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web design gallery

Music & Band sites
10+ new sites in the music category. These are the sites we chose from our current submissions for artists and bands that we found were the most innovative and interesting.

web design gallery
web design gallery
Digit1 (UK) Favorite
The new Digit site redefines the nature of a typical agency site with this breakthrough interactive accomplishment. Lightly framed on white, the mesmerizing design erases the line between 'folio' and 'lab' by introducing a host of organic experiences and tools that you uncover as you embark upon several varied explorations. In a sentence, Digit has taken the next step and integrated its experiences with a functional design.

web design gallery
web design gallery
Tek Gallery 01
Dedicated to a pocket of sites that create fun and interactive modules, scripted in either Flash, Shockwave or DHTML. You'll find links to several designers who use raw talent, independent spirit and a good understanding of math to create experimental toys, visual puzzles and wildly modulating landscapes for your pleasure.

Archinect (Architecture)
Scene360 (Film,Art,+)
Design in Motion (Motion,TV)
Pictoplasma (Character Design)
Lines & Splines (Type)

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