Sunday, October 31, 2004
Samsung Mobile Phone Ad - SGH-E800
This super slick site basically amounts to a 60-plus second running ad for Samsungs latest cell phone. We liked the 'film'-like counter that told us how far through the 'presentation' we were. And the mini video clips, set against a variety shaded illustrator vectors, was also nice.
Samsung Mobile Phone Ad - SGH-E800.
While showcasing some excellent Flash skills, this ironic site from a Californian graphic design and web development firm screams out for some edgy projects to tackle. Just check their portfolio - filled to the brim with several Red Bull projects - and you'll see there's no telling how far this "select group of handpicked geniuses" will go to get a cool client.
Mindflood (Costa Mesa, CA)
Clients: Red Bull, Maverick Records
Friday, October 29, 2004
Flash For Mexico 2004
In its second reincarnation, Flash for Mexico presents 3 days and 20 artists at Queretaro, Mexico on December 1st, 2nd & 3rd. View the amusing and involved Flash banner promos on the site to get a better idea of a Mexican design sense. One of the few, but seminal events for Mexican and North American designers alike.
Flash for Mexico (see evencenter).
Rock the Coat
Last night, Thursday October 29th, Vapors, Spiewak and Rock The Vote hosted a gallery exhibition featuring the creative talents of over a dozen artists worldwide, who created one-of-a-kind jackets in an effort to raise awareness for voting, but in our opinion mostly to just to bomb the shit out of a nice winter jacket. The jackets are all up for bid now on eBay... all except for the "public jacket" that I tagged all over at the exhibit. Exhibit was at The Apt on Crosby street in Manhattan.
Rock the Coat.
Glue Kit
Glue Kit (Christopher Sleboda) loves illustrations, and he's just updated his site with a ton of new ones. Enjoy the update.
Glue Kit.
Thursday, October 28, 2004
A very full-on personal portfolio and interactive site, h4che is the home of Jorge Calleja, who presents a style that is in your face, full of color and lives on a background collage of artistic elements. There are photos of Mexico inside, some solid new media design and a cache of fabulous illustrations. This is no ordinary experiment... It's a mystical Mexperiemental wonder!
h4che (US & Mexico).
The portfolio and playground of Flash illustrator and graphic designer Dan Noe. NoeDesign (v.5) comes off like a plastic wrapped action figure, with all the marketing bells and whistles still attached. If you're in the holiday mood shopping for a designer, then you won't want to miss this item. He's flying off of the shelves!
Delve Mag
Delve magazine releases a new photo-driven issue with great urban images from the lens of known photographer Ken Schles who captures some of the unconscious emotional reservation of street life around the Fulton Mall in Brooklyn, NYC. Other photographers who have made this their subject matter include Martin Parr and famed B&W photographer Gary Winogrand.
Delve Issue 9.
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Graphic designers in the pure sense of the word, Leftloft is an Italian branding and visual communications firm that certainly 'gets it', as evidenced by an impressive (23 page) design case study for Moleskine notebooks. Great print and corporate identity work.
Leftloft (Milan, IT).
Clients: Moleskine
Just updated with new junk, SFAUSTINA design are trashy artists and graphic designs in the scratchy urban sense of it all. Get down and dirty with this mixed media and illustrated design portfolio with lots of little extras. Expressive, colorful, and fun! Just like design should be.
Monday, October 25, 2004
design hotels
For business or pleasure, for a location shoot or a sophisticated get-away, you'll love this minimal design hotel finder that has listings, reviews and large format photos of design hotels around the world. Great photos compliment great content and a well-constructed user interface... mix that all together on a clean grid, and you have this perfect utilitarian wonder. Nothing we could think of would improve it!
design hotels (Global).
Designed by Workmatrix (DE).
Friday, October 22, 2004
Presented as one enourmous page, the Media Space site plops you into the middle of an unfolded brochure, but only lets you navigate with scroll bars and a simple pull-down menu. If you don't read German, then you should know this site is about an upcoming event and conference that attempts to connect micro-utopic practices (such as mural art) and reconcile them with city planning. Focus on art and urban life. 22 - 24, Oktober 2004.
Listen is a design studio where the work speaks for itself. Loud and clear. And inside you'll see some great identity design, logos, as well as lots of print and web design... all in a minimal website package. Nice one.
Listendesign (Salt Lake, UT).
Roll a plush velour ottoman into the middle of an Iberian oasis, and you begin to get the conceptual feel of this site, for a group of fashion designers from Spain and Portugal. A nice Flash execution, and launched in three (3) different languages, English, Spanish and Portugese.
Etxart & Panno (ES, Europe, USA).
Designed by: AURA Barcelona.
