Monday, January 31, 2005
Jackson Chang
Progressive design with strong corporate typography combined with edgy rough illustrations. A crisp portfolio coming straight from The Hague, Netherlands.
Jackson Chang (NL).
Monday, January 24, 2005
The homegrown garden for pixel fonts, handwriting fonts, and pixel perfect icons. A small but unique collection of pixel and handwriting fonts. Cute site.
Pixilate (Mexico, Mexico).
Friday, January 21, 2005
BetaTester spots are waiting...
BetaTesters can now apply to get a SNEAK PREVIEW of the new V2.0... Just find the "BetaTest" link on the homepage and complete the form. We will get back to you with a secret URL in 2-3 weeks. Thanks everyone.
The highly stylized vector illustrations, Flash-y style, and ecclectic conceptual realizations of this illustrator and designer/artist from Italy. Take a ride!
Mooporama (IT).
Moca Loca
The independent studio and portfolio of a designer specializing in user interface design, web development, Flash presentations and logo design. A nice clean site presents several prestigious projects completed while working for few agencies.
Moca Loca (San Francisco).
Design studio from Barcelona which develops graphic design, corporate identity, multimedia and internet projects. A nice slick exterior, and some sexy identity projects within whet our appetite.
Boldstudio (Barcelona, Spain).
Entro Graphica
The creative graphic design showcase of Shane Dozier and Jerod Nelson. What the site lacks in navigational savvy, it makes up for in conceptual and complex graphics.
Entro Graphica (Texas).
Crack open the newspaper-like portfolio of designer and illustrator Kevin Cornell and you'll get a delivery of his excruciatingly banal prose, a sampling of his online portfolio, and if you dig deeper, relics like the only known picture of Kevin during his stint at Oxford. Fabulous illustrations await you.
Bearskinrug (UK).
Thursday, January 20, 2005
British Indigo
Giving a local brand a international touch, the site's memorable visual experience truly augments the British Indigo brand identity. The web site experience is specifically designed to communicate the brand definition and the "Shirtology™" concept in multiple languages, both visually and interactively.
British Indigo (The Netherlands).
Darío García
The freshly colored and fun-feeling Flash-based portfolio of an Argentinian designer and web animator. Darío also hosts a second site, housing his experimental works, animations and photo collages.
DGsite - Darío García (Buenos Aires, AR).
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Balance Design
As one of the - self-proclaimed - longest running interactive agencies in Austrailia, Balance has been around in the design game long enough to know what works, what survives, and what succeeds. These kids were born for web design, and their clean site shows they understand the graphic game.
Balance Design (Sydney, AU).
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Plaisir House
An independent studio of a graphic designer located in France. The sexy and 'antiqued' Flash site demonstrates some illustration and Flash abilities while a look inside the portfolio a ncie range of graphic design projects for both web and print.
Plaisir House - webdesigner indépendant (FR).
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Mac mini mania!
Even if you're a PC die-hard, it's hard not to enjoy these 2 new miniturized offerings from Apple. One is a key-chain size $100 iPod (512k or 1BG) that lets you take a musical party shuffle on the go... And the other is a new mini-Mac, about one third the size of the old (failed) G4 cubes, but starting at only $500. So, even if you're still a PC head, for $600, you can now out-style any old Apple head.
Monday, January 10, 2005
A brand-new type foundry focusing on the devolpment of fresh pixel-fonts. All fonts contain large glyph sets. At the moment there are 30 types available.
Ductype | Foundry for Pixelfonts.
Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Snyvo is the beautiful, side-scrolling portfolio of Yves Hellemans, a yound graphic designer from Belgium. And can you guess why we liked his site from the start? Because of a simple entry page that kick-starts the navigation scheme, and at the same time, provides some FUN graphics. So.. what did we expect to find inside? Some really nice work too... and from the look of it, it seems like the Belgian punk rock-scene belongs to him! Lots of scratchy, photocopied and almost cut-out graphics adorn his many great print and web works, which are nicely antiqued, and always have a couple flourishes of flavor to them. Excellent stuff!
A great punky, new-wavish and unfinished web site for a collective, whose parts make up more than the whole. Part young band, and part high-school art students, Gossip is like the doodles in your class notebooks come to life. We liked the funky line work and general disarray, along with the mixed up typography. It all comes together to make a mess... and good design sense.
Goxxip - Gossipyouth.
Level Vodka
The last thing you want to see after New Years celebrations is more vodka, for sure. But this ultra minimal new "little water" from the makers of ABSOLUT has a clear and clean site with a James Bond-like finish, and a fully interactive Flash presentation that will leave you spinning. Then, once you find your legs again, you'll level out and appreciate this fine piece of marketing and web design, despite the nagging hangover.
Level Vodka (SE).
Wade tells us that Wade is not a person, ok. Working independently, and with a range of talented artists, Wade currently produces a range of work from commercial to printed matter, interactive, and moving image. Nice site.
Sunday, January 02, 2005
This may seem not to make any sense, but we instictively knew this site would be great when we saw the large "ENTER" button. It's just like... What, What? They GET IT! And then we proceeded to not hate the music, although an OFF button is easily available. Then what else? Well, What What is a weird and wonderful world. A collection of curious characters inhabit this crazy place. So, explore, and get lost... and 'njoy!
Saturday, January 01, 2005
Digitalthread 2.0b
We're going to be looking for 100 beta testers of the new digitalthread... watch this spot for more info in the coming days.