great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design

(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcasea-hum (screenshot)
This project introduces stories of Brahmi (ancient Sanskrit letters) in a format that combines visual art, music and the latest web technology. The navigation is perfectly minimal and the delivery of this editorial is purposely deliberate and slow; be prepared for slowly evolving photography that is, however, worth the wait. The conceptual inspiration of the project is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and is intended to deliver a message on tolerance, compassion and the nature of being.
Designed by:
Hitoshi Okazaki [6picas]
Photos with: Hajime Watanabe [H W Photography]
Music by: Matthew Garrison

web design showcasePickled, the Movie (screenshot)
A beautiful site for a new surf movie (kind of...) presented by Jamie Mosberg and Billabong. Inside, get familiar with the rough-edged and tweaked duotone design style. It's a great homage to the old school surfer graphics and you may even associate a certain Carson-esque influence. "8 surfers, 8 exotic locations, 1 wannabe and a jar of magic pickles". They forgot: "1 great web site".
Designed by: Juxt Interactive.

web design showcaseCrew Cuts (screenshot)
Crew Cuts is an amusing movie editing & production haus located in California and NYC. The design is original - using all hand-drawn and cartoonish style - which really sets them apart from the competition and brings their strengths into focus. As far as web design is concerned, the 'Crew' uses great Flash driven interactive bits in ways you won't see anywhere else.
Designed by: Company Site

web design showcaseSpakkamo (screenshot)
A collaboration of new Canadian artists, 6+ pieces of content focus on the essence of exploring surroundings and emotions with design and animation. These broadband dialogues - based in Quicktime and Flash - are housed within a great grid interface package. The experience prevails here, and while the visuals are quite excellent, we'd wish there was a little more to go on in terms of explanations or at least an indication the length of some of these presentations. Great stuff.
Presented by: xururu, d-town, griz, jade, ryan and kemp.

web design
web design web design showcaseRockstar Games (screenshot)
A super hot teknikal design feat. This release, replacing an already heavily awarded previous site (done by Oyster Partners), brings the best of the latest - minimal and future-tek-angular design trends - together into one spectacular release. This new push is dedicated to developing the best digital entertainment destination, and this ripe design sends the message: they are doing the business!
Designed by: Oyster Partners.

web design showcaseCenter of the World (screenshot)
'Center' is the full frontal interactive trailer for the new movie by Arista, released April 20th. This Flash-built experience brings you into the nightclub where a simulated quicktime interface allows you to touch and select girls to dance for you, seduce you, and much more. The interactive elements are done so well by the crafty design team that at some points you may even wonder if it's happening for real. We also loved the hazy reds and purples - reminds us of our corner XXX joint.
Designed by: Hi-Res!

web design showcaseCranbrook Design (screenshot)
It's been a while since we've posted a feature with great typography design, so it's only fitting that this work comes from the Cranbrook Academy of Art alumni. At this moment, the site is sparsely populated - and will always remain in development - but it stands as a great vista from which to examine the online explorations of Cranbrook grads. Cranbrook is a small school with limited enrollment, and this site appropriately creates a modern yet matured aspect that is befitting of a close, intimate community.
Designed by: Cranbrook Students & Noordeman

web design showcaseei2ei Virtual Easter (screenshot)
A sweet pixelated holiday treat; find the Easter eggs in an randomly generated landscape. Each egg contains a hidden treasure, from mini Flash movies, to egg recipes, short bunny movies, and even an egg font... obviously, the crew behind this is following a strict theme. There's also some fancy customizable options going on behind the beautiful scenery.
Designed by: More Interactive DE

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