great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design

(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcaseecko.complex (screenshot)
Graffiti art is getting more and more integrated with the latest design trends and Marc Ecko's success is a sign of the times. Ecko, formerly a street artist like your humble editor, has blown up the spot with his strongly graphic oriented take on fashion. And his online vision is just as progressive - he utilizes flash, photography and experimental navigation to create a unique composition that weaves multiple disciplines into one great package. Look for parts of the old site and navigation under 'archive' and be sure to check out ROBo's area under the Climate CD portion of the site... and enjoy.
Designed by: in house design by ecko mindlabs.

web design showcaseRMX (screenshot)
Many 're-mix' projects - the sort where a sequence of designers create variations of, improvements upon or additions to an initial digital design - have come and gone... however, this is the best one we know of that still rocks on. RMX is a tight collaboration of eight Brisbane designers, launched from a desire to produce exciting visual work in an unpredictable way - generating visual works that, in the final viewing, are "as surprising to the creators as they are to the viewer".
Designed by: Rinzen.

web design showcase123KLAN (screenshot)
Busting out the fresh funky style - this is street art taken to the vector dimension. This release marks the creation of a new height in online graffiti where the styles born in the streets of NYC are merged with a sharp graphic eye, tight computer skills and the love of Gundam. 123KLAN is on online crew hailing from Lille, France. Reprazent ma brothahs & sistahs.
Designed by: Self promotional

web design showcaseVersion City (screenshot)
A new digital design module featuring a fantastic range of styles. No pretense, just great design and digital exploration. These 10+ modules take you on a true visual and interactive adventure: from a storage area of miscelaneous illustrations to a photo essay on Japan, imagination and exploration define the possibilities.
Designed by: Tonic Group.

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web design web design showcaseSimian UK (screenshot)
Simian's fifth incarnation titled 'Journey Inwards' presents 7 semi-interactive movies that tend to induce a dreamlike state of mind. They offer a peek into the consciousness of an artist strangely enveloped in a veil of peacefulness who travels the twisted paths between brilliance, insanity and emotional distress. Take your time with these: each semi-interactive story unfolds at about 5 minutes each, with your help... hence "semi"-interactive.
Designed by: Self Promotion & Editorial

web design showcasePlanet of the Drums (screenshot)
A rocking site for the promotion of drum & bass music. 'Drums' features finely integrated audio, great 3-D work, and a wholly chaotic construction of parts that houses DJ info, concert dates and more. We were really impressed with level of minute digital details that went into this design: a highly technical Flash introduction, original architectural shapes and finely woven textures nestled into sharp duotone backgrounds.
Designed by: Designgraphik.
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web design showcaseWarp Records (screenshot)
Warp records is the label site for a great many new electronic and independent-style artists. The design features a tight, dark style of flat, 'blocky' colors meant in many cases to imitate 3-D or a 3-D version of equalizers. The overall appearance can be a bit sparse at times, but allows for efficient updates from the database as this is a comprehensive site for many artists.
Designed by: The Designers Republic.
Programmed by: Kleber.
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