great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design

(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcaseAaron Deemer (screenshot)
A photographers' site where the design and navigation rises to the occation to compliment the photography with the utmost style. The design itself articulates the mood of Aaron's photography from the start, while the gallery navigation plays with several metaphors and relationships between camera, subject and viewer. Special attention is given to enabling the user who is thankfully presented the director's throne and unbowed by any overbearance of design.
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web design showcaseThe Asterisk Project (screenshot)
Asterisk is a great design 'explora-story' detailing the many threads spun during the course of designing a symbol for The National Design Awards. The clean site presents 30+ design interpretations on the concept, including visions from a variety of artists, while it details the steps from sketch to final product.
Designed by: Helfand | Drenttel.

web design showcasenosubstance (screenshot)
There's three reasons why we like this site. 1) It explains itself from the get-go. Wow. This simple concept has become the most under-rated idea in the web world. And it's especially welcome to us 'over the hill' surfers. 2) No substance? No problem... No pretense! 3) Just great type and text work from a St.Martins graduate. Simple stuff, not too deep, but with some minor Flash experiments for fun. 4) The homage to NY Knicks great Bernard King. Is that 4? I told you we were getting old.
Designed by: Drafus Chow

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web design web design showcaseBecoming Human (screenshot)
Evolution and Human Origins are explored here in an extensive, information-rich online destination for paleoanthropology. The site includes an interactive documentary, educational exhibits, research tools, and the latest news from scientists across the globe. The Web site design itself is in the format of the classic module (or mini-site) first popularized by interactive feature work done for a famous magazine, however much more thoroughly researched and complete.
Designed by: Terra Incognita interactive media.

web design showcaseWhat is Print? (screenshot)
A kiosk and web installation that works as a complimentary piece to print exhibitions at the museum, "what is a print?" demonstrates the steps involved in the four best-known printing techniques. So grab the gouging tool, the etching needle, your chemical solution and paper and have fun. Fine illustrations and clean Flash navigation, as we have come to expect from the developers.
Designed by: The Chopping Block.

web design showcaseevilpupil (screenshot)
Evil is a cryptic destination that heralds the power of interface more than the actual design of the modules contained within. Entering the site requires you to figure out some short interface puzzles, but thankfully, it explains itself just enough to hook you in. But, even when you think you've figured it out, you've probably only gotten into a couple of several possible modules. If you get them all right away, cool. If you don't, head to the back of the class for more punishment, "dumbass".
Designed by: Experimental

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