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Crazy about Camo?
Check out the cool camoflague photoshop action in textures & backgrounds.

New Photoshop Actions Archive
Welcome photoshop action users... Famished for fine action functions? There are free downloadable actions in the textures area , the Image Ready animation area and the new action Production Set is also now live. 'Njoy action fans.

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksDigitalthread Production Set
Load this into your action palette and fill up your Function Keys* with our top production action sets and usable photoshop actions.

Production Set :

  • Transform, Scale (F1)
    Blank (F2)
    Blank (F3)
  • Crop (F4)
  • Index Color Mode (F5)
  • Copy-New-Paste (F6)
  • C-N-P-Index-Save (F7)
  • Duplicate-Index-Save (F8)
  • CopyMerged-N-P-Index-Save (F9)
  • Make Layer (F10)
  • Name Layer (F11)
  • Rasterize Type (F12)
Download: Production Set for PS6.0.+
Download: Production Set for PS5.0, 5.5.***

(Click and Hold "Save As..."
or "Download Link to Disk")

graphic design books4x4 Photoshop and 3D: Geometry/Chaos
The 4x4 Project invited four leading designersto create new pieces on the theme of Geometry and Chaos. You'll find the information and the inspiration to bend tools to your own ends as they describe how they use 3D applications to create the components for their final images, before processing them with Photoshop to add depth, color, texture, and complexity. (SC - 300pp.)
Amazon : $22.05 : 1-2 Days
Amazon UK: 18.49 : 3-4 Days

graphic design booksNew Masters of Photoshop
In these pages, the authors demonstrate examples of their print work, web work, public work, and private work, explaining the techniques they use to achieve their results. More than that, though, they tell you how they think: who their influences are, where their ideas come from, and how they find inspiration when the well has run dry. (SC - 544pp.)
Amazon : $41.99 : 1 Day : New price!
Amazon UK: 33.59 : 1 Day

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksRetroScan1.1
RetroScan 1.1 from Deep Devices. RetroScan is a PhotoShop Plug-In that simulates the effect of noisy TV signal lines, and includes an interface so you can adjust the effects. Download now. (Shareware Fee $20).