great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design

(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcaseDonnie Darko (screenshot)
A seminal interactive adventure from the masters of the medium. "Pay close attention" to discover secret passwords, faux pages, subliminal messages as you immerse yourself in the unfolding experience and explore several new methods of navigation. Brought to us through the eyes of the Hi-res! designers who unveil their unique perspective on interactive design for this independent movie.

web design showcaseThe Royal Tenenbaums   (screenshot)
A fabulously bourgeois site for the coming movie that has a rich seasoning of still photos, line work, colorful flourishes and typography. Royal Tenenbaums, the site, introduces us to the WASPish family with a slightly dark design that also reveals a sense of humor and introspection. It also features some really detailed pages enhanced with the kind of Flash interactivity that money just cannot buy. Overall, the site is artistic, fun and just brilliantly rendered.
Sculpted by: 65Media.

web design showcaseFlash deConstruction (screenshot)
A tight typographic work for the upcoming book shipping in November. The overall site uses a sharp simplicity of font choice with a clean white background, contrasted by a juxtaposition of unique shapes and colorful photographic masks. Inside, the Flash site offers sound clips and samples to serve as a brief taste of the books' flavors.
Designed by: Todd Purgason of Juxt Interactive.

web design showcaseFuse : Industrial Design (screenshot)
This small site for a hybrid industrial and product design company features some nice gratuitous 3-D Flash movement and good overall cohesion and 'sense of space'. The highlight of this very crisp design is the green, living, modular and sometimes gooey nav system found positioned at the bottom left which guides you through the six basic pages of the site.
Built by: opus:creative.

web design showcaseTongsville (screenshot)
A miniature, but deeply detailed world is now complete in this slightly bizarre site for a video production company, Hammer & Tongs. In Tongsville visitors explore a number of unique city attractions & metaphors - try the bank on the boardwalk or visit the theater - where each is a refined interactive destination. Tongsville uses a menage of pixel styles that are best compared to famed digitally designed experiences like Netbabyworld and eBoy's eCity. Interact and enjoy the surroundings, but hang in there, as there's lots hidden away to be found... (psst, try to find God Mode!).
Handmade by the design robots at: preloaded. UK

web design showcaseecko.complex   (screenshot)
Writing yet another page in the book of branding, ecko, one of our favorite sites, again stitches together fashion, typography, bold color and innovative Flash navigations into an overall great redesign. But even if you understand that commercial fashion demands a complete overhaul for each season, we still feel an archive section for the past designs is sorely missing. We're also aware that this new area is slightly thinner than versions of the past and we wonder if the quality can be sustained for versions of the future. We certainly hope so, because we're already looking forward to the next one. Designed in house by ecko mindlabs.

web design showcaseSimian 6 - Revolt (screenshot)
A new imaginative creation from Simian - Simian Volume 6 - "Revolt" - now online with a new URL. This version features some of the same slow-motion-load Flash scenes and navigation seen in previous Simian advents from Ross Mawdsley. We did find links between sections a bit confusing at first, until we realized it's an underlying theme and an exploration path to the various 'hot-spots' across the globe. Fear not - the new ideas and multimedia editorials are imaginative and original and overall and Simian6 is another great, timely, 'bound' work of interaction and discovery.
Seeds of revolt sown by: IKDA.

web design showcaseNotts Art (screenshot) UK
A sweet and clean little Flash delection for a local arts project, 'notts' provides info on contemporary artworks situated across Nottinghamshire, England. We liked the colors and overhead location maps especially, but found readability slightly impaired - probably due to the use of Vag Rounded as copy text. Overall, notts art is a tasty, informative treat. If you liked Notts Art, also try Large Design.
Both designed by: twelve:ten.

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web design In this column: Oustanding Firms & 'Folios
For this advent we present a number of indy (portfolio) sites and Design Firm sites that we found interesting. Many of these will eventually will be filtered into the Designhaus area.

web design showcaseDigit1 (screenshot) UK 
The new Digit site redefines the nature of a typical agency site with this breakthrough interactive accomplishment. Lightly framed on white, the mesmerizing design erases the line between 'folio' and 'lab' by introducing a host of organic experiences and tools that you uncover as you embark upon several varied explorations. In a sentence, Digit has taken the next step and integrated its experiences with a functional design.

web design showcaseAppetite Engineers (screenshot)
Appetite Engineers is an energetic, award-winning - mainly print - design firm based in San Francisco. You will really enjoy their unusual and thorough approach to design and process, which you can view in great step-by-step case studies and get a feel for their embracing philosophy. These guys are super fine typographers and you really have to check out recent print work they've created for clients such as the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. Very inspirational.

web design showcaseThe Skyscraper
A very fine Swedish company site that actually acts more like a unique community area. Geared towards the web design student or professional, you can tour the skyscraper and unveil several layers of community based virtual spaces like the lovemates area, or you can try to get a Paregos scholarship by submitting your work. Also learn Flash from a small group or tutorials. Very cool Flash site. Need a fast computer.

web design showcaseModern Living  
For funny, artistic, and brilliant inspirations, this animator from Germany rocks. Modern Living, as part of his Neurotica Series was retired in September 2001 at #100, and these 100 inspirational elements, animated in Flash, are always worth a second look. Realized by: Hoogerbrugge.

web design showcaseAgent Noordeman (screenshot)
Bliss comes in many forms, and for us it takes the form of illustration, rigid typography and graphic design merged on the screen. These classic deco-influenced illustrations and designs burst from the screen in bold, burning swaths of color. But this designer with a strong typographic design background from Holland, was only introduced to the web in 2000 when working with The Chopping Block and he's never done an illustration heavy project before this new version of his site. Could have fooled us. Look inside for a wide range of work - from book jackets to web sites - that captures a wide array of different styles. Ultimately, Arjen Noordeman's work is very heavy in the type department, and that's how we like it here. You may recognize some the Agent's font styles from Cranbrook Design, a previous feature on this page.

web design showcaseJeremy Otis (screenshot)
Jeremy is a great illustrator with a human touch. Throughout his work, he demonstrates an attuned sense of typographic style as he crafts highly personable designs. His portfolio is loaded with very pure, clean identity and branding designs and he has also created some very meaningful poster and advertising work. Some of his strongest work includes identity systems for organic and the design of the Target ecommerce web site. A very clean, personable, and tightly organized site.

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