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Nearly everything here is free*
Downloads and free trials for your pleasure - from web fonts to photoshop plugs-ins and helper applications - all free for the taking (unless indicated otherwise).

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksRetroScan1.1
RetroScan 1.1 from Deep Devices. RetroScan is a PhotoShop Plug-In that simulates the effect of noisy TV signal lines, and includes an interface so you can adjust the effects. Download now. (Shareware Fee $20).

The cross-platform palette of web-safe colors for use in Photoshop. Choose Replace Palette from Photoshop Swatches Palette and select.
Download Mac. Download PC.
For more information you can visit Lynda Weiman's page on hex colors.

*Please pay your Shareware fees to support generous developers.

An easily readable 7-point screen-font from Fontsite in two 'weights'. For screen use only. Designed by Joe Gillespie. Download Mac. No PC version. And 3 more free fonts from Fontsite.

Squarefont (sq5p)
Another great webfont. Works best in 10 point and multiples of 10. Contains both upper and lowercase! Designed by Kim Granlund of Dieselprint.
Mac Postscript (Available in PC format at Dieselprint).
Another easily readable 7-point webfont in three 'weights' from Fountain in Sweden. Designed by Peter Bruhn. Download Mac (Available in PC format at Fountain).

*For more Free Web Fonts, check out the Fonthaus*

FF Dingbests
FontShop International's sample of some of the best FFDingbats has been put together under the name of FFDingbests. Download from their site at: FontShop International Free Stuff. Available in both Mac and PC.