Thursday, December 30, 2004
Probably an indy portfolio, although difficult to tell while looking because of the minimal nature of the site... simply a long side-scrolling collage of work projects. But the graphic design work, covering lots of print angles, is all top notch, clean and minimal.
dixonbaxi (UK).
Bas Brand Identity
Bas is a Swedish branding and identity firm with a history of experience in retail design; which includes a lot of large-scale advertising, store-fronts and displays. But they also excell at the 'basic' work of logotypes and identity design, and their portfolio is filled with a great number of ID examples.
Bas Brand Identity (SE).
Bergman Associates
A renown and awarded design firm, Bergman exudes a classic style covering corporate identity, branding, art and creative direction. Their strengths lie in the design of conceptual image-driven editorial, fashion and cosmetics design and packaging for fashion firms and high-end beauty products.
Bergman Associates (NYC).
Larry Letters Photography
A very solem and simple site for this existential style photography by Larry Letters - as perhaps influenced by the style of Philip-Lorca diCorcia. In the same sense, the site also gives the very barest of hints to anything excessive and decorated... even though each moment is well planned.
Larry Letters Photography.
As far as we can tell, Homeostatic is a high-quality branding, design and interactive development firm. But that's only by gleaming through their uber-mysterious web site... Without finding a portfolio or project listing, we can only guess that - even if this is their first web site attempt - they have the potential to put together some quite dramatic experiences. This ambient-rich site utilizes still photos, computer modeling and post-production motion graphics. Maybe these guys are just over-qualified!
Homeostatic (NYC).
A personl portfolio and one-man studio, onrushdesign (and 'one-man' Ragnar Palsson) produces a plethora of fine print work, graphic design and screen design. Nice and clean and full of impact.
onrushdesign (ReykjavŪk, Iceland).
Adroit Designers, LLC
Graphic design and industrial design specialists, Adroit is actually adept in multiple design disciplines, providing their many clients with successful visual communications, including print, web, product, packaging and information design.
Adroit Designers (Providence, RI - USA).
A young Danish designer showcases his glossy, drippy vector illustration abstracts and compositions. We liked how the clean and basic portfolio layout complements the bright colors and graffiti influenced stylings.
StyleReactor - Kasper Ledet (Copenhagen, DK).
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Syrup Helsinki
Recently redesigned at this posting, this Finland-based design firm has an original and inspiring design style, based around illustration strengths. Syrup basically gives good 'folio... be it print, graphic or identity design.
Syrup Helsinki (FI).
Brazillian graphic design darling Andre Matarazzo, currently living in Sweden, has just released a brand new portfolio site design. Love the simple graphics and icons.
xururu bor nu i sverige (BR, SE).
Monday, December 27, 2004
A trashy looking site with some very fine hand-drawn illustrations and minimal vector drawings. Not really a portfolio, per se, but more of a sketchbook and glance into this illustrators simple style.
smpl // timothy helmer (BE).
Thursday, December 23, 2004
Studio Arsenic
A Manila based creative services studio with a beautifully crafted site that breathes life and mood into this top notch graphic design and web design studio portfolio. Wonderful 'oriental' theme.
Studio Arsenic (Manilla).
Blonk RaphaŽl Associates
As a multidisciplinary creative consulting and design firm, Blonk RaphaŽl Associates ultimate goal is to make strategic branding and communication objectives memorable. Some great webdesign and identity projects inside. 'Njoy!
Blonk RaphaŽl Associates (NL).
you want me in gold
The simple site of Markus Rummens, an installation and interactive graphic artist from The Netherlands. One of the few artists we've seen, who creates installation spaces in the real 3-D world, and a variety interesting websites in the virtual world.
you want me in gold.
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Portland Studios - Card Factory
This holiday season, busy designers with no time for their friends will need many a quick e-present... and why not use these beautifully illustrated post cards by designers (for designers)? Simply magnificent.
Portland Studios - Card Factory.
Hey Weirdo
Portfolio site of an illustrator and animator based in Scotland. Barry advises you to click the sheep! But don't sleep on this mix of photorealistic illustrations, cartoons and characters. The same strange man also draws and animates an interactive Flash comic called A Robot Named John.
Hey Weirdo - Barry Thomson (Scotland).
nick delaney
At 16 years of age Nick has been designing for 'just' three years at this posting. This youth, influenced by manga and anime, has a attractive, patchy and stitched together look for his personal illustration portfolio. Mostly comprised of poster-dimension illustrations, compositions and personal experiments. One to watch.
ndey nick delaney 04-05.
IOWA features a very clean site design which lead us to find a host of interesting identity design, web sites, and more. They claim to specialize in high-end and entertainment site design, and they are also innovators of online web tools for production management and video & portfolio delivery. But from the looks they can handle most projects, high or low, with a clean design style.
IOWA (Los Angeles, CA).
Monday, December 20, 2004
AntiGirl is a outstanding mixed media artist and designer with an exceptionally clean personal portfolio. She uses old fashion magazine photos, flora, wood, metal, and even test tubes to make her small sculptures, art and (not always flat) print pieces. Great stuff.
ANTIGIRL†- Tiphanie Brooke '99-04.
Sunday, December 19, 2004
A sharp graphic design studio that handles web design, Flash, animation and even some comic illustrations. Their multimedia and online work speaks volumes about their strengths, and many of their portfolio pieces are worth a visit.
RESN (New Zealand).
Produced by Me
Produced is a Flash portfolio from a designer and art director whose skills run the gambit from identity design to web sites, print and multimedia creations. An interesting portfolio completed with flair and design savvy.
Produced by Me (Stockholm, SE).
