(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

core77 products design showcaseSnowcrash (Stokholm, Sweden)
Science for sitting, from Sweden. High tech enhancements for home and office. Especially cool are the sound panels.

core77 products design showcaseSuper Happy Bunny (Los Angeles, USA)
Self proclaimed "orchestrated sensation makers", this Los Angeles firm is all over the place, from modern Amish furniture to sex toy cozies. The web site is not the most slick, but the products are great. So is the attitude.

core77 products design showcaseSpace Invaders (Global)
Not really product design, but still interesting to examine the global reach of a graffitti artist like this. We especialy liked the MP3.

core77 products design showcaseJeup Inc (USA)
Contemporary furniture and the dramatic interior styling by Jeup finds a home at this modern and evocative Flash web site. The navigation is organized by words and thumbnails to allow visual exploration - a nice feature. The washed-out duotone backgrounds & product shots offer a sense of atmosphere and provide the contrast needed to embolden the photography.
Designed by: Squareone Design.

web design
web design core77 products design showcasePermafrost (Oslo, Norway)
A multi-disciplinary firm founded on January 1, 2000. The images on the site are nice, but we could do without the bitmapped text. Their projects show a preference for high-tech stylings, and they look like they could make your next rave fun. Sign us up for one of the tricycles when they're ready.

core77 products design showcaseDroog (Netherlands)
Huge in Europe, Droog is a powerhouse of contemporary design. The site navigation is a bit cryptic, but satisfying once you figure it out. The image quality could be better, but you can't expect everything from this company that already rocks industrial design so hard.

core77 products design showcaseScientific Dream Productions (Japan)
Its all in Japanese, but we don't need to read to know we want one of those tiny "Robin" bikes! In a million parts, with a Japanese instruction GIF to help you out, it's a Christmas morning nightmare! The full suspension and rear view mirror are requirements.

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