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CSS & HTML style guides
CSS guides, tutorials and articles on t oday's outlook on the ever changing CSS style sheets standards.

A List Apart
Keep up with the latest in issues and resources on this site specifically for for people who make websites. Includes the useful ALA Coders Forum where you can post questions and find answers to your most nerve-wracking issues.

HTML Resources

Special HTML Characters
A nice table of all the HTML special characters and the codes needed to realize them.

HTML jalfreizi
Sizzling HTML jalfreizi.

HTML Validation Service
Free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards. Keeps code kosher.

CSE HTML Validator
Downloadable and purchasable software for Validating HTML.

CSS Articles & Re-sauces

Layout Resevoir
Elegant css layouts, yours for the taking.

The Web Standards Project: CSS
The classic "top 10 css problems" report from the web standards project's css samurai, 1998-1999.

Layout Techniques (Fixed Link).
Look Ma, No Tables. If you are looking for help making the transition to CSS layout (that's Cascading Style Sheets), you've come to the right place.

A CSS redesign in 5 easy papges
There are journeys that touch the deepest core of the human spirit. And then there is this one. This is a journey from six years of conventional web design practice to the way we'll build sites in the future - which is now!

issue #99
Two stories on making the transition from html tables to css design.

fear of style sheets (part 4):
Give me pixels, or give me death.

Agitprop is an experimental space at Metrius (formerly Verso), featuring items of interest to Web developers, particularly with regard to typographical design support.