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web design gallery

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web design gallery
web design gallery
The North Face : Sports
A clean, smooth and peaceful monochromatic-style design for this producer of gear and equipment for exploring sports enthusiasts. The 'monochromatic' aspect helps bring out the brand and the strong imagery - usually of mountains and snow-scenes with rich blue skies. Overall, clean and readable.
Designed by Akimbo Design.

web design gallery
web design gallery
Art Gallery 02
A site featured here creates its own unique medium of expression through pioneering use of technical enhancement and design in original explorations of the web medium. Within contained environments and amidst loose rules, the creators allow us to interact while exploring the confinement of possibilities and the freedom of choice.

Core77 Products  New
We wrapped up both the Auto and Furniture area into one area devoted to Industrial Design shoppes & Industrial Design sites, with content compiled by our partners at Core77 Design Mag.

Archinect Gallery
(Coming in early 2002)
The Archinect vs. Digitalthread idea is one of cross purposes. We a want to feature fine architecture sites because there are so many good ones. And who better to help cross-pollenate our site than the Archinect crew?

Archinect (Architecture)
Scene360 (Film,Art,+)
Design in Motion (Motion,TV)
Pictoplasma (Character Design)
Lines & Splines (Type)

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