Friday, July 29, 2005
The Boom and the Arty
Strangely atmospheric and ecclectic, the Boom is an original music, graphic, digital and analog portfolio of work housed in a beautiful Flash-driven online atmosphere. Everything about the Boom, and the music made by the artist, is highly twitchy and very detailed, making for a beautiful visual platter and a delicious audio treat.
The Boom and the Arty (Paris, FR).
Thursday, July 28, 2005
Juega 10
A new hot summer launch, this is a commercial Nike Latin America site to promote a new "street-wear", or "active-wear" clothes line, launching in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The site itself is quite pretty, including some nice interactive moments and an amusing digital film. The script of the film was developed by Wieden Kennedy agency and produced by GrupoW. The film and the site are entirely in Spanish (and Portugese).
Nike - Juega 10 (Latin America).
Stefan Gissberg
Sifting through young Stefans Gissberg's Flash-based online portfolio is much like sipping on a tall refreshing glass of glacier water. It's pure of intent, refreshing, and immediately understandable (it's crystal!). He's a graphic designer in the pure sense, and also progressing at web design work, as can be seen in his portfolio site design, and other works.
Stefan Gissberg (SE).
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
the open spaces
the/open/spaces is a newly birthed freelance design studio for an outstanding print designer. While the site itself is bare-bones HTML and the pop-ups are a little mundane, the print works - from posters to packaging and identities - are truly inspiring. The artist blends multiple mediums in his projects but focuses primarily on print media, with great results.
the open spaces: print design studio (Portland, OR).
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
bendable element
Easy on the eyes and rapidly digestible, this is a great "to-the-point" portfolio site of print illustrations and online design interface work. Basically presented in a linear format, it's quite simple to see the big picture and understand this graphic designers style and skills... which is good in all regards!
bendableelement (Philly, US).
Friday, July 01, 2005
A truly beautiful graphic atmoshpere greets you upon entry into this collaborative design site ala pdf magazine. Part design magazine, part exhibition, Passvite invites graphic designers to submit new ideas around selected conceptual directions and provides a platform for personal exposure.
Passvite (Portugal).
Get Elevated
A fluid composition of imagination and navigation help create a storybook of creative action in this portfolio site built in Flash. Very elegant presentation, with a very clean slate, the work - from print to identity, and even some traditional art - stands out quite beautifully.
Get Elevated - Erik Harley (USA).