great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design

(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcaseGuinness Store House (screenshot)
"Drinking. The final stage in the Guinness process. But what comes before?" This question is answered at the new Guinness Storehouse visitor attraction in Dublin. And this site attracts the visitors. This is one the top web experience designs we've discovered in our 5 year history. Note high level of detail, the illusions of depth, the creative navigational elements, and especially the branding metaphor of steel bars, which plays upon the renown slogan; "Guinness for Strength".
Designed by: The Imagination Group.

web design showcase13 Amp (screenshot)
You needn't be an engineer to enjoy these 13 short animation experiments exploring sound, electricity, and interface interactions. Each funny animation unfolds like a short film, with a unique variation upon the theme of sound and electricity. We loved that the site has no words(!), and all the elements are self-explanatory.
Designed by: Kip and Anthony of Friendchip.

web design showcaseVerb (screenshot)
We like it hard, and this is the kind of site that ultimately gets us hard as steel. Why? It's the navigation, stupid. Or rather... it's smart navigation. Take a spin around Verb to see how it's done: notice how Verb calculates your current position and sends you links to relevant information from other areas. Hot hot hot.
Designed by: Method.

web design showcaseBüro für Gestaltungsfragen (screenshot)
Interface Design for BfGf, German industrial-design studio. Complete flexibility for future updates inside a dynamic template system with all of the extras: sound, animation, experimental navigation. Unusual navigation that contextualizes the nature of BfGfs work. This hot interface design may take a couple tries getting used to because it is so original and uniquely developed.
Designed by: 4RK.

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web design web design showcaseMilarepa (screenshot)
A compact and window-driven site for the Milarepa Tibetan action fund. The organization urges people to vocalize their opposition to the physical and spiritual occupation of Tibetan culture. The design uses the windows effectively with a minimal of confusion and it's also foolproof to technical disturbances. Great photographs of Tibet and simple color combinations grace every page throughout this pure pop-up site.
Designed by: Deepend-NY.

web design showcase360degrees (screenshot)
360degrees 'Perspectives on the U.S. Criminal Justice System' creates a space where people with diverse stories and experiences can come together to share their experiences and opinions and engage in a productive dialogue about the increasing numbers of incarcerated Americans. 360degrees hosts a circular 'cell'-based interface that could only be done effectively with Flash, however, it's worth saying the HTML site is also pleasantly produced.
Designed by: Alison Cornyn.

web design showcaseWormholes to Oli and Ten (screenshot)
Wormholes could be described as an "interactive documentary" of friendship and the everyday life of two people. You can experience their everyday-life-environments in nature and inside their homes where you can "go-in" their more personal things. There's an interactive layer on top of the pictures that creates another stage of reality linked with wormholes... the ways you choose can be different every time, and the first time is like an uncontrolled random exploration.
Photographed and designed by: Thorsten Kloepfer (Ten) and Oliver Kauselmann (Oli).

web design showcaseFlugtag (IE) (screenshot)
Fun is the name of the game for the funky Flugtag competition, and this site embodies the flavor of the competition through it's functional and slightly futuristic design. We featured another Flugtag site a couple months ago (from San Francisco), and this is the following feature flying in from Ireland. Apparently the organizers have a fancy for fine web design firms.
Designed by: Lessrain.

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