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Founded by Victor Cheung in 2001 in Hong Kong, 'viction' is a creative multi-dimensional workshop born to create vibrant visual experiences and to inspire and ignite the creative person in us all. Are these just high standards? Of course they are. And with printed books under the "Amatterofdesign" titles, plus their studio services, viction:ary may just meet and exceed those high standards.
viction:ary (Hong Kong).
Gabi Lungu
From the streets of Bucharest, straight to your screen, the second version of this personal illustration portfolio offers a simple thumbnail guide to all of Gabi Lungus work. And it's not just showcasing illustration, but also loads of print work, some motion, web, and advertising projects while working at various agencies. 'Njoy.
Gabi Lungu (Bucharest, RO).
Tutton gives us the total isometric pixel package in it's splash screen. Complete with a small pixel town, pixel people, employees, and even a pixel-based chopper and secret agent, Tutton town epitomizes the type of customer interested in their clothing. Unfortunately, their line of casual sports and golf clothes pale in comparison to the richness of this site.
Tutton (Korea).
Andy Smith
If you want quirky, hand-drawn, pre-school like doodles for your project, you don't hire a kid to do the drawings... you hire a professional! And Andy is the kind of professional who understands this expressionist style, and knows how to tweak editorial illustrations just right, so your clients will be saying, "Hey, my kid could have made this at school". NOT!
Andy Smith (London, UK).
Clients: Nike, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz
Sunday, December 12, 2004
Dj Umbi
A clean presentation of Italian DJ Umbi, this Flash site design uses very simple colors (grey, white and yellow) and simple design to convey the musical tastes of this DJ, from pure minimal electronic dance styles to airy house. But hold the press! Our favorite part was something only 1 out of 50 sites with music ever do... Leave the music OFF and let the user turn it ON! Brilliant.
Dj Umbi (IT).
Thursday, December 09, 2004
The Ends
The Ends produce and art-direct promotional spots, animations, broadcast and print design using traditional illustration, computer illustration and CGI. Great work, that tends to get even better when the studio is allowed to apply their ethereal and creative design sensibility. Nice portfolio design.
The Ends (Los Angeles and NYC).
Wednesday, December 08, 2004
United States of the Art
USotA is an irregular collection of iconic illustrations and graphic output by two designers from Hamburg, Germany. A bit strange, but fun.
United States of the Art (DE).
Daniel Sytsma
A very simple, albeit occationaly difficult to "click", web portfolio of a graphic design student from Amsterdam who does clean work in both print and on screen design.
Daniel Sytsma (NL).
Saturday, December 04, 2004
A really silky smooth personal site of a Dutch designer, musician, and Flash scripter. We really liked the 'peachy' colors and novel interface. It's just all filled with little designer touches, - like the slight variation on the Pong game - that put this collection of various elements over the top in our book.
Monokai (NL).
Friday, December 03, 2004
A personal web site designed by self-taught illustrator Fung Lim, a new media designer who resides in Winnipeg, Canada. We liked the original layout style of his site, and especially, the highly detailed illustration work.
FungWee (CA).
A personal Flash portfolio of Portfolio of Jake Brewer, multimedia designer from South Africa. We quite liked the site, for it's color balance and cleanliness mixed with little distressed elements. Our only pet peeve was the repeating Flash transitions that seemed to add a bit too much time on each click for most time-challenged urbanites like ourselves. Nice work inside.
jake (ZA).
Thursday, December 02, 2004
Functional Play!
As a component of a larger Master of Art thesis, a student in New Zealand developed this interesting interactive site. It's a full-on Flash experiment that explores the relationships between user interface interaction and playfulness, specifically when using certain interactive Flash scripting techniques. Because of a somewhat scientific and exhaustive approach, the results should yeild some interesting information to Flash developers about what specific techniques users find 'playful' and fun to use.
Functional Play! (Auckland, NZ).
Although we don't really rock this gear anymore, the Timberland company has a nice site with some really sharp color choices. We visited because someone told us about this secret sale, and we discovered an area on the site where you can fully customize your own Timbo boot. Tough stuff.
Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Jestyle Portfolio
A hot little portfolio of a font designer, illustrator and graphic designer from Austria. We especially were drawn - like flies - to the offering of several free fonts for both PC and Mac (Mac users, we're told, have to use 'Save link as...' to download the TTF files). Secondary copies also live within the main site. 'Njoy!
Jestyle Portfolio (Salzburg, AT).
See Management
A new site for a beauty, styling and photographic representation firm, See balances a rich environment and unique color palette with an astonishing 2500 images (and capable of thousands more through a CMS). This website and visual branding are newly released at this posting, with direction from a new art director at Last Exit.
See Management.
Excluse Studio
Somewhere between a recluse, and an exclusive appearance, appears Sevil Axiom, and his newely released portfolio. Sevil apparently is an art director at 2Advanced which breathes heavily with the techno-inspired hard-edged mechanical style of this type of work. EXCEPT, that his site breaks a bit from the standards and create some new forms - exclusively with Flash and 3D - that we really liked. Keep moving forward and 'njoy.
Excluse Studio - Sevil Axiom (Los Angeles, CA).
Acid Bird
A trippy and simple little portfolio of a Hong Kong illustrator who brings us a short selection of his digital and vector illustrations. Inspired by a blending of both the natural and virtual worlds.
Acid Bird (HK).
We really like this dirty stained look of this graphic designers portfolio (version 5), and even if our browser had some trouble differentiating our coffee napkins from the screen design, we still found lots of interesting web work inside, with a side of print and some past versions of the site.
ELIXIR818 v5 (St Louis, MO).