great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design
great web design flash gallery graphic design

(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

Ashley Wood (screenshot)
Ashley Wood is an illustrator extraordinaire who uses an energetic combination of traditional and modern painting techniques to create vibrant cover pieces for books, movies, comics and even television and video games. The site for this great illustrator and artist does his work justice as it demonstrates great typography and excellent attention to detail. Site designed by ximeraLabs from UK & Belgium - who themselves feature some of the freshest modern design we've seen in a long time.

web design showcasejump tomorrow (screenshot)
The site is accurately self-described as a "flash journey", and you'll understand once you cruise around this bizarre scrolling landscape. We don't know how much of this illustrated depiction is supposed to relate to the film, but we have a feeling it will only make sense once the film is viewed. The best aspects of the site are the unfolding illustrations (ala early Once-Upon-A-Forest modules) and the original video game style navigation. The entire experience comes off like a twisted 60's version of the Sims.
Rolled up by: Hi-res!.

web design showcaseDodge Magazine (screenshot)
Not much of an actual 'web' design, but rather a series of digital flat screens. Dodge, Issue #1, is a print-like collaboration of several young and upencoming digital artists who created a two-tone series of flat pixel designs that are fun, and just nice to examine. At the end, you'll also find links to all the contributing artists' sites, which is useful in and of itself.
Designed by: XL5 Design & K10k + Contributors.

web design showcase120 Seconds (screenshot) CA
A place for people in Canada who are experimenting in the digital medium to show off what they're creating: byte-size entertainment including animation, shorts, games, music, whatever. The site design, by Dotaku International, breaks up the edges nicely creating a feel of an entity in space rather than a program with holes to fill. The backend uses Cold Fusion. This is a CBC initiative to create unique space to showcase Canadian talents.
See also: Just Concerts.

web design showcaseSleeping Giants (screenshot)
This sleepy narrative recalls all the slow and hot feelings of baking under the Midwest sun in summertime. The site may be best compared to a CD/kiosk of sorts with its focus on photography, large images and audio track which replaces the usual need for text. Overall, the site provides a nice layered patchwork feel which seems appropriate for the client, Kodak, in this case.
Designed by: Second Story Interactive.

web design showcaseAdobe Studio (screenshot)
The new Adobe Studio boasts a sleek, vibrant design, and promises to become a worthy resource as a flexible online collaboration environment for creative professionals. The site is quite appealing, providing a breath of fresh air and space amidst tight icon and navigation development. The information and direction of the site is clear, and one can even follow the track of design by hillman curtis inc. in a type of showcase that focuses on iterations in page and icon design. The tool itself is now in beta. Check it out.

web design showcase800*600 (screenshot)
This site is so simple it bothers me; essentially built in two colors with one highlight color, 800*600 is the site for an upcoming design annual being released from Hungary. Although the layered graphics appear like something one would imagine designed for China's coming Olympics bid, if it is any hint towards the design style being used in the book, then it should be well worth acquiring.

web design showcasethe ad*itive (screenshot)
the ad*itive bills itself as a cultural creative shop: a place that connects brands and people together. This is not a web shop - it is probably best described as a new age marketing firm. The site design is highly visual and subtly active, built in Flash and enhanced by photography, sound, animated pictographs and good typography. Web designers familiar with some of their previous designs will accurately recognize this as the work of One9ine.

web design showcaseRenamo (screenshot)
Renamo is a tight and tidy little site for a UK marketing company. The firm was recently re-branded with a military theme and this site accurately extends that brand online. The typography is well thought out (although it could be a little more readable) and the individual design concepts - using field reports and a topography map navigation - all gel together wonderfully to turn this site into a hot little design number.
Marched out by: twelve:ten.

web design
web design In this column: Oustanding 'Folio Sites
Here's a few great indy (portfolio) sites, which eventually will be filtered into the designhaus:indy area.

web design showcaseJoël Guenoun FR
A typographer and graphic designer from France whose work transcends the 26 letters of the alphabet to create a spirited play of images and meanings - he is an expert "smith" of visual metaphors who juxtaposes the simplest shapes and letters to reveal something that already exists - unlocking new ideas and concepts of visual interest. Joël has printed 5 books, and has featured work on cover designs and numerous stunning posters.

web design showcaseJoseph Macleod UK
This personal site digs a bit deeper into design theory than the usual eye candy we whip out on the homepage. Mr. Macleod's business is a showcase of several explorations upon the theme of enhancing mobile phone interfaces. He examines new interfaces that enable 'function based' activity to stimulate more emotion and feeling, rather than more RSI. There's a lot of thinking that went into these ideas - proving that at least a few(!) of today's designers are not all about valueless flashy graphics.

web design showcaseXL5 Design Scotland
A talented and gifted illustrator and 3D artist named Brian resides at this online space. The site takes the form of a digital digest, presenting stills and work links, but it also includes the very cool Dodge Magazine (see review at left) and the meticulously unfolding chronicle for Rustboy, the star of the Rustboy Movie, both of which Brian is intimately involved in creating.

web design showcaseDemo Design USA
A Detroit original, this designer who "loves music" expels some insane illustrations from the membrane. Demo-design, which revels in it's anonymity and brandlessness, presents a tight mix of funky 'techno' design within a super clean interface that gives out tiny nibbles of great design and audio like a graphic Pez dispenser.

web design showcaseminiml USA
This terribly efficient postage-stamp sized site for a fresh talent comes in only two sizes: tiny and minuscule. The idea behind this portfolio revolves around keeping it small and simple, but the concept really excels because the artist is also a designer of miniature bitmap fonts. Check out this original site and then download up to 7 pixel fonts (at last count). Craig K. works at Fourm Design Studio.

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