Thursday, April 28, 2005
Yellow Soda
Yellow Soda reminds us a bit of the Yellow Submarine... There's all sorts of little windows to look into - in this case music is replaced by visuals - and discover a small world of wonderful little designs and animations. Sure, it's not exactly swimming in the sea, but use you imagination a little, and for a little while you can disappear into a little world inside someone elses head.
Yellow Soda (Canada).
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Catch the works of this hot illustrator and artist straight from his online studio and portfolio. His site covers both the personal and commercial aspects of his work - from artistic exhibits of illlustrations and conceptual visual collages to the refined and vibrant commercial work commissioned for a variety of projects - spanning web to print, and beyond. Really excellent graphic work in here.
Fupete (Roma, Barcelona).
Something simple. Something a little different... This is a very "easy" portfolio design (easy to update!) from Brazilian designer Cesar Marchetti. Lots of photo-illustrated and graphic works are showcased in simple thumbnails and pop-ups. Using Flash without the flash, this is a basic folio site for a web site designer - sans gimmicks.
8Marchetti (Sao Paulo, BR).
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
A fantastic site for a fantastic illustrator, designer and artist working from Chile. Among a range of great illustrated projects and webdesign, there's also some print work for Vasava (Spain), and BuroDestruct (Chile), as well as drawings, notebooks, motion design and more! We loved the black site, sophisticated navigation, and the minimal use of colors - which all act to enhance the presentation of the work. And there's more in here than we could see at all at once!
Ricardov (Santiago, Chile).
A Czech web and design studio that has a very open and clean approach to their projects. We really liked the use of empty space in their work, the clean feel of teh web sites, and the easy to understand navigations that do not compromise the elegant design sensibility.
webDesign.dima (CZ).
A fun personal portfolio of an Australian designer. Built in Flash, it brings an original flair and perspective to many of the same visual elements we've seen in other portfolio sites - transitions, music, repeating animated elements. It all blends together as a great showcase of Flash skills... and that's not even counting the impressive range of design work found inside.
Loch9 - Portfolio of Jonathan Lochhead (AU).
An Audience with the Mafia
A promotional site for a one-man stage show that has toured both Europe and the USA. The site chronicles the spread of organized crime from it's origins in Sicily, to the present day. Designed on a tight grid structure, the crisp site has a cold-steel color palette, but with a low text-to-background contrast and miniscule scroll bar that makes reading the site challenging. Overall, a nice design, but perhaps a bit too modern of an approach for the subject matter.
An Audience with the Mafia.
Monday, April 25, 2005
Vianet, a digital agency with an attractive illustrated identity - primarily driven by principal designer Toki-Doki - creates an interesting range of digital products and interactive media. Very cute charaters, asian influenced illustrations, and more. Enjoy.
Vianet (IT).
Otto Kern
10 Days in Rio. The new advertising campaign for the spring/summer season of Otto Kern 2005 rolls out in a full-screen style presentation. Quite an immersive multimedia experience - filled with bright colors and music - just like Rio.
Starlight Starbright | Coping With Chemo
The Flash segments on this web site, produced by Animax, a digital studio in California and designed to help teens undergoing chemotherapy, were recently honored with three awards: Best of Category (Public Service) at the Horizon Interactive Awards, Gold in the Summit Creative Awards and Finalist at One Show Interactive. The project reveals that Flash can be used to present teens and kids with serious content, served up in a way that?s visually relevant and dynamic.
Starlight Starbright | Coping With Chemo.
Friday, April 22, 2005
A very complicated Nike site with one of their ridiculously long intros/flat vector animation pieces to help promote a running competition in Rome in 2005. We loved the yellow, orange and black color combos, but were overwhelmed by the navigation and info inside the site itself. Robust and chock full of content (mostly in Italian), this is a nice looking site, but a bit over the top.
Arabian Heights
An interesting Flash piece for a real estate property in Dubai, where a combination of transitions, navigation and strong imagery quickly convey a feel of opulence and luxury.
Arabian Heights (UAE).
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Rille Portfolio
A very tight little portfolio of a young Swedish designer. Lots of Flash, but implemented in a simple and minimal way with lots of pixel fonts and simple typography. Not flashy per se, but a very usable design style that shows an understanding of how to make Flash work productively.
Rille Portfolio (Sweden).
Monday, April 18, 2005
Glu Glu Design
A funky little color-bright one page wonder advertising a cuddly little fish pillow and hair pin. Very easy to access, this is a colorful marketing design that both holds the grid and breaks it apart in a meaningful and fun way.
GLU GLU Design (Milan, IT).