Monday, January 30, 2006
just for the F of it
Just another really sick animated Flash music site from our falafel-eating, funky-faced, far out friend, Todd Purgason. But this time it's different - this time the site ain't anything you've seen before. So figure out what the hell a fugly fairy really is, and even torch her with a bow and flaming arrow by a belligerent french ferret. And hey, there's cool Easter egg stuff to download, like free MP3s from some bands, and a blog by Mark Hoppus. And of course, have fun!
just for the F of it - by fuse.
Sunday, January 22, 2006
A full-service design studio, biz-R has a given us a very fresh approach on their portfolio in this classically motivated, yet very modern design. Their expertise is in identity systems, branding, print communications, and obviously their interactive design and development (though there's not much on display) is quite solid. Great overall look 'n feel. Love the teal and grey colors of the site.
biz-R (UK).
Home of the twisted films of PES, this is an amazing catalog of fantastic short films by video artist PES (and company). Mostly using everyday objects, and stop-motion "filmography" with outstanding editing, PES turns the everyday into the extraordinary. Imagination is at a premium here. Explore and be delighted!
Friday, January 20, 2006
A flamboyant Flash designer and Flash motion specialist, Piotr (Peter) Lupinski, has provided a (temporary) one page online showcase of his rather full portfolio of professional looking work. In a sense, it appears as a type of "Fibonacci spiral" timeline, although no dates are provided; just the number of days taken to complete each project. Piotr has set the bar high for any forth-coming iterations and we're sure to follow and support any new works from this artist in the future.
Flamaster2 (Poland).