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core77 products design showcaseEames Office (California, USA)
Their tagline says it all - "A family business dedicated to communicating, preserving and extending the work of Charles and Ray Eames". It really is everything Eames. You can buy furniture, movies, books, learn about design, exhibts and more. A treasure trove of classic design.

core77 products design showcaseSyd Mead (California, USA)
The official Syd Mead site. Animator and illustrator extrodinaire, responsible for the futuristic products in the 1985 epic "Tron". All designers wish they had chops like this. Especially guys who like to draw spaceships and robots.

core77 products design showcaseMaywa Denki (Japan)
Crazy product designs with a fish motif. Although the site is mostly in Japanese, there are some English product descriptions.

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web design core77 products design showcaseDesignworks/USA (California, USA)
A subsidiary of BMW, and it shows. An extremely diverse design firm with skills to spare, it seems like these guys can do anything. And do it well. Their specialty is transportation design, but they've done consumer products, multimedia, research, you name it.

core77 products design showcasePhil Frank Design (Portland, Oregon, USA)
A strong individual designer site. Mr. Frank has done a lot of transportation design, especially developing super cars for Saleen. The site is clean and clear, with lots of product and car images.

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