Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Alfons Coffee Shop
Primarily, this is an EXPERIENCE site... So prepare your speakers and eyes for an immersive look at a Swedish take on a gourmet coffee house. Quirky? You bet! Jittery? Check. Filled with expression and expressos? Yep. And we quite liked all the different paper textures. 'Njoy this connoisseurs take on java.
Alfons Coffee Shop (SE).
Monday, November 29, 2004
Building Letters
How can we help? Building Letters is the annual publication devoted to graphic and typographic design... and for a good cause! Not only does it give you great articles, free fonts and fantastic posters, it also raises money to help kids in Africa and India, supplying Lifeline Radios, and more.
Building Letters.
Cleaned up and updated at this time: the delicious and highly detailed 3-D illustrations, renderings, animations, video titles and motion design of Shilo. Don't let the simple exterior fool you.
Friday, November 26, 2004
Bar Secrets - Melbourne
In a very appropriate design for this printed bar guide, this classy "zooming" Flash site shuffles you between 9 items on a 3x3 grid and elegantly presents Melbournes 52 sexiest watering holes. Users will even be able to access information, including maps, direct from their mobile devices. Bar Secrets Online editions for Sydney, London, Hong Kong and San Francisco will be released in the near future.
Bar Secrets - Melbourne (AU).
Studio Labo
Amidst photographed scenes of nature, or man-made arrangements that reflect nature, you'll find the wide-ranging multimedia designs of Studio Labo. Impressive work unfolds amidst punchy colors in this modern and bold website (new at this posting).
Studio Labo (Milano, IT).
Parking Studio
A nice little Flash site decked out in light grey and pink introduces us to Parking Studio, a French multimedia company specializing in design for audiovisual productions, mutimedia, print and web. Impressive range of work inside.
Parking Studio (FR).
Fink: Moving Images
A London based moving image collective. Specialising in music video, animation, motion graphic and title sequences. A unique little portfolio site.
Fink: Moving Images (London, UK).
End Communications
Showcasing quite a captivating array of print and identity work as well as some outstanding web design, this is web firm with a solid understanding of design and it's inherent ability to communicate a message. And with specific attention paid to the relationship between the typography and negative space, this site creates a elegant introduction to the style of the firms design work.
End Communications (Chicago, IL).
A nice agency from Italy with a clean, modern style. Covering projects from web to print for local firms, but casting their net across a wide range of industries. Only in Italian at this time.
XEDUM (Genova, IT).
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
A tight dual studio, Mia & Jem produce some delicious identity and print work for a tasty range of clients. They design for both print and web, from identity design to magazines, brochures and books. This is a symbiotic design relationship that works wonders.
Mia&Jem - Making Meaning™ (Sydney, AU).
Adenek or Mr. A
A different and fun Flash and design portfolio from this French web designer and freelancer. Nice large-format client highlights and work display. Very original designs inside.
Adenek, Mr. A (4.0) (Paris, FR).
A highlight site of selected illustrations and posters from this designer located in Budapest, Hungary. An interesting large-format interface for this ecclectic portfolio of photo-illustrations.
kilfish4 (HU).
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Great poster designer and illustrator recently updated his site with some new work including album art, show posters and show prints. Keep rockin'!
33rpm (Seattle, WA).
Monday, November 22, 2004
Stephen Yablon Architect
Built onto a pure wireframe grid, quite literally, this is yet another beautiful site that successfully adapts the "zooming around a large palette" interface. It's a style we see as the "golden" interface for future Flash sites. It is also intuitive and common enough to be considered a standardly accessible UI and we think you'll see a lot more sites using this style in 2005. Now, about the site of these accomplished architects... Did we mention it's driven by a custom PHP-based CMS? Well now, what are you waiting for?
Stephen Yablon Architect, PLLC.
Sunday, November 21, 2004
Keep Me Sane
Just updated at this posting. This graphic designer from London gives us a slew of new dirty and colorful illustrations to pick through. This is the kind of great stuff that makes us crazy.
Keep Me Sane.
Friday, November 19, 2004
Billy Harvey
One of the more impressive interactive sites we've ever seen of late. Billy Harvey comes across as a down-to-earth musician, with the usual musician's apparent apathy for marketing. Yet, it really takes only about a minute to realize a very good business sense and strong artistic directive was behind the scenes to produce this Flash wonder of a site. As richly designed as any post-modern art music video on MTV, at probably a fraction of the cost. Brilliant.
Billy Harvey Music.
