specialties with other multimedia disciplines to improve the placement of your product in front of consumers eyes. At this posting, this is one of the slicker looking Flash sites we've seen in a while - and although there appear to be some slight snags in navigating, we'll work through it!
KearneyRocholl Corporate Communication (Frankfurt, DE).
While playing with fire may be risky, playing with a design metaphor such as firemen may be even riskier, but in this personal design portfolio, it's pulled off with flying colors. Great execution and functionality in Flash, displaying everything from web to print advertising and packaging. There's even a way to turn off the siren... err, music.
d414 (Croatia).
Marc Atlan
Recently updated for September, 2004. The guru of clean graphic design for the fashion & beauty world, covering magazine, print and advertising work. New ads, new clients, new designs. 'Njoy.
Marc Atlan.
Friday, September 03, 2004
Degrees Inc.
When you are a young skate punk, you hate yourself, but you love being a rebel, and doing "rebellious" things: especially "youth" sports... But now that you are all grown up, what do you do? You graduate to Degrees Inc. a company that creates edgy brand marketing for the youth and action sports! It's like turning from a graffiti artist to a typographer. Brilliant.
Degrees Inc. (Los Angeles).
Ranked-Choice Voting
A very clean, if almost too sterile, informational site about new ranked-voting procedures in some California cities. It's almost as if the client was too scared to have anything out of the ordinary appear on the site that might confuse users, so that in the end, it lost all of its hierarchical and conceptual thinking and all the information ends up bleeding together and becomes tough to follow. But that's the US gov. for ya... they'll suck the creativity out of any project.
Ranked-Choice Voting.
Something a little different from a Turkish perspective, a portfolio for a multimedia design company specializing in design, print, identity, lots of web sites, and some music and motion design. It's all a jumble of different specialties, and the "boxy" metaphor is the perfect way to put all their work into "organization".
Pitasarim (TR).
Thursday, September 02, 2004
A beautiful minimalist commercial site that uses white - or more accurately: off-white - space wonderfully to create an airy and natural feel. The contrasts of sizes from close-up of the ergonomic desk chairs - named Sum - to miniture animals cavorting about the screen create tension in the provided space, while everything else seems very accessible and fun.
Designed by: Deepplay.
Design Method of Operation
de.MO showcases a whole range of identity and graphic design work in their crisp Flash/XML based site which features a very clean Japanese design sensibility. Projects range from web to print, DVDs and especially books, of which they have published several types covering engaging and passionate subject matter.
Design Method of Operation (Millbrook, NY).
Projects: Benetton, United Nations, EMI Italy.
Domani Studios
"Domani" means tomorrow in Italian, and we suspect not like "We'll get to that project manyana", but more like futuristic, forward thinking and conceptually advanced. That might be a stretch, but when you look at the high-end portfolio of this NY based multimedia studio, you'll quickly realize they get it, and that you may want to give them a call as soon as today.
Domani Studios (Brooklyn, NY).
Projects: Clicquot, Gucci, Whitney Museum.
Roger Montserrat Ribes
Roger's portfolio covers everything from action scripting to some traditional sketching... And while this site doesn't break any new ground, but it is relatively easy to use and clean enough in design that it brings your focus to the work of this all-around web designer.
Roger Montserrat Ribes - Portafoli (Barcelona, ES).
Wednesday, September 01, 2004
In a quiet corner of a large country, Marginale aggregates and waits... developing a mini-portal for designers of Brazilian origin to display graphic design, motion, and illustration designs. Created for the International public - inviting all - to explore and discover Brazilian design.
Marginale (BR).
There's plenty of room on the web for TRIBUTE sites, but none perhaps so great as this EPIC graphic tour de force. It's a tribute to the movie version of FEAR & LOATHING in Las Vegas, and re-illustrates practically every important scene of the movie in SCORES of animated Flash scenes. Take note, this is a PERSONAL labor of love and not a commercial site... And on top of it, it's built in two languages. This designer is completely GONZO!
Las Vegas Parano (FR).
One Fast Buffalo
You'll need a fast connection to catch One Fast Buffalo in this portfolio for an interactive design firm from Dallas, Texas. They like things big in Texas, and they spare no space in creating a full-on multimedia site with a captivating Native American (tribal) motif. Heavy stuff!
One Fast Buffalo (Dallas, TX).