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web design gallery web design gallery
web design gallery
Web design: by location
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Web design by country, location, special geographic groups, European design, UK design, Japanese Design. Only the best web sites.

web design gallery
web design gallery
STADTWIRKLICHKEIT is a student project that creates a platform for the construction of artificial worlds. Using the metaphor of Italo Calvinos' "Invisible Cities", the application requires the user to design their own "invisible city". Whilst the visitor of the website meanders through abstract 3-dimensional spaces (Quicktime-VR), five of Italo Calvinos "invisible Cities" are described by voice and interactive audio installations. The site is written in German, but English users get still get a feel for the project by finding the right links: (Click "offne.dokumentation();" and then "STADTWIRKLICH Starten"... from there, you're on your own). Designed by Sasha Kempe and Michael Wolf. students of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, School of Design, Germany.

web design gallery
web design gallery
Japanese Webdesign
Often wild and erratic, Japanese Webdesign before 2000 can be characterized by a visual attraction to technology or technical imagery. But some designers are strongly attracted to the influence of nature. In this advent you'll see a little bit of the the schisophrenic side of Japanese Webdesign.

UK (1997-1999)
UK designers are currently creating some of the best online work - everywhere you look the Brits are being highly acclaimed. But to get where you are, you got to know where you are from, and before 2000 we featured 3 galleries that provide a peek at some of the UK Webdesign roots.

Australian in Front (AU)
Creative Ireland (IR)
Digital Evolution (Portugal)
eXPerimental LAB (Norway)
Halfproject (Phillipines)
Inertia (Hungary)
Lounge72 (Germany)
Shift (Japan)
Surf Station (Luxembourg)

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