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"There are 12,000 digital fonts to choose from but it is still too early to say whether this simply represents more choice, or a significant step in search of new forms."
- Fuse, 1994
The Typehaus comprises the best picks of fonts, foundries and indexes available on the web. A review under each link tells you a bit about that site and indicates when their fonts kick ass.

Featured Sites
e x p e r i m e n t a l

Disappearing Inc.
New improvements include re-conceptions of the font selector navigation and a new gallery section: Serum. Amazing site design complements this foundries' large base of experimental fonts. Lots of flavor!

House Industries
Recognized across the planet, House groups the large collection of custom fonts into several distinctive packages. For $5 you get their custom catalog loaded with lots of cool stuff.

[T-26]: A New Type Foundry
The new face lift is practically done, and the results are very promising. Excellent designs throughout with re-conceived navigation. A great home for all the fonts they produce and sell. Best viewed on a Mac.

Fountain: A Friendly Type Foundry
A fresh Swedish foundry, with very nice designs. They've got many free fonts for you, and new site graphics. Look for new works from Peter Bruhn and other talented team members regularly.

The Apollo Program
This one man foundry, started by Cranbrook graduate Elliott Earl, offers some of the most progressive and experimental fonts to date. Posters? Yes! His state-of-the-art experiments in typography receive high praise, but the web site could use some simplifying - best viewed on a Mac.

An experimental foundry based in Columbus OH. Posters? Yes! New updates improve load time slightly. Check out the catalog page for great fonts and enjoy the great designs splattered throughout. Prototypically exploring the "experimental" realm.

Chank Fonts
Ever evolving, Chank's methods of cranking out fonts and offering font give-aways begins to stir the web. A huge assortment of wild and comic fonts by Chank Diesel and friends. Lots of Free Fonts Now. Enjoying the lost childhood pleasure of complete irreverence.

   e x c e l l e n c e

Created for anyone interested in fonts, this richly informative site is clean, bright, and completely unpretentious. For designers, students, or teachers, this site skillfully imparts a wealth of knowledge about type and typography.

From the designers of the Meta font, a nice story about font creation from start to finish. After that, read the follow up. A finely designed site revealing an interesting company.

FontHead Design
This two person team puts out an extremely impressive collection of useful fonts - highlighted by the fact the site is marvelously simple and informative. Fonthead Design is located in Boca Raton, Florida. A couple free fonts are available.

An interactive experience about type and typography. This site illustrates the beauty, poetry, complexity, and history of type, while raising relevant questions about how typography is treated in the digital media, specifically online. Definitely check out the gallery!

Fontshop International
A huge distributional center for fonts - this is the place to start looking for your excellent fonts. Search by author, font name, or click through hundreds of fonts by genre. Enjoy the clean and intuitive interface. One Free Font.

Fuse: Interactive Magazine
Each issue presents essays exploring opinions on current typographical trends. Each issue complimented by a series of enlargeable posters that illustrate a particular font.