Thursday, October 21, 2004
What makes you different? Well, at Space4Future, it's building out your personal portfolio using XHTML and CCS with randomly generating structural elements, white patterns and colors. And then it's being design saavy enough to make it all look good. A nice execution, especially coming from someone who seems to predominantly work in print.
Space4Future (Italy).
A light and airly "non-commerical" portfolio of a graphic designer and illustrator living in Poland. Lots of potential here, as can be seen in the improvement in the work showcases from earliest to most recent (2004). We like the light use of multiple colors which creates a slightly warm contrast to the cold and minimal structure.
Seventhmodel (PL).
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
David Schellnegger
Rarely do we find a designer able to analyze themselves in a way that aptly describes the work in question, but let's cast all doubt aside when this designer at Fork in Germany says this: "[I'm] Trying to bring some new school courage to some old school sensibility. I focus on typography, grid systems, illustration and all over simplicity based on a little bit of semiotics." Ah, the power of a straight-talking designer and his minimalist personal portfolio.
David Schellnegger.
A headphone-wearin', music-composin', video-playin' jockey, illlustrator and desig'er from Argentina, living and working in San Diego (at this posting) has a nice side scrolling web portfolio that breaks down n' showcases a slice of this graphic kids multi-talented productions.
Shikaku (San Diego, CA).
Keywords: VJ, Video, Illustration, Music.
Michal Gladysek
In order to break out of the box, you need a pair of $1.99 box cutters. If you want to make waves, you have to know how to canonball. And if you want to make curvy web sites, you should probably use Flash. A different personal portfolio with good web design, great logo work, and more... From Poland.
Michal Gladysek (PL).
ABC News Online (redesign)
It's been a while since we've reviewed a news site - and through using Google news we stumble upon quite a few - so the latest CSS and standards-based site for had have a noticeable improvement to get through our radar. And it does. Quietly, with faster loads, a new branding banner and behind-the-scenes improvements. And we really like the little font size chooser on the news article pages.
ABC News.
And here's a longer, insiders story.
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
A delicate little graphic design studio from the distant French regions of Canada, primarily focused on print, identity, packaging and related graphic design for a variety of local and international clients.
unplusun (Montreal, CA).
Scott's City
Identity design, illustration and graphic design all from one brain, plastering the walls, covering the buildings and blasting through the airwaves. Where are we? In Scott's City, of course! A place where everything you touch belongs to Scott. Or at the very least, Scott himself made it for someone else, for some money, or a salary. What, even in Scott's imaginary city, people still need to pay the rent!
Scott's City -- Scott Ichikawa (Seattle, WA).
A clean and intuitive "drop-down" style navigation menu and sub-menu system make the crown of this website for an architectural and interior design firm. Good usability.
DesignInc (AU).
Maximuza Design
Common sense tells us that it's important to use strong words and create impact statements to tell both your company and clients what you do. That's why we noticed Maximuza, which in addition to the great identity and web design we found inside, has this hidden gem: "We concentrate on... UPHOLDING STRATEGIC MINIMALISM". Wow, now that's a mission we can relate to.
Maximuza Design (Charlotte, NC).
Xrtions No. 5/Gregory Durrell
While the world revolves around and around and around, there are some designers (the young ones!) who still believe in a better place (naive!) and use their design to make you stop and think about the world for a brief second (optimist!). Well... those designers must be from Canada (comedians!). Updated work and portfolio sheet from Gregory (print designer!).
Xrtions No. 5/Gregory Durrell (Toronto, CA).
Anthony La Pusata: designer, photographer, writer, lyricist.
Web designing must be a bore for someone who can also notches photography, writing, and crafting lyrics as his professions. In fact, we don't see enough designers occuping themselves with song writing these days! Anyway, we digress... If you really want a well done Flash website, you should take a look at what this designer has done with his own personal portfolio... it rocks. And the lyrics are catchy too.
Anthony La Pusata (Italy).
Enginesystem - updated
"Ok, just so you know this site is not a portfolio site. I just want to show some of my artwork... Besides showing my art, I decided to give a little info to some people who might not be familiar with my work. So below is ... a selected list of books, mags and people I've worked with at some point." Yea... just as he said. NOT a portfolio site. But definitely a good place to come see this talented artists' work (and perhaps a little extra each day).
Have a McElection (2004)
If you are not using your graphic design skills to make money, we can only hope you are using them to make subversive humor... And perhaps one act is nobler than the other? Well, this is one example of what to do with yourself instead of worrying when the next paycheck comes in. Great splash-screen from someone who has made an art of it.
Sharpshooter Phil Bradford (Cleveland, USA).
Print designers get paper cuts, and web designers get glass cuts? Perhaps... depends on how mad you get at your monitor. But here in Kavva, a personal portfolio "studio", we have metaphorical and virtual windows that represent the clarity and crispness of this designers style. Nothing to smash the screen over, but then, that's probably a good thing.
Kavva - Grafické Studio (Prague, Czech Republic).
Submission bounced?
Email was down all of last week, so any submissions that get bounced, feel free to resubmit now (only bounced emails please).
Friday, October 15, 2004
jonathan yuen
A slick and classicly stylized portfolio with very good type presentation and design. This indy designer has crafted a very tightly executed concept with a minimal number of colors, displaying his choice print, identity work and new media design.
jonathan yuen (Singapore).
made by mark dearman
Do you have any idea why minimal sites like these catch our attention? Do you ever really think about why? Do you ever go back and visit them again? If you are like us... you probably do. Design, animation and action scripting. All for one and one for all!
made by mark dearman.
Straight from the artists mouth and "because vectors are done and photoshop is blah blah blah," he says, "People should pick up their pencils again and break the monotony". A veritible call to arms! Well put. (But better seen).
maak (England, Yorkshire, Leeds).
No Water No Life
From what we can gather, this site for water is brought to you by JT Beverage (AKA Japan Tobacco Beverage company). OK... now that that's out of the way, welcome to this promotional site for a new mineral water brand. In a interesting turn, rather than focus on the product, the site celebrates water itself, using a simple, unfussy interface and interactive video to create a sense-driven experience familiar to everyone of the beauty and fun of water. Now, where does the beauty of bottles littering the streets fit into that picture?
No Water No Life (Tokyo, JP).
Wieden + Kennedy are falling all over themselves praising a commercial ad they did for Honda's new diesel autmobile, titled "Hate Something, Change Something", so we had to see what all the fuss was about (zip file download). Well, the ad was amazing, and we found an interesting semi-60's feeling site for Honda with a little "Hate Something" game to go along with it.
Honda (UK).
Thursday, October 14, 2004
Elite Portugal
The new site for elite models in Portugal features a cyber friendly design, chock-full of technical design widgets and small fonts, but merges very successfully with good interface design and minimal colors to create a very functional and clickable marketing site. Impressive design and usability.
Elite Portugal (PT).
Monday, October 11, 2004
Nokia Mobile Business
If you want to talk about a site that's clean and clear - probably two of the most used words when describing a useable website - then you'll probably have lots to say about this Nokia Mobile Business web site. Geared towards the WiFi and mobility crowd, which in a couple more years will be pretty much everyone, this site used crisp type and an array of comic clay-like characters to relay infomation in bite-size chunks. Just how we like it.
Nokia Mobile Business.
Friday, October 08, 2004
Erik Otten
From flat to Flash (in a flash), this personal 'folio of a Dutch graphic designer has recently been updated and animated, with loads of new sharp graphic design content added. And for a special surprise, pull the thread. 'Njoy.
Erik Otten (NL).
4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1
Many have come before it, but not many will be able to follow this perfect online web color picking application. You can't beat a refined idea like this... although you can always add to it.
4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1.
Thursday, October 07, 2004
Once they cleared out the pushers, pimps and pros, people started to give Times Square more publicity... and then the actors, artists and architects started to return in great numbers. Now, you too can participate and cast a vote for your favorite Times Square signage, art space or architecture. Cool! Be patient on the site load, and you shall be awarded.
DesignTimesSquare (NYC).
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Information Design 101 (plus 1)
If information design is seems mystifying, or maybe you've never really read any books on it, or perhaps it seems like a hopeless cause because there's no logic to anything anyone does online, so why bother? Well... then YOU were wrong! What your designer brain really needed was someone to present you with a nice easy system for designing information. A key, or method, as it were... And you also wanted it to be called something funny... like "chunks".
An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design.
And if you want to really get reading about UI Design you can start here.
Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Wimaxxed, not Wi-Fi
For all your advanced Wi-Fi and wireless networking needs, there is a light at the end of the fiber-optic cable. Actually, in this case, broadband speeds with no cable at all. Yes, the future of Wireless internet is here. Move over Wi-Fi, it's time for Wimax.
Monday, October 04, 2004
Anova Design
A delicately layered Flash website of exposed panels and light shaded interfaces, Anova is the portfolio of a Danish designer, scripter and animator. If you like venision blinds, then you'll love this nice showcase of his work.
Anova Design - Jesper Bentzen (Kolding, DK).
Parque Creative
For a design firm specializing in conceptual work, it's not enough to build something on a simple grid... It's important to integrate things meaningfully into that structure. So, if their website says anything about their design portfolio (which is clearly accessible), they we would say this Dutch firm has succeeded in communicating the point.
Parque Creative (NL).