Saturday, March 11, 2006
Digitalthread Version 2
Well, we finally re-launched a new design. This old site will stay live, but the new site will be the only one regularly updated. The New Digitalthread has plenty more features, a cleaner design and improved navigation. Look for a powerful new search, related site links and descriptive keywords. Plus tons of new content, re-written reviews and updated links. This re-design celebrates 10 years of Digitalthread being online!
Digitalthread 2.0.
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Westchester County's finest is none other than independent brand, motion, interactive and graphic designer Andrew Thompson. This self-proclaimed portfolio of "trendy stuff" shows us that Andrew has a solid understanding of the design game and knows where and how to kiss some serious butt. Yes... it's all in the irreverance, isn't it? As long as it sells, kids... as long as it sells! And that's why this great motion graphics designer with a BFA in design is looking for full time work? Please, someone snap him up quick.
Andrew Thompson - Atslopes.
Vingtneuf Degres
Otherwise known as 29 Degrees, this collective of artists and designers from Switzerland have a cohesive philosophy, as demostrated by their logo of interlocking hexagons forming a chain... a chain of design power! Framed in this fabulous site, and only in French, we see some great photos, but not much showing of the work they have finished. Yet, while it seems they are graffiti, industrial designers and toy designers, we actually suspect there's more print and graphic work being done here, and they've just been too busy to post it all. Well, we're curious already!
Vingtneuf Degres (Switzerland).