Chris Glover
Someone's got psychedelic sugar plums, and a whole lot more, dancing through their heads this season in this funky interactive music site for the talented songwriter and musician Chris Glover. Very unique, technicolor illustrations and photos tell us something is cranking away in the brain of this mad genius.
Chris Glover.
Thursday, November 18, 2004
Come fly with me
A new site put together in conjuction with Trevor Van Meter and Citibank, emulating Trevor's original flash piece "Fly Guy", produced in early 2000. The entire concept is basically a re-hashing of the original. But it's nice to see a corporate interpretation and usage of a particular web classic, even if it's apparant the original outclasses the sequel. The Citibank version uses a cheekier mix of illustration and video realism that seems forced. So, while it a good reach in the right direction, the Dockers Guy cannot replace the Fly Guy, who flies higher in his Asteroids-like glory.
Come fly with me.
A cute, chearacter driven, yellow site with some tight Flash work and illustration from an advertising agency located in Poland. Not quite what we'd expect for an agency where much of their work is print and poster work, but this site nicely demonstrates their funky and artistic leanings.
agencja reklamowa paralotna (PL).
Julian Wolkenstein (Photography)
In one of those rare instances that a full-screen pop-up actually works conceptually and artistically, this photographers portfolio site really captures the eye. Several web design and UI essentials are handled with flying colors here... For one, the portfolio only gives us the very top crust of this artists work. And it uses an original nav system which is very easy to identify with and use. Overall, a very seductive design.
Julian Wolkenstein Photography.
Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Portfolio von Susanne Paschke
A fabulous vector illustration portfolio. Susanne focuses on the human form, but also designs web sites. We especially liked the "workflow" area showcasing finished and wireframe projects side-by-side.
Susanne Paschke (Berlin, DE).
Superdeux is a funny studio split between Brooklyn and Lille, France. Funny how? Well, they do a lot of very colorful animations, engaging character and toy design, as well as fun motion video (practically, more animated illustrations). The latest version of this portfolio is now released, at this posting.
A dynamic new site devoted to childhood cancer inspires and educates users with hopeful imagery and customized content. Using a very tight design, focused around large images and 'hopeful' colors, this production departs from the somber aesthetic that defines most healthcare sites.
Site by: Siegel & Gale.
Monday, November 15, 2004
ADDIKT design movement
The future of graphic design is heading towards a world in which two dimensions are in the dust; Addikt, based out of Amsterdam (did that perk up your ears?), is already ahead of the curve. They provide 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics for advertising purposes, both online and for film and video. New updates at this posting include 2 new video clips (terrorgruppe schwarze raben & lange frans en baas b.) and 2 new commercials (canal + & casema).
ADDIKT design movement (NL).
Quite a fine little zine of fine artistic manipulations, illustrations and photographs. humus issue 2 releases at this posting, and is no more or less fabulous than humus 0 and humus 1, but has many more outside contributors. Nice stuff.
humus magazine (NL).
Thursday, November 11, 2004
Giovanni Bianco
The man behind his personal fashion and graphic design studio, Studio 65, Giovanni brings his sharp graphic talents to the fashion industry. His span of elegant work covers everything from packaging, catalogs and identity work to websites and editorial design for fashion and entertainment.
Giovanni Bianco (NYC).
Wohnzimmer wrote us today to let us know they "steambathed" their site. And if we're at all familiar with Austrian spas, that means they exfoliated, scrubbed and detoxed the old design into a pure and reborn concept of simplicity and relaxation. Every web site could use a good rolfing every now and again! Wohnzimmer covers illustration graphic design and web design, and recently put out this gaming enhancement site.
Wohnzimmer (Austria).
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Just updated, portfolio of the ecclectic illustraator and graphic designer from Marseilles, France.
EARTHSTETIC || Brice Domingues (FR).
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Focused on the fit of its snowboarding shoes and winter sports apparel, ThirtyTwo is commited to make your gear lightweight, moldable, flexible and comfortable. Apparently that philosophy translates down to their web initiative, where they have a very lightweight, but high performance site using all standards based code and design.
Joseph Basnight
Pretty slick, sis! This unique portfolio site uses Flash and Zoomify to present over fifty different projects at once. Its basically a large digital comp card that you can hand-scroll or control using the handy nav widget. We were a bit disappointed with the compulsory audio tour adding Stephen Hawking style computer voice-overs, but we're just player haters when it comes to audio on web sites. Overall, this site revels in providing an excellent, novel portfolio experience.
Joseph Basnight (Austin, TX).
TOCA ME event
This promises to be an interesting event... a TOCA ME sponsored design and graffiti workshop with scien and klor of 123KLAN. These guys have a certain style that suits design well.
see eventcenter.
Firefox web browser 1.0
The new Digitalthread.com V2.0 will work swimmingly in conjunction with this browser (soon, peoples... soon!).
Firefox web browser 1.0.
Friday, November 05, 2004
Stephane Manel
One can rest easier on the weekends having soaked in the leisurely glances and cool drooping lips of the girls and boys in Stephane Manels stylish illustrations and drawings. And while you are out shopping in SoHo, NYC, you can also drop in on his exhibit of pieces at the Diesel Demin Gallery until Jan 5th.
Stephane Manel (FR).
Call Me Lightning
Do you have something to draw on nearby? "Call Me Lightning" has a fantastic little illustrated site that looks like it's actively being drawn by a 4th grader with some pencils and crayons. This is no easy design solution to pull off, and the results are original, very detailed and quite fascinating. 100% flash-based with XML/PHP backend so the band/label can update, manage and extend the site themselves.
Call Me Lightning.
Design by: Sekati.
Category: Webdesign > Music and Bands
Thursday, November 04, 2004
Dislogic is one clean site! It's also the home of an one man design studio and freelancer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Dislogic specialises in interactive, identity and typographic design. The site showcases a personal portofolio, as well as some free typefaces, and a light background in graffiti.
Dislogic (BE).
"Work" would be one word for the editorial illustrations that Marco produces. Another description would be a kind of realist, fine art illustration style that - in some of his pieces - offers placid visual moments of beauty, frozen in time. Caught somewhere bewteen modernist influences and interpreted forms, Marco presents a great portfolio of mixed media work.
JUXT interactive
JUXT redesigned? Well, this must be the last progressive web design company to redesign their site since before the bubble burst! And how... With a screen-ripping mix of illustration and information design, the new JUXT bursts from the screen and into your visual cortex. Plus, updates of all new New Media work. Nice one.
JUXT interactive (Newport Beach, CA).
Second From Left
Just in time for the holidays the Rockets showcase a Blog site, where the second Rockette from left has been keeping up her daily blog leading up to her rookie performance at Radio City Hall (Nov.5th, 2004). Interesting, because this is designed by a web agency for Radio City, and handed off to the Rockette herself. Could be a little more 'designed' below the fold, but this project signals an interesting trend in web design.
Second From Left.
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Pixel Noir Productions
French independent label devoted to creation of short animated Flash movies. A nice, dirty and distressed little Flash collage creates the mood, while clips and Flash movies are available for viewing in a variety of genres.
Pixel Noir Productions (FR).
Semper Fi
Although most people would like to think war images, war iconography and uses of camoflauge are a tough sell in times such as these, a group of French designers seemed to have succeeded from their country and are starting a whole new army. A design army... Filled with illustrators, graphic artists and a Flash surgeon or two.
Semper Fi (FR).
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Lesley Moore
Ah! Lesley Moore, the new graphic design studio based in Amsterdam, has asked you to create a logo to log in to their site. The free, non-profit work you do will be used in the Lesley Moore identity! Now, dammned if that's not a democratic process in a microcosm. So... Americans, get out there and vote, and then do your part for our smaller, semi-democratic, European brothers and sisters and make a logo!
Lesley Moore (NL).
Hydro is the guy you want doing your gothic and iconic tatoos and logos. Ok, maybe he doesn't actually do tatoos, but his portfolio reads like an outtake of a illustrated book of iconic skin paintings, covering a plethora of graphic and graffiti inspired type treaments and logos, plus serpents, skulls, flashy lettering, dripping script, and much more. Fortunately for the graphic design crowd, his canvas is usually more along the lines of pulp and pressed plywood, rather than human skin.
Classic, yet modern and artistic, sighttwo blends together classic design metality (read: sophistication) with an open-minded creativity (read: edgy), which allows them to create both invigorating print designs for music artists, and branding for furniture designers - just to name a few of their sample projects.
sighttwo (Los Angeles, CA).
Monday, November 01, 2004
Bill Winter Safaris Int'l
One of the more beautiful web sites we've ever listed, BW Safaris comes across like a rich tapestry or an illustrated coffee-table book, filled with highly detailed graphic imagery. Overall, we can't compain about the site, but for one egregious error (at the time of this posting) that doesn't allow you to turn off or control the ambient music. Excellent work.
Bill Winter Safaris Int'l.
Design by: 24-7 Media (DE).
Gotta love this Swiss and Bauhaus-inspired circular black and white band website. Flash is still the only way to make circular sites work!
Osterberg (Austria).