(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcaseday-dream (screenshot)
In a few words; hyper Macintosh interface distortions, scribbles, repeating animations with sound and video (Quicktime), interactive cellular-level raw pixel-guts and distorted backgrounds with transparent gif-builds.

This interactive art site has numerous areas of digital mayhem to explore. Finding the links that take you from page to page usually becomes intuitive once you get used locating the many squiggly and jiggly objects - bitmapped and hand drawn transparent animations that move like amoba through this primordial site. Many of the pages remind you of cellular structures, which makes you wonder if you are being controlled or absorbed by the viral interface, or whether you understand the inner and outer working of the computer you are sitting at at all?

Day Dream is a fascinating and painstakingly crafted digital fusion of invented objects which surprises and re-invents itself at each turn.

web design showcasee13 (screenshot)
The Mondrian of computer art, fucked up Macintosh?, Quicktime, framed beautiful scratches scrolling and viral JavaScript animated around color, sound and colorlessness.

e13 was profiled by us a few years back as one of the first sites to scrap conventional digital design and focus on the dirty and scratchy layers hiding underneath. The playful and interactive nature is also very strong, relying heavily on JavaScript scrolling and dark, abstractly detailed 'digital' animation to continue the story or journey through the site. Sometimes the pieces have some meaning or tale, often they are simply abstract concoctions that seethe with movement or appear to falter and mislay themselves, appearing to breakdown.

e13 uses a plain background to frame the design, thus providing the animated elements of the site a lighter, more ephemeral quality. It also gives the impression of something fleeting or transient, like a creation about to move onto another stage of development - hinting towards a possible evolution or maybe a moment of atrophy.

e-13 shows us that the digital world exists, but with it's weed-like character and tendencies for twists and turns, the result of it's existence can be anything... anything but perfect.

web design showcasere:move (screenshot)
Play with lines and shapes, dots and pixels growing, merging grays and rusty tones, auto-activate and draw with complex Flash control and behavior palettes. Take a snapshot.

If it seems similar to Turux, it's because this is another site by Turux designer/contributor, Lia -- however, re:move is a slightly more refined destination where you can exclusively explore paintbrush-like technical modules and draft your own digital landscapes.

Interacting with re:move is like merging Jackson Pollack with an Etch-a-Sketch to create your own cyber canvas of digital expressionism.

Designed by: Lia

web design showcaseClick Here (@Soulbath) (screenshot)
Beautiful & distorted, complex & simple, self-promotions. A gallery of creative web banners created by over 30 artisits in the heat of commercial creativity.

Click Here at Soulbath is an exhibit by web designers with the purpose of re-examining the banner ad as a medium of expression and [anti] commercialism. In the tight limited space of an ad banner they have an incredible size constraint to overcome. This restraint can be a challenge and a way for the enlisted designers to focus on alternative methods of expression. What results is a wide array of creative interpretations, exhibiting numerous techniques and a whole spectrum of individual design styles - from the ultra minimal to animated and unrestrained grunge.

Last, but not least, the entire exhibit is wrapped into a fantastic Flash navigation scheme that greatly enhances the viewing experience.

Designed by: hi, Res!. UK

web design
web design web design showcasedextro (screenshot)
Visual experiments, beautiful 3-D machines and visual splicing, modulating shapes and behaviors, FlashTek experiments, computer and interactive-generated art for show.

Dextro explores design in jagged and patterned expressions - sometimes with animated translucent shades of gray 'shimmering' on a photographic plate, sometimes like an improbable 3-D mechanical model, and other times as an exploration of digital expression through controls and behaviors of technical modules in Shockwave.

The technical savvy exhibited here is superior, but you can always try to express yourself by trying out the interactive modules. You can compare and see what the artist has done with his own tools by finding snapshots throughout this futuristic exhibit. Explore the pictures and images and enjoy.

web design showcaseentropy8zuper (screenshot)
Collaboration of forces, a larger picture, visual, audio and interactive stories. Live exhibits, archived exhibits, rich Java and DHTML powered interfaces.

Entropy8Zuper is a series of expressive hypermedia projects by two individuals recounting visual and sensory thoughts and emotions through user explorations and interaction onscreen and beyond.

Each area, whether it be 'Leviticus', with it's rich visual interactions, type and sound, or 'Exodus', a visual, auditory and sensory- driven exhibit, uses a menage of Flash, DHTML and Java technology with mixed media to involve the user in the experience. Not stopping there, these two continue to press ahead with even more interactive exhibits, such as 'Wirefire', a live weekly exhibit running through October 2000, and more that you can follow from their site.

Collectively built by: Auria Harvey (NY) and Michael Samyn (DK)

web design showcaseTURUX ( screenshot)
Many more experiments, collaborations of Dextro and re:move. More light lines, ephemeral shapes and sprinkles and beautiful creations to shape and control - created and crafted for your visual pleasure.

Turux is a showcase of experiments and exhibits created and maintained by the dynamic talents of two digital artists. These artists, who reside in Austria, put together a series of blocks of works, experiments and ideas - some are interactive, some are just for show, and all of them are quirky and ecstatic - created through experimentation with digital 'tools' they created themselves in Flash and Shockwave.

You may find some difficulty navigating at first, however, the focus is on exploration, so if you like the interactive pieces, you'll eventually want to learn your way around the various modules through a little trial and error.

Overall, the collaboration creates an environment of expression and discovery for these artists who have like-minded ideas and will continue to create more art as long as they continue to challenge themselves.

Designed by: Collaboration of artists